Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Everybody's Doing It ETA

I've seen a few different bloggers who have written some baby name lists so I thought I'd follow suit. You know how much I love names. It's really hard for us to agree on names though. Also, I am uncomfortable naming a child two "non-family" names so one of the names has to be from one of our families. Am I rambling? Sorry.

Audra (obviously one or the other)
Ruth- Ruthie (Blue's grandmother)
Isabella/Isabelle (this one is probably out because of popularity)
Aurora (I cannot believe that I forgot this one. I LOVE it) (Blue is a fan of Sunshine, Mollie Sunshine, so maybe I can sway him to Aurora for it's meaning)

GIRL MNs (maybe FNs)
Ann (my mom's MN)
Rhea (family name on my dad's side)(my MN)
Elizabeth (family name on both side)
Emma (my grandma's name)(Blue hates this name)
Ruth (Blue's grandmother)
Eva (an aunt on my father's side)
Margaret (my grandmother)

BOY NAMES I LOVE (For First or Middle)
Michael (My bro's MN)
Harry (my dad, my grandfather, Blue's grandfather, Blue's uncle)
Sawyer (Blue HATES)
Asher (Blue is "eh")
Holden (I have a cousin that just named her baby Haden. Is Holden too close?)

Most of the names I like, Blue hates. He likes Mollie for a girl. I like that but it's not my naming style for a girl. He doesn't have a list either, just Mollie. I think sometimes he just likes being difficult. Some of those boy names are out, too, because Blue hates them.


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Monday, September 29, 2008

Shoeaddict Asks

Do you decorate for Fall?
Do you decorate for Halloween?
Have you done either?
Tell me about it
or link a picture
I bought some sparkle jack-o-lanterns that plug into the wall and light up. I put them outside the front door. I love them. They seem a little lonely though. I need more "something " out there. I also put out a little glass jack-o-lantern bowl and put my fruit in it. Beware of arranging if you only have two plums and a banana! Then, I bought some black and silver skull and cross bone bowls for my end tables. I'm gonna put candy in them.
As for Fall, I have my wooden bowl (that sits in the middle of my dining table) filled with acorns and mini pumpkins. I also have place mats that are striped and napkins with acorn napkin rings- all of that is in Fall colors, which I love. I also bought the Febreeze in the two Fall scents- LOVE them. Blue loves them, too. Get 'em!

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RIP Gorgeous

Paul Leonard Newman

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Little Susy Homemaker

My back is aching and I'm praying that it's not my mattress. Everything is so new here and I am very grateful and happy, don't get me wrong. It's just weird. It's strange to be in this new house and have all these new surroundings and new sights and smells. I like all the things I'm seeing and smelling, it's just different. I know that I will get used to it.

I am liking having people over and cooking. I really enjoy entertaining. Saturday night, a man that works with Blue came over to eat. I made red beans and rice, cheese and garlic biscuits and mini chocolate chip cookies. They came out so good. I put two types of sausage and andouille in the red beans. Blue's co-worker, Mike, is from Canada, and he says that he loved the beans. He kept asking me about the beans- how do you buy them, how they are prepared, what was in them. I was really pleased by that reaction.

Tonight, my brother and Gussie came over. I served Parmesan encrusted pork tenderloin (although it wasn't that "crusty"), mashed potatoes, peas, garlic bread, chocolate brownies and cookies. I took pictures but my camera is in the other room. I promise to show you soon. I used some of my dishes that I have not ever used from my wedding.I had them packed away in a back closet. I enjoyed the food and everyone else said that they did too. I hope they really did. It is important to me that people are comfortable and happy and fed well in our home.

I cannot tell you all how different I feel. It's like I'm a totally different person, except that I'm not a different person, I'm the person that I've always been inside. I'm able to be that person now. I cannot imagine the life I lived before but I know that it was severe depression. Depression is a real sickness and it can steal away important times of your life. It stole away so much of my life. SO MUCH. But, that is all over and done and I'm moving on. I feel like I'm not a good writer anymore though. So, sorry.

