Friday, October 31, 2008


I just bought two pairs of jeans and some shirts in a smaller size! OH, what a feeling. It's amazing. I shouldn't be surprised because the jeans that I've been wearing make me look like I have a penis. No, seriously. Blue and his friend are always teasing me because I'm constantly pulling them up.

I could've probably gone to an even SMALLER size now that I'm sitting here in them. But, nah. I don't wanna be too uncomfortable.

Tonight, Blue has to work in another state so we will miss the WSP concert. I'm going to the high school football game instead. I'm SO bummed that we will miss the concert. Also, very bummed that my Blue is not here. BUT, I'm praising God for Blue's work oppertunities and for our new home and for a marriage that has made it through. I remember when I didn't see my poor hubs for months.

The two girlies, M & M, are coming to spend the night with me. One is 15 and one is 13. FUN! They are my cousins and they are so much fun. I gotta go put on my makeup so, ya'll have a great weekend!

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Think For Yourself!

Go read THIS because it's so important. Know that EVERY VOTE COUNTS!

I'm not a fan of either candidate. I am just more strongly against one. REALLY against. REALLY, REALLY against.

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Shoeaddict Asks

Are you and/or your children dressing up for Halloween?
As what?
What are your plans for the day/night?
Blue and I have plans to go to New Orleans for a concert. We may not be able to go though :( Blue has been SUPER busy and may have to work. If we go, I have a vampiress wig that I'll wear with dark red lips.


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Monday, October 27, 2008

Shoeaddict Asks

How important is it that your spouse/partner share your political beliefs?
It's pretty important that we share the same basic political beliefs. We don't see eye to eye on every single thing but on most things and on the most important ones, we do. I believe that some political beliefs are related to our morals so, that is important in raising children and being a family. I couldn't support and honor him if we didn't share the same basic morals, values, principles, etc...
PS- Please pray for my cousin. She is going through some really terrible things and she is a long way from home. Please pray for comfort and peace and strength. Pray that she feels our love, across the water, now and always.
Thank you.


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Friday, October 24, 2008

Just Wondering

What do you think of the name

The book that I am reading has a character with this name and I'm sorta intrigued by it. I was not as drawn to it when I read White Oleander and that was the main character's name. This time, however, I am. I can't say that I love it, or even like it. I just stop and re-read it and roll it over my tongue a few times. I say it out loud and have thought about it on a little girl.
I am so obsessed with names. Mostly of the female variety because we cannot agree on one of those. I want something familiar but not common and something feminine. Blue says that all the names I like sound like "old ladies". Names I'm in love with right now (right now being the operative words)(no order):
-Evelyn (Eve,Evie)
-Audrey or Audra- Blue has defiantly vetoed this one. It was a front runner for me and he says NO!
- Julianna- This one is VERY possible. He doesn't hate it and says he could, "get used to it." I have one reservation about this name- the name Julie. No offense to anyone with this name, but that is not the name I want. I like JuliA and Julianna or Julianne. Are all these names different to you? Is Julie interchangeable with Julianna? I don't thinks it's Julie Anna.
-Aurora- He says "eh" My mom doesn't like it but (sorry) that doesn't matter.
-Ruth (Ruthie) (It's Blue's grandmother's name)
-Georgina (I love this! Nickname Georgie, how cute?)
You can be honest (but nice). I like the idea of one of the names (first or middle) being a family name from one of our families. No, I'm not pregnant yet (I don't think) but I am just kinda weird.


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Thursday, October 23, 2008

What A Fashionista!

I almost walked out of the house wearing my sock monkey slippers. I have errands to run and I wear slippers around the house and I almost just got in the car with them on...



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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

So Much To Say

It's been so long! I am reading my regular blogs and everyone is just so busy and has so much going on and I feel so far behind. Lots of things are going on over here, too. I don't really remember where I left off (and I forgot to look) so, I'll just start the rambling.

This weekend is the big LSU vs UGA football game. It's a big deal here in my house because Blue is from Georgia, if you'll recall. And we live in Louisiana. It's a Civil War. His family (mom, dad and maybe brother)(and a friend) are coming in on Friday for the game and to see our new home.

We will be tailgating alllllllllll day long on Saturday. My parents are cooking and my brother and his friends have THE best spot on campus. I'll be wearing the purple and gold and screaming with every ounce of my being. This is for all the marbles! GO TIGERS!

