Friday, October 24, 2008

Just Wondering

What do you think of the name

The book that I am reading has a character with this name and I'm sorta intrigued by it. I was not as drawn to it when I read White Oleander and that was the main character's name. This time, however, I am. I can't say that I love it, or even like it. I just stop and re-read it and roll it over my tongue a few times. I say it out loud and have thought about it on a little girl.
I am so obsessed with names. Mostly of the female variety because we cannot agree on one of those. I want something familiar but not common and something feminine. Blue says that all the names I like sound like "old ladies". Names I'm in love with right now (right now being the operative words)(no order):
-Evelyn (Eve,Evie)
-Audrey or Audra- Blue has defiantly vetoed this one. It was a front runner for me and he says NO!
- Julianna- This one is VERY possible. He doesn't hate it and says he could, "get used to it." I have one reservation about this name- the name Julie. No offense to anyone with this name, but that is not the name I want. I like JuliA and Julianna or Julianne. Are all these names different to you? Is Julie interchangeable with Julianna? I don't thinks it's Julie Anna.
-Aurora- He says "eh" My mom doesn't like it but (sorry) that doesn't matter.
-Ruth (Ruthie) (It's Blue's grandmother's name)
-Georgina (I love this! Nickname Georgie, how cute?)
You can be honest (but nice). I like the idea of one of the names (first or middle) being a family name from one of our families. No, I'm not pregnant yet (I don't think) but I am just kinda weird.


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