I have a very very low self esteem lately too. I'm happy in the house and with my energy levels and my inner feelings but the outside is a MESS. I'm just fat and have awful skin and my hair is gross. I know that poor Blue is sick of hearing about it. I have an appointment for a haircut and color on Friday and I see the dermatologist on the 7th of October. I've lost some weight but not nearly enough. I just feel sooooo BLAH about my look. I hate that.

My parents, grandparents and uncle and aunt are in France. They go every year. It's weird that they are all gone at the same time. I forget they are gone and go to call my mom and then remember and then go to call my grandma and then... They will be gone for 2 weeks. Next year, Justin and Shannon are supposed to go and we could go too but I hope to be pregnant. Or have a small baby. Either way, I doubt seriously that we will go next year.

That is what is going on here. I'm really busy. I am a little bit obsessed with the cleaning. I never cared or wanted to clean before but now, I do. I'm kind of an obsessive personality though. More on that later. Anyway, I'm busy cleaning and cooking and shopping and running errands and watching new episodes of TV and all that stuff.

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Friday, September 26, 2008

Still Tired But So Happy!

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I'm That Good Kinda Exhausted

I miss ya'll but I've been so busy getting things all home-y at our new house. It's really starting to look like a home today. We got our (undamaged) dining table and chairs and stools and lamps today. I'm happy with them. They look great in the room.

We went to the furniture store today because our bed is not stable enough to sleep on and we are ready to sleep there. We have been sleeping at mom and dad's house for now. We got the stabilizers and will get the mattresses on Friday. Soooo, Friday night is the BIG NIGHT!!

Phone and Internet and Cable tomorrow.

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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Like House and Sons Of Anarchy

If we unplug the DVRs to move them and transfer them to the new house, am I going to lose all the shows that are saved on them now? I have shows on them that I have not been able to watch yet! Oh no...

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Friday, September 19, 2008

Tales Of A Move

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for all of your compliments on my house (I know the pics are not great and they do no justice to my home) and for all of your well wishes. I cannot even explain to other people, my friends and family, how great and wonderful you all are to me. I'm always amazed by your fabulousness. Your love and support overwhelms me again and again and I am very grateful. Blogging was beyond a good decision for me.

Today, Friday, my wonderful mom took off half a day of work to help me pack up the rest of the old house and take stuff to the new house. I'm not going to tell ya'll ALL about it because I have some pride but lets just say that it was BAD. We were reminded again of how very depressed and sick I was so so long. I can also see the reason for some of that illness, too. Mom and I were dizzy and feeling not-so-nice after we were in the back bedroom (where I hibernated) for awhile.

That is O-V-E-R though; the hibernating and the packing of the gross stuff. Tomorrow daddy, Justin, Blue and a friend of Blue's will move the heavy stuff and the rest of the boxes and bins to the new house and we will sleep there for the first time. I am so ready to be OUT of this house. I feel so different at the new house. I feel cleaner and calmer and just better. I think that so much will be better.

The cable and Internet and the phone will not get hooked up until next week though. We don't actually have an appointment time until October 9th but I called again today and they said to call on Monday. Blue needs the Internet at home for work so, we offered to pay them for overtime work and she said to mention that on Monday. Next week is the big premiere week so if our TV is not set up, I'll have to go to mom's every night. I'm not missing that.

We also called the furniture store today. The delivery guys are now on my BAD SIDE, too. Here is what happened yesterday- did I tell you this already? Two guys came in a big logo-ed truck and unloaded our furniture. The furniture was still wrapped in moving blankets and clear plastic. For every piece that was damaged/broken/wrong, they made a big deal about how this is par for the course with this company and how they have a 40% discount but would never buy from them.

