Thursday, April 30, 2009

Shoeaddict Asks

When you get Chinese food what do you get? What are your favorites and what do you not like?
I like seasame chicken, sweet and sour pork, honey chicken/shrimp (at PF Changs). I mostly get seasame chicken when I get take out. I also like fried rice and lo mein. I usually get the seasame chicken that comes with a side of fried rice and an extra order of lo mein. Chinese food is so good leftover so, I don't worry about getting too much. Blue doesn't eat it so, I get what I want and eat on it for a few days.
OH! I also love, love egg rolls.
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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Craving Overload

My dad took me to lunch today at Jason's Deli. It's right near one of my favorite places- Target. I bought Vlasic Tabasco pickles (if Vlasic is reading this- send me cases!!) there two weeks ago and have not been able to find them anywhere else. I have looked in a few other stores with no luck. I was seriously crying over it Monday night- no, really, I was.

I decided to go into Target and get my pickles. I may have gotten a little carried away. I bought 6 jars and left 3 there. The ONLY reason that I left those 3 jars there is so that I could possibly have those if I need them next week. What if I go back and there are no more?? Of course, someone could get those jars before I go back but at least I gave myself a chance. I know that it's crazy and irrational but, I can't help it!
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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Another Favorite Topic

Everyone knows how much I love to read. In our old house, we were almost buried in my old books. Now that I have a specific topic that I want to research and read about, I decided it was time to go back to one of my old favs- the library.

I had a big fine ($72.30) from when I was younger. I figured that it was much better for me to pay that fine then spend hundreds of dollars on books. There are so many pregnancy, parenthood, children's books out there and to buy all of them would be ridiculous. Not just because of the money but the space.

So, I went to the library and paid my fine. I got a new library card and went in search of some lovelies to bring home. Like I said, I haven't been in a while so, it was a little overwhelming. I didn't have any specific titles or authors in mind so I was just kinda wondering around. I found the pregnancy and child care sections and picked up a few of those. Then, I tackled the fiction section.

I just basically browsed at the eye level titles. I managed to pick up a few books from authors that I like and one or two that just seemed good. I searched the new releases section and found nothing. I also went over to the children's books and thought of picking up a few to read to Baby.

I know that I got Belly Laughs by Jenny McCarthy and one about signing to Baby. The others are from Janet Evanovich (although I don't remember which one I last read) and something about Saffron. The stack is in another room and I just don't feel like going to get them. Sorry.

I loved going back to the library. I liked being in the room with all of the other readers. The smell is just fabulous and the atmosphere is so calming and wonderful. I could just get lost in there. I just need to go prepared with a list of titles and authors next time. I don't know when the library gets a newly released book- right away or weeks/months/years later? Anyone know?

Please, tell me what great book(s) you've read lately. I love a great recommendation. The last one that I got was from Sarah T who recommended Curtis Sittenfield. I read Prep and LOVED it. I'm almost finished with The Man of My Dreams and I like it a lot. It's not as good as Prep but it's good. I have not read American Wife but it's on the list.

What else should I put on the list?
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Monday, April 27, 2009

Baby Name- A Possible Problem!

One of the names that I love has a little problem. I need to just figure out if I should just not worry about it or if it's a deal breaker. Ok, deeeeeep breaths, this is it. The consecutive initials (first, middle and last) don't spell anything but the monogram (first, last, middle) do spell something. It's not a horrible word, it's an animal that maybe a child wouldn't want to be compared- like RAT or COW.

I know, I know, if I'm worried about it, just don't use the middle name or first name but I feel like this is the first name and the middle name is SUPER important. Also, I am the type who love, love, loves initials and putting them on everything. I know that some people aren't and so they'd never think of it but I'm into it.

I'm leaning more towards just going with the name and not doing monograms. But, I'd like to get opinions on what everybody else thinks. Do you think it's a big deal? Would you do it?

In other news, kinda, I am 12 weeks today. At they show you a fruit/food the size of the baby compared to a quarter every week. This week, we are a lime. Oh, I remember when we were at a poppy seed. Baby is getting big!
A drawing of what Baby might look like now.

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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday, Sunday

I had a nice weekend. Yesterday, I made Oreo Truffles for Little Brother's Honey-Do shower and cleaned my house. I also caught up on some of my DVR'ed shows, which was nice.

We left for the party at about 5:30 and were almost there when I realized that I had forgotten the Oreo Truffles!! Oh, Blue was NOT happy but he turned around to let me get them. I often forget something when we leave and got a big, long lecture about it. *sigh* We didn't get to the party until about 6:30 which was later than I wanted but, it was fine.

The party was at my aunt and uncle's house, the ones Blue and I babysat for in January. They built an outdoor "room" that has a kitchen, bathroom, pool table, tv, couch, chairs, etc. It's out in the back near a pool so it's a lot of fun for a party. They have been working really hard to get everything nice and it all paid off. Everything looked great and everyone had a great time.

We ate BBQ brisket, potato salad, baked beans, rolls, fruit and there were a few different desserts. I ate a piece of wonderful angel food cake. And a bite of M3's strawberry shortcake (or something). We listened to music and ate and visited with a lot of people. There were some great gifts and I think that Little Brother was pleased. M2 took some pics of me and M1, M1, Blue and me and Blue and me. I'll show you if I ever get them.

