Friday, September 19, 2008

Tales Of A Move

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for all of your compliments on my house (I know the pics are not great and they do no justice to my home) and for all of your well wishes. I cannot even explain to other people, my friends and family, how great and wonderful you all are to me. I'm always amazed by your fabulousness. Your love and support overwhelms me again and again and I am very grateful. Blogging was beyond a good decision for me.

Today, Friday, my wonderful mom took off half a day of work to help me pack up the rest of the old house and take stuff to the new house. I'm not going to tell ya'll ALL about it because I have some pride but lets just say that it was BAD. We were reminded again of how very depressed and sick I was so so long. I can also see the reason for some of that illness, too. Mom and I were dizzy and feeling not-so-nice after we were in the back bedroom (where I hibernated) for awhile.

That is O-V-E-R though; the hibernating and the packing of the gross stuff. Tomorrow daddy, Justin, Blue and a friend of Blue's will move the heavy stuff and the rest of the boxes and bins to the new house and we will sleep there for the first time. I am so ready to be OUT of this house. I feel so different at the new house. I feel cleaner and calmer and just better. I think that so much will be better.

The cable and Internet and the phone will not get hooked up until next week though. We don't actually have an appointment time until October 9th but I called again today and they said to call on Monday. Blue needs the Internet at home for work so, we offered to pay them for overtime work and she said to mention that on Monday. Next week is the big premiere week so if our TV is not set up, I'll have to go to mom's every night. I'm not missing that.

We also called the furniture store today. The delivery guys are now on my BAD SIDE, too. Here is what happened yesterday- did I tell you this already? Two guys came in a big logo-ed truck and unloaded our furniture. The furniture was still wrapped in moving blankets and clear plastic. For every piece that was damaged/broken/wrong, they made a big deal about how this is par for the course with this company and how they have a 40% discount but would never buy from them.

My dad took pictures of the damages, just in case. I also signed the little computer notebook looking thing that one of them had showing that three things were broken/damaged/wrong. I TIPPED them and then dad asked them to come back and pick up their mess and tipped them again. I'm telling you all of this so that you will understand the aggravation of today. Today we find that the delivery boys took our tool that we allowed them to use (why don't they come with tools when you pay them to deliver and set up?). Today, we called customer service and they say that their records show that the furniture was delivered with no problems.

The customer service lady told us she was "sorry" but there is nothing she could do. She will send us replacement pieces on October 2. OCTOBER SECOND, yes that is right. They are doing inventory so they can't do returns or exchanges- how is that for customer service? I am going to go and see the man who sold me the furniture. Maybe he can do something for me. My fear is that the pieces I get on October 2 will be damaged/broken/wrong.

Other than that, it's going okay. I still have not met any of my neighbors but that is expected. The couple who sold us the house told us that our neighborhood is really great. They said that we have really nice neighbors, next-door and across the street. On one side we have neighbors who are a little older than us. They are the friends of the couple who sold us the house. They are reportedly "great" and "the best neighbors". They just put in a pool- not that my big white bee-hind is going in but they did. On the other side of us is a couple who are closer to our age. I saw the guy the other day while I was cleaning my windows. He has a big tattoo on his back (he had his shirt off) and floppy hair. They have at least two big barky dogs but their house is for sale.

I'm so excited to get everything over there and sleep in my new house. I am so ready to be out of this house. We have been in this house since January of 2003 so we have had a lot of memories here. I was very sick in this house. I was very depressed in this house. I want to leave all of that behind and start fresh.

ETA- since this is "Tales Of A Move" I gotta tell all of this- We went to WMart earlier and could barely shove all the bins we got into my car. It already had the bins with my pots and pans in it. When I got home I accidentally got my finger stuck between the roof and a bin and it HURT. I had to just stop and calm down and think of how to get it out because freak out and panic= no getting free. After I was unstuck I did the "ouch" dance around the driveway.

I realized on the way home that I'd forgotten to eat and that is why I was so hungry. Umm, yeah! I got some food and when I tried to eat it I realized that all the utensils are packed up! I ate chicken, lettuce, rice and tomatoes out of a bowl with a steak knife. It was very interesting and kinda slow.

Also, we have only some hanging clothes here. I brought all my clothes to the new house to wash and fold and sort and hang- deal with, you know? I was going to bring something back for Blue to wear after his shower tonight but I forgot. I had some nightgowns here and a VS bag of new underwear (YAY for shopping!) so I'm okay. He'll be fine. He can sleep nekkid.

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