My dad took pictures of the damages, just in case. I also signed the little computer notebook looking thing that one of them had showing that three things were broken/damaged/wrong. I TIPPED them and then dad asked them to come back and pick up their mess and tipped them again. I'm telling you all of this so that you will understand the aggravation of today. Today we find that the delivery boys took our tool that we allowed them to use (why don't they come with tools when you pay them to deliver and set up?). Today, we called customer service and they say that their records show that the furniture was delivered with no problems.

The customer service lady told us she was "sorry" but there is nothing she could do. She will send us replacement pieces on October 2. OCTOBER SECOND, yes that is right. They are doing inventory so they can't do returns or exchanges- how is that for customer service? I am going to go and see the man who sold me the furniture. Maybe he can do something for me. My fear is that the pieces I get on October 2 will be damaged/broken/wrong.

Other than that, it's going okay. I still have not met any of my neighbors but that is expected. The couple who sold us the house told us that our neighborhood is really great. They said that we have really nice neighbors, next-door and across the street. On one side we have neighbors who are a little older than us. They are the friends of the couple who sold us the house. They are reportedly "great" and "the best neighbors". They just put in a pool- not that my big white bee-hind is going in but they did. On the other side of us is a couple who are closer to our age. I saw the guy the other day while I was cleaning my windows. He has a big tattoo on his back (he had his shirt off) and floppy hair. They have at least two big barky dogs but their house is for sale.

I'm so excited to get everything over there and sleep in my new house. I am so ready to be out of this house. We have been in this house since January of 2003 so we have had a lot of memories here. I was very sick in this house. I was very depressed in this house. I want to leave all of that behind and start fresh.

ETA- since this is "Tales Of A Move" I gotta tell all of this- We went to WMart earlier and could barely shove all the bins we got into my car. It already had the bins with my pots and pans in it. When I got home I accidentally got my finger stuck between the roof and a bin and it HURT. I had to just stop and calm down and think of how to get it out because freak out and panic= no getting free. After I was unstuck I did the "ouch" dance around the driveway.

I realized on the way home that I'd forgotten to eat and that is why I was so hungry. Umm, yeah! I got some food and when I tried to eat it I realized that all the utensils are packed up! I ate chicken, lettuce, rice and tomatoes out of a bowl with a steak knife. It was very interesting and kinda slow.

Also, we have only some hanging clothes here. I brought all my clothes to the new house to wash and fold and sort and hang- deal with, you know? I was going to bring something back for Blue to wear after his shower tonight but I forgot. I had some nightgowns here and a VS bag of new underwear (YAY for shopping!) so I'm okay. He'll be fine. He can sleep nekkid.

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Home Sweet... Not Yet!

We closed on the hose on Wednesday, like I said at the end of the last post. It was really good. It feels really, really good being a homeowner. We have done a lot of things together, been through a lot of things that people shouldn't have to ever do together but this is a good thing.

My friend, Melissa, and I packed up my kitchen on Tuesday. I through away all the Tupperware that didn't match (bottoms with no lids, lids with no bottoms- I had lots of lids) and some cracked, smudgy plastic cups. I left a few plates, cups, silverware and pots and pans for us to use. I forgot bowels though. Of course, that is the FIRST thing Blue needed when he got home. Oh well.

Wednesday night, Blue packed up my car with as much of the kitchen stuff and our clothes that we had packed on Sunday. I drove over to mom and dad's to see dad who was just getting home from out-of-town on business. Dad had never been inside the new house so he wanted to come over and Blue had to stay at the "old" house to do work.

I had never been inside the "new" house (that is how we are referring to the houses) after dark. I was nervous because of all of those feeling things that I'd talked about here before. Plus, ya'll know I have sleep issues. We unpacked the car and I gave daddy the grand tour. He loved it and I was just so happy. I imagined the house with the furniture in it and giving the tour, over and over to more friends and family.