I joined and I LOVE it. It helps me so so much! I'm doing my treadmill work as much as possible and that is helpful. The treadmill that I use is very old, though. None of the stuff on it works except for the actual treadmill part. I guess I don't need any of the fancy stuff but it would be nice to know how far I've gone and to have an incline. I'll be asking for a new one for Christmas.

My goal (one of them because I have a LOT) is to lose some weight (FAT) before I worry about doing other exercises besides cardio. I powerwalk and then jog and that seems to be working for now. I'm trying to add more time to the days and more days a week that I do it. If you are interested in my weight loss and progress and are doing the same or have done it, let me know please. I have a weight loss blog, too but I've decided to make it private. Just let me know if you want to read.

Seriously, who knows where I can find out a good housecleaning schedule? I know that one of you superwives has one or knows one. I read one before so I know they exist. I'm talking about, Laundry and bathroom on MON, floor and blah, blah, blah, on TUES... And if you say Flylady then tell me where because I don't wanna know about cleaning my sink and dressing everyday. I do that. Everyday. If I don't, I don't wanna.

Also, on the house cleaning front, who has a Jacuzzi tub? Do you clean the jets a lot? Every week? Every day? Every year? I mean with chemicals or whatever... Thanks!

I know there are other things I gotta tell ya'll but I need to move it! I gotta go get milk and then get my (big) butt on the treadmill.

NOVEMBER 3 is housewives day! I like daisies and gardenias and lilies and I don't like carnations. I wear a size 8.5 shoe. ;)

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I'm Hard On My Stuff!

Hey ya'll!

My computer has been in the shop getting fixed. I've missed being here and visiting all of you. Right now, I've got some stuff I gotta do on the computer but I'll be back tomorrow with a post.

Also, I'm gonna be writing at the tv blog, too. I'm LOVING some new shows and returning favorites. I'd like to hear what you are watching.

So, tell me what's up...

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Friday, October 10, 2008


I went to mom's to get on the scale. I couldn't help myself. In two weeks, I have lost

9 pounds!
I can't believe it. Whooooo-hoooooo!!!
Now I'm off to get on the treadmill.

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Copying Me

I just saw a commercial for the new show Kath & Kim. I think it premiered last night. I hardly ever see commercials because I DVR everything and so I fast forward through all of them. Anyway, I just saw that the daughter (Kim?), played by Selma Blair, uses my line when someone asks her what she does!!

A trophy wife.

I think it's funny. Well, because it's OBVIOUS I'm NOT a trophy wife. So, you know, irony or whatever.

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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Mind & Body

I believe that the mind is so very powerful. I think that having a positive attitude goes a long way in BEING okay. If I think that I'm okay, everything will be alright, I'm NOT bad or broken and I can and WILL survive then I feel better. I can talk myself into anything.

I really am doing pretty good with the dieting and exercising. I am just eating better and being aware. It's like everything just clicked. I'm eating a lot of fish or pork or chicken with steamed veggies. I eat a lot of salads with cut up veggies (tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots) and little or no dressing. Blue LOVES tacos so we have tacos a lot. I make the meat and warm the tortillas for him and he eats that. I usually skip the meat and eat black beans with taco seasonings, corn, avocado, tomatoes, lettuce, light sour cream and salsa or taco sauce. It's really filling and great.

I am crazy for peanut butter and fruit for breakfast. I eat 2 Tablespoons (is that TSP?) of peanut butter and a banana or an apple. YUMMY! The key, for me, is to buy fruits and veggies and cut them up and have them on hand. I know people tell you to do that but it's so true. Plus, I'm a fan of almost every fruit and veggie. There are not many that I don't like. I think that this is thanks to my great mom. She bought fruits and veggies for us when we were little and had them cut up for us. Plus, she always cooked wonderful meals. She still does.

I actually don't know how much weight I have lost. I don't have a scale here and I have not weighed myself in the two weeks that we have been here in the new house. I'm debating whether or not to run over to mom's and see what the number is. The thing is, my clothes do fit differently, my face looks thinner to me and I think I've lost some weight. BUT, if I step onto that scale and I have not lost (or GOD FORBID, I've-GULP-gained), I will be very discouraged. I might do something that I will regret. Something of the McDonald's french fries variety.