Here are some pictures that I took today before the furniture was delivered.
master bath tub
corner of my vanity (bottom left)
toilet is to the right
master bedroom
just one wall (corner)
those windows face the yard
the wall to the right (that is a corner) is the wall the headboard is on
my side of the bed is on the window side

living room from dining room
living room
the other view
I'm standing next to that window in the above picture
that wall to the right is where the entertainment center is
and excuse the dining room- those are the piles of clothes that we were washing
Right now, we have the refrigerator, sofa, two end tables, the entertainment center, the bed and nightstands. Let me tell you though, I am NOT happy. Every. Single. Piece of furniture has a problem except the sofa and the nightstands. The entertainment center is so pretty (I was worried about it next to the fireplace) and looks really good. But it has a huge, deep scratch in the wood. One of the bed posts is wrong and they didn't bring me the top of the armior. They brought the dresser (which I didn't order) but even it's broken! It's really annoying.

I think that we will be moving our big stuff Saturday. We should be able to sleep there by then, I hope! Blue is busy at work and I still have things to do here at the old house. I'm still packing things up. I'm cleaning and organizing at the new house as I go. It's so wonderful to have the opportunity to start fresh.

What I'm really thankful for is my attitude and energy level. I am still so astounded every time something else reminds me of how LOW I was before. That's VERY VERY low. I'm so far beyond where I was just last year that it's a miracle. I'm so incredibly thankful- for my energy and health, for my house, my husband, my parents, my friends, my life.

When we move in, I may not leave for awhile!

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Birthday Boy and The Drunks

This post is picture heavy so don't say I didn't warn you. Just like last Sunday for dad's birthday, the fam went to eat for Justin's birthday this past Sunday. We went to eat at The Little Village which is becoming a favorite of ours. Well, Gussie and Blue had never been so this was there first time. We had a really good time! Ummmmm, Mom, Gussie and I had a little too much fun maybe. Our martinis were really strong. We only had one each and we were drunk!
They all laugh at me though because I'm like the paparazzi with the camera. I don't care. I love having pictures of our adventures. It's fun. I'm an absolute terrible photographer but whatever. I also never actually sat down and learned all about my camera so that may have something to do with it. It's a Pentax Optio.

Sunday was just the day that we went to eat for Justin's birthday. Today, September 17th is his actual birthday. He turned 24 which is absolutely insane to me. I still remember him being a little boy! He's not little anymore though. Well, he's still skinny. HERE is what I wrote for him for his birthday last year.

It would've been nice to have a picture of him, huh? NAH! It's me on the way to the restaurant. Those are my faux Chanel sunglasses.

There he is- The Birthday Boy on Sunday night

Birthday Boy & Gussie
Blue(wearing blue) & Shoeaddict
nice pictures taken before the martinis were consumed
well, uh oh!
I like taking pictures of Gussie eating.

because she does gives me funny poses!

yes, after the martinis

This goes in the "nice, normal" category even though it's AFTER and everyone was laughing at me for taking pictures

HELLO! We're not ready

Ahhhhhhh! Cute

SILs (and a little bit of Mama)

And the Food:

Mine- Chilean Sea Bass with lump crab meat in a lemon sauce

Luke's- ribeye with shrimp (doesn't that thing on the right look like an eyeball?)

Dad's- the grouper

Justin's- stuffed lobster tail

Close up!

The cake today

I made a cake for him last night and brought it to him at work today. That was a lot of fun. I was SO proud of the cake. My friend Melissa and I made it and we had a blast with the sprinkles and the icing. It was great. I did eat a piece at the office today and I am not feeling guilty because I've been doing so good. I've lost about 5lbs. My pants were very loose today. YAY!!
I'm sure there are more fun fam pictures coming up after next week. The WHOLE family is going out for the September birthdays for Sunday brunch/lunch/dinner (I forgot, I don't know). The September birthday's are- dad, Justin & PaPa (9/26).
Oh, we closed on our house today. Yes, we are HOMEOWNERS!

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For Woo

A long time ago, when things were so so bad, I was listening to this song and decided that it was how I felt about you. Daddy wanted to name you Willie Nelson, so you have that, too.

Today, things are so so good for us both and I vowed to take the time. Today, for your 24th birthday and always, I want you to know that I am incredibly proud of you and love you very much.


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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I Am Gonna Stop

I know in yesterdays post of randomness I said that I keep whoring out the TV blog. I am going to stop. I am. I just want to be sure to tell ya'll that I'm there everyday talking about TV, fall TV, new TV. Aren't ya'll watching TV? Is it just me and Kelli? Oh, and Kate, but she is suffering from power outage due to hurricane IKE.

More and more shows are going to be premiering on this week and next and you don't want to miss them.

Now, go tell me what you are watching...


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Monday, September 15, 2008

Blah, Blah, House, Move, Blah, Blah

Blogger is telling me that the word- matresses is spelled mattresses. ??? I'm a horrible speller but I don't think that is right, is it?

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Holding My Horses

I worked things out and so I'm not going to turn this blog private just yet. I've thought about it and I guess I still kinda am but as of right now, I'm staying public.

I like the delurking though! I have not gotten a comment (so far) from anyone who I didn't know, yet. If you read here and you've never commented, say HI! Just this once, pretty please....

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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Behind Closed Doors

I'm contemplating going private for a little while. If you want to continue to read, let me know that you do read. In other words- this is a "de-lurking" post! Come out, come out, wherever you are! Obviously, I know who some of you are but if you are unsure, leave your email address here.



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If I Had A Million Dollars

The first three are new this week at Net A Porter. I love playing, If I had a million dollars. This is just the shoe version. The last pair is the picture that took the place of the leopard printed Loubous.

Alexander McQueen Booties
Belle by Sigerson Morrison
Wooden Heel Boots


Leather Platform Boots


Christian Louboutin

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Friday, September 12, 2008

New Obsession

Pottery Barn
Acorn Vase Filler
Muir Woods Acorn Bookends


Acorn Cakelet Pan


Plum Party

Decorative Acorns-set of 6



wood-acorn charm bracelet



wood-acorn charm necklace


Looking for a cute acorn tablecloth, too. Suggestions?


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Decorating- Another Reason For Me To Spend

Well, the furniture shopping is going well. I bought the majority of the furniture yesterday and it will be delivered next week. Just the coffee table will be a little late so that is good. I still need a dining room table though. I cannot find one that I like but I have a few more places to go.

I found a few bedding sets that I really liked last night. One was at Dillards and made by Croscill. I got the sales lady to write down the name of the collection down on a piece of paper so I could shop around. When I got home and tried to look for it- it doesn't exist. It's not on Dillards' website or Croscill's or ANYONE else's. UGH! I also found the MK one at Macy's that I love so much. It's so much more affordable online. I don't know which one I'm going to go with yet.

We are going today to order our bridesmaids dresses. I need a size 78. Do they make that? I'm hoping to loose more weight but be a few months pregnant by then so WHO KNOWS? Of course, it's best to get the dress too big, not too small. Gussy picked one that looks pretty comfy but I'll see tonight. Thankfully, there are no skinny bitches in the wedding.

Bath and Body Works is discontinuing one of FAVORITE scents. I bought a candle and some 50% off body spray so I can stock up. I need to get some soap online. I also got some cute Halloween soaps for the guest bath and kitchen. I want this and this(I'm so in love with acorns right now) and a bunch of other stuff from Target. I've NEVER decorated for a season or for well, anything before. I'm VERY excited. Halloween falls on a Friday so, maybe we will have a get together. FUN!!!!!

I'm finding a ton of super cute things- that should be another post entirely. Fall is very fun. I love the colors. Do you decorate for the seasons/holidays? What have you found for Fall that you love? Tell me, please.

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Because Kelli Said She Couldn't See The Bed

What do ya think?

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Bedding Down

I've been asked by quite a few people recently about my health (headaches especially) and I've been able to say that they are so much better. They are gone! I have not had one in forever! I'm so lucky! WHOO-HOO!!