I need to be working out more. I've been walking but I could walk more. I enjoy walking outside in our neighborhood with Layla but she slows me down. The treadmill that we have is in the nursery/office- the small room. I don't like walking on it because there is no TV or anything. It's facing the wall. Every minute feels like an hour. I can do more time on the treadmill if I'm watching TV or something. SOMETHING other than the wall.

I guess I could daydream about being hot and skinny. I could dream of the cut clothes that I will buy when I get in shape and have a cute figure.

By the way, I love Bonnie Hunt. Her new show is cute. I put it on when I'm cleaning around here and I laugh. She is so cute.
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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Had A Bad Day Again

I'm having a bad day. BAD. Well, actually, the past two days have been bad. I am tired and I have no energy. I want to be in bed. I don't want to clean or cook or go to the store or the DMV or any of the places I need to go. I don't have PMS. I am scared.

What if it's coming back? What if this is the beginning of the darkness coming back? What if I'm NOT better and that was just a little fluke of good? It's one of my biggest fears, that I'm truly a broken person. What if that is who I am? I guess everyone deserves a bad day or two though, right? Right? RIGHT? I don't know...

I just feel so fat and ugly and tired and lazy. Layla is barking her fool head off. The floors are dirty and I am not in the mood to mop. I want french fries. There is no way I'm gonna eat them though. My pants are getting too big for me and I'm not going backwards. When I buy new jeans, they will be a size smaller.

I think that we will take a walk soon. Maybe that will help. If I can just get out of my sock monkey slippers....

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Monday, October 6, 2008

In One Box?

I'd love to show ya'll cute pictures of Layla that I took this weekend. Oh, and a picture of my hair. The hair is really not that different from last time. It's the same color and maybe a little shorter. So, I'd love to show the pictures but I don't know where my USB (is that what it's called?) cord is.

We also know we packed but have not seen:

Blue's guitar tuner
My red lounge pillow
some paperwork
a few bowls

Random, I know.

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Skin Problems and Solutions

Yeah, so this week I'm going to the dermatologist again. My face is crazy. It's covered in acne in the chin and cheek area, yet it is dry in the forehead. I've got problems. I still have not found a moisturizer that I am in love with. When I went to see this derm in May, she told me to quit using all the special (umm, expensive) lotions and creams and just use Cetaphil soap to clean my face and body and Cetaphil lotion on my face.

I don't mind the Cetaphil on my face as a cleanser when I'm at home and don't use makeup. When I go out though, I have to wear concealer (I have one that I LOVE) and powder and blush and all of that stuff. I need more than just the Cetaphil. I used the Aveeno Pads and I liked them. I need the exfoliation. BUT, I think the Aveeno Pads might be too rough to use everyday. I'm gonna ask her (doc) when I go on Tuesday.

The concealer that I use that I really love is Laura Mercier's Secret Camouflage. It's two tones and so it blends in perfectly with my skin color and covers the redness. It feels pretty good, too. It doesn't sweat off easily either. Check it out if you have any of those problems. I also use the Setting Powder. I'm going to try her foundation when I need more.

I'll let you know how it goes with the derm...

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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Shoeaddict Asks

What TV show would you like to guest star on?
This is from
A little known fact about the Shoe, I'd LOVE to be on a soap opera. If you know me, I guess it's not too much of a surprise. I love the over acting, the clothes, the names, the hotties, the romance... I'd be on General Hospital.
For real shows, I'd choose Lost. It has everything (a great script, cute guys, great location) except a fabulous wardrobe. I'd choose Gossip Girl for that.
Here are some of the stars' answers:
Leighton Meester(BLAIR WALDORF on Gossip Girl)- "Ugly Betty. It would be really funny if Blair showed up on that show for one episode."
America Ferrera(BETTY SUAREZ on Ugly Betty)- "Dancing with the Stars." I can't dance like they can but [I can do] crazy dancing, mirror dancing, car dancing. I'm good at all of those."
Molly Sims(ex-DELINDA DELINE on Las Vegas)- "Mad Men is genius. I'd probably want to be a character like the one January Jones plays. I love the styling, the acting, it's phenomenal."
Taylor Momsen (JENNY HUMPHREY on Gossip Girl)- "Law and Order:SVU is my favorite show ever. I'd want to play a really messed up character. Not the victim, the creepy person. Just because I'd want to be so different from Jenny.
Josh Duhamel(ex-DANNY McCOY on Las Vegas) "Family Guy. I'd be Brian's brother. That would be perfect."


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