BZZZZT!! I woke up with one. I spoke too soon. It's not really a migraine though. It's probably allergies because my eyes were itchy last night. It's very windy around here. Also, I'm going through a lot of stuff that is VERY dusty around here. I'm allergic to dust (who isn't?) and my arms and legs are itchy, too. I am hoping that just a few Advil will help the head pain go away.

We will begin moving all of our stuff next week. I'm so excited and also a bit nervous. What if I HATE it? What if I can't feel at home there? What if none of the neighbors are nice? What if I buy all the wrong furniture? What if Blue really cannot comply with a HOA's rules? STRESS- hmmmm, wonder why I have a headache!

I'm sure we will be fine though. I'm more excited than anything. I'm such a FEELER though. I wonder how the house will FEEL to me. Not just empty and for an hour as we are walking through it with our realtor and the seller. I want to know how WE are going to feel in the house, with our stuff, hanging around. How are we going to feel when we come in the house and sit in the living room to watch tv and relax? Are we going to feel at home? Are we going to feel weird?

One thing I am very worried about is my bedroom. If you know me, you know that sleeping is a BIG DAMN DEAL. I have to be in a good position and have the right temperature and the right covers and la, la, la. Like most things with me, it's an ordeal. I want our bedroom to be nice and pretty and comfortable and calming. I have not had a nice bedroom since I moved out of my house when I was 19. Or 18. How old was I? 19? 20? Huh, I don't remember. Mom?

I like this bed. (The Villa D'oro) What do ya'll think? I know that not everyone has the same tastes though. I am not all about "clean lines" and "simple" designs. I like traditional, antique-looking, more ornate stuff. I don't know what to do about bedding. Crissy and I were talking the other day on AIM (shoeaddictk) about how confusing bedding is nowadays. I don't know what to about bedding- duvet, comforter, quilt? I want to have something substantial because we keep it VERY cold at night (below 70). Suggestions please!

My bedroom color is Medium Mocha (or something) so I can't do the black and white that I wanted unless I repaint. I don't really wanna do that now. I love this but I think that Luke wants something SOLID. I don't know though. I cannot find anything solid that I love. I love this but I am unsure of the whole duvet cover thing. I have no idea what to pick. I like this but it's a quilt (which I like the look of) and Luke thinks it's "too flowery" and it may not be thick enough. He did think stripes were ok. PLEASE HELP!!

My couch is very dark brown leather. I'm also getting two La-Z-Boy recliners. One covered in this (his) and one in a stripe-y plaid that I cannot find. I'm hoping it didn't get discontinued. I love it. This part is fun but it stresses me out. I just want to make the right choices. I hope that you have some suggestions.

I have to go now. I am leaving soon (one hour) to go order furniture so, anything you can say to help will, ummm, you know, help! Thanks!

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What's On

Go see what's on tonight and tell me what you will be watching. I'm sorry for the weird color jumping but I'm not changing it now. I'm gonna do the "What's On" post as many days as I remember. Tell me what YOU are watching, 'k.

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Pirates Of Death Valley

Justin's friends were the spot of the week at TheTigerBlog. Go here to check it out. Luke and I will be there Saturday and whenever we can. With the move, it'll be hard to get there, but we'll go as much as possible. My parents and Luke's (and some other UGA fan friends) will be there for the UGA/LSU game.

LSU tailgating is like nothing you've ever been to before. This spot is the best there is, too. GEAUX TIGERS!

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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Minnie's Story

Minnie Driver reportedly gave birth on Friday, September 5 to a baby boy. The baby boy, HENRY STORY DRIVER, weighed 9lbs 12oz. Minnie has not identified the father of the baby. WOW, big baby, huh?

I LOVE the name Henry. I don't get the name Story, though. Jenna Elfman named her son Story Elias, remember?

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New Posts

On the TV blog. Go HERE to read them. I'm working on my 90210 review. I finally saw the pilot episode last night on the CW website.

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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Happy Birthday To You, Dad

Today was my daddy's birthday. In all the Gustav hoopla, I didn't get him a present but we all did get together and go out to eat. It was hard to find a restaurant that was open, but we did. We went to Sullivan's and ate until we all were rolling around like big fat hogs. I ate crab stuffed shrimp and so did Shannon. We often get the same thing, now that I think about it. We both really like shrimp, that's why. The others got some kind of steak- Luke got Cajun ribeye, dad got filet and mom and Justin got prime rib, maybe.

Those are the pictures of us. Luke hates to have his picture taken so he didn't want to smile but they made him laugh. He is "almost smiling" and so he has a goofy look on his face. I love the picture of mom and dad. Isn't it cute?
I must take this opportunity to tell ya'll that my dad is the BEST and I'm so very very lucky to have him as mine. I've talked about him on the blog before, I know. I talk about my family all the time because I'm so lucky to have them and I genuinely enjoy them. I'm a huge daddy's girl and I am not ashamed of that.
My dad, Harry, is a sweet generous and loyal man. He was very close to his own father and is very close to both my brother and me. Everyone loves my father. Yes, he's goofy and he can be frustrating. He is fiercely protective and loves us all very much. I am so lucky to be his daughter, his child. I don't have to worry about where I belong or who can I run to as long as he is alive.
Thank you, daddy for being the best ever.
I love you. Love, Turkey Lips.

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Gustav- Through The Windows

As promised, here are the pictures I took the day after Gustav hit. I took them while we were in the truck riding to mom and dad's house so the quality sucks and you can see rain drops. Well, not that my picture taking is good otherwise, but, well, you get what I'm saying. Anyhow, here they are. (They are out-of-order because Blogger is a pain) Layla laid next to me and was a nervous wreck
The front and to the side of our yard. See all the limbs?
Side of yard where there is a road
Big tree down and cows on the right
behind our house
large tree down in the driveway of that house
the awning covering the gas pumps at this gas station blew off

isn't that crazy?

tree on the side of the road
a large tree down in a manufactured home parking lot


At Cami's wedding last week

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Bloggers Unite!

Have ya'll heard about Stephanie Nielson (NieNie) and her husband Christian? They were in a private plane crash in August. Christian has burns on over 30% of his body and Stephanie on over 80% of hers. The other passenger, flight instructor Doug Kinneard, died in the crash. Stephanie and Christian are the parents of four young children and have lots of wonderful family and friends.

The New York Times wrote about how bloggers have come together to raise money for their medical bills and other expenses. This confirms what I already knew, you can meet some really great people while blogging.

The fabulous and talented (and beautiful) jewelry designer, Wendy Brandes, is auctioning off one of her beautiful, fabulous, coveted (by ME!!) pieces. Go HERE for more on the auction and some great pictures of the gorgeous NieNie and Christian. Aaaaaand to bid on the Diana necklace.

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Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Power

We have it! We left my mom's house early this afternoon to finally come home. Luke and Justin had to run some errands this morning and I stayed behind to pack up our things. Also, I had cramps. Yes, you did need to know that.

We got here and I had so much to do. I cleaned out my refrigerator and freezer earlier in the week so that was already done. It was a rough job then cause we lost everything. We had nothing to eat in here so I had to go to the store. Everyone had this idea. Plus, not all the grocery stores have all the stuff. I wished I had my camera with me because the pictures would tell a sad tale. I went to my favorite store first. I had hardly no produce at all- no lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, apples, nothing really. Well, some lemons, butternut squash and very hard avocados. I cannot make a salad with that though.

There was no frozen foods except ice cream. I'm TRYING to diet. It's very, very hard to do that in the middle of a disaster. I went to a second store and got some salad stuff and frozen veggies, but not much. I still couldn't find any onions or bell peppers- frozen or not. I will go out to look again tomorrow. I'm cooking red beans and rice tomorrow if I can find my seasonings. (Tacos tonight)

I'm nervous about Ike and so is everybody else. I spoke to many people today in both stores (I SO should be a reporter!) and that was the number one topic- how they didn't want to buy too much in case of Ike coming next week. The other topics that is on our minds here- YAY! Our electricity is back on and we are going home or turning our generator off. OR BOO! We don't have electricity yet and we are paying out the hoo-ha for gas for our generator or staying with family and ready to go home.

I still want to show ya'll the pictures that I have from Tuesday but I cannot find my cord right now. I'll get to it ASAP. For now, go HERE for images of Hurricane Gustav.

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Friday, September 5, 2008

Looking Better

Things are looking up around here. My parents got electricity and so did some other people around town. We didn't though so we will continue staying here for now.It may be restored at our house as soon as Sunday. Stores and gas stations are also gaining power so the lines are not as long today. Yesterday, dad, Luke, Keith and I ran errands all over and we saw lines for fuel that were miles and miles long. People waited 2 and 3 hours in those lines.

I am watching a friend's little girl today. Her mother is at work and there is no school and no child care facilities open now. The children had this entire week off but they will have to make it up somewhere. I've been trying to help out as much as I can. We are so blessed to be safe and have virtually no damage to our homes and cars. We have had power because of the generators and we have had plenty to eat and drink. I know people who had no cool air, no clean clothes, not much to eat. Everywhere we drive we see families sitting outside in chairs to avoid the stuffiness of the heat inside.

I've been asked by a few of you sweet souls about helping and we don't need any help. I know of one family in particular who had a tree in their living room and on both of their cars. I know that lots and lots (and LOTS) of other families are going through this. I'll give more info as I get it later this weekend. I plan to get with my uncle's church to volunteer with them.

I do know that if you'd like to help with something now, I suggest these. Go here:
Woman's Hospital Hurricane Relief Fund OR the LA chapter of the Red Cross.
Thanks so much!

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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Shoeaddict Says

This should've been before the Aftermath post but I forgot. On Sunday night/Monday morning when I couldn't sleep, I did a big post here at Shoeaddict Says. It took forever. I'm soooooo sad that I've missed shows already (Gossip Girl, 90210) and I planned to blog about the premieres to tell you what to watch and all.I also planned to tell you each day what was coming on that night. I am still going to do my very best. Oh, hopefully, I'll be able to watch some soon. Plus, I'll blog as much as possible but there is so much to do.

P.S.- If you've watched any premiers, GREAT! Please no spoilers!! Just a "Yes, I watched _ and I loved/hated it." Thanks!

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It's just 12:30 am now. WOW! What a crazy bunch of days this has been. Our power went out at exactly noon on Monday during the hurricane. Our city was hit pretty badly. Our capitol was hit pretty badly. I have some pictures from after the storm hit that are pretty crazy (and probably not that great).

During the storm, the wind was insane. Across the street from our house, Mr D's shed door was flapping in the wind like a piece of paper. It's a HUGE rolling door. A very large tree fell behind our house. Another tree in the side yard broke about thirty feet up and landed in the road that runs along the side of our house. A window broke in my laundry room. The screens came off of almost all of my windows, too. Layla was crazy during the storm. She was just restless.

We are so fortunate though. We are all safe. I know some people who have had their homes wrecked by trees smashing into them. This parish is filled with homes with trees in them. It's a horrible sight to see. I don't know anyone who was physically hurt though and I thank GOD for that. Also, our new home and neighbors appear fine, too.

We are still without power and so is everyone else in the parish.It is said that we will be without for 2-3 weeks. My husband and father work for a heat treating company and so we are very fortunate to have been set up with a full powered generator this evening. It is huge and is running the whole house. We are all at mom and dad's- Luke, Layla, Justin, Shannon and me (and mom and dad and the other two dogs) but we are happy and cool. I have lots of work to do at my own house.

Thanks so much for all of your prayers, thoughts and well-wishes. I appreciate them so much! Please pray for the elderly and the ill who are suffering a lot more than anyone else I know.

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