I definitely look pregnant now and people love that. A long time family friend told me that she thinks that Baby is a boy because of my cravings. She makes this dill dip that is fabulous so I was telling her that I need the recipe. Mom told her that I love all things sour: lemons, pickles, oranges, etc. Then, Mrs C said that she ate lemons and pickles with all three of her sons. She is the first person to guess boy. She also told me that I "look great!" That was so nice to hear.

Today, I slept in and did a lot of nothing. I finished cleaning up and doing laundry while watching tons of General Hospital episodes and now I'm almost caught up for tomorrow. I've felt pretty tired and a little queasy all day but I think this is going to be a great week! I'll be 12 weeks pregnant tomorrow. Yay Baby!

I'm off to have a little dessert. Orange? Chocolate pudding? Fudgesicle?
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Friday, April 24, 2009

What A Day!

You know how when you are having a bad day and all kinds of yuck crap keeps happening, it just keeps happening? Well, that has been my day.

Blue's cell phone rang at 5:00 am after I hadn't slept really well anyway. The guy on the phone was one of Blue's employees telling him that someone at the plant died last night. That is all I got out of him before he left the room. Turns out, the man who died was not an employee of the company that Blue works for. Still, very sad.

Yesterday, I had some cramps but laying around kinda helped. Then, the aforementioned not sleeping last night and I woke up with some serious cramps. I tried a bath and laying down and deep breathing but nothing was helping. I called the nurse at Dr C's office, just to see if I should take something, do something or not do something. She asked me some questions: are you bleeding? Where is the pain? On a scale of 1-10...? She talked to the doctor on call for Dr C (who was off today) and he wanted me to come in this afternoon.

Blue and I went over to the office and sat in the waiting room. I was having sharp pains that felt really weird and I also had back pain and nausea. I didn't know if the nausea was a part of it or nerves or both. The nurse called us back and made me weigh! I was just at the office on Monday and weighed then. I grudgingly stepped onto the scale and lo and behold, I weighed two pounds less than Monday!! That was a bright spot. Monday is not a good day to weigh.

I went into the little room and the nurse asked me about the pain. She didn't seem too worried and so I started feeling a little silly. She asked me if we'd heard Baby's heart beat with a Doppler yet and I told her no. We heard the heart beating on Monday but through the ultrasound. She said that she wanted to try to hear it through the Doppler and I was happy about that. She got it going and it was a little hard to find. Baby moves around a lot right now.

We finally heard the heart beating- fast! Then, she lost it. Blue said, "Our kid is hard headed." I think he was amazed at hearing it. He hadn't yet. She got it again after some searching and I felt SO MUCH BETTER. Blue thinks the heart sounds like a windmill.

I saw the doctor and he did some "checking around" and talked to me and then basically told us that I was fine. He told me that there were going to be aches and pains and that they were going to get worse before they got better. I get that. As long as I know that Baby is ok, I can handle it. I left feeling silly (Blue said that what the doctor meant is I should "man-up." He can say that when he is pregnant) but better.

We came home (after a trip to Subway) and I laid down for awhile. I woke up and decided to run to Target. I have to make Oreo Truffles for little brother's Honey-Do shower tomorrow and I need some stuff. I left and thought I'd be gone for 30 minutes to an hour. I got to Target and couldn't find a parking spot. ugh. Found one, walked in the store and starting browsing.

I need cream cheese for the truffles and they only had fat free. That is what I would normally buy but not to make a dessert for others. I grabbed it anyway. I got the Oreo's and went in search of Almond Bark. Almond Bark must be made of shaved gold or some rare ingredients or something. Target didn't have it and I was pissed.

I just felt so tired and achey and I was not in the mood. No one was answering my calls so I could ask my questions like: where can I buy this stuff and what if I use chocolate chips or Baker's chocolate? I finally got mom who told me that Albertson's or Wally World have it. I decided to just dart on over to Albertson's. When I got to my car, the damn trunk wouldn't close aaaaannnnnnnd I couldn't find my phone.

I finally got to Albertson's (after some guy pulled out in front of me) and went in. There was an AWFUL smell. It was rotten seafood or something like that and I swear I almost puked right there. I held it together and made my way to the baking isle. It wasn't easy because I never shop there so I have no idea where things are. I finally make it to the right place and guess what? You got it, no freaking Almond Bark! They have the same stuff that Target had.

Oh! I forgot to say that my gas light was on when I pulled into Albertson's. Of course. I left Albertson's and went to the gas station next door. By this time, I'm starving! And just pissed. I get the gas and leave to go to Wal Mart. The store that I HATE. I get there and a stupid lady has her door open in my spot. She and her kids are standing in the parking spot doing who knows what. She finally looks up and slowly closes her door and moves a little.

When I got out of the car to walk to the store, some weird, gross men starting yelling at me. Gross. Umm, hello, I'm pregnant! I get inside and almost trip and fall on some liquid on the floor. I make my way to the baking aisle. I don't see any Almond Bark and I'm about to LOSE IT. No, really, really lose it in the baking goods aisle at Wal Mart. I finally see ONE more package and grab it up so fast. The angels sang and I did a little dance.

I go towards the checkout lines and decide to go to the 10 items or less line. Then, a woman CUTS in front of me and SMILES at me. I knew that if I said anything I would go off on her and get arrested. I just turned away and went to another checkout line. In front of the line (separated from me by another guy), there is a girl I went to high school with and I am not in the mood. I look like crap and I'm not in the mood for a "Heeeeey! How are you? It's so good to see you..." I change lanes, again, and start to check out. The checkout guy makes some comment about how large my candy is and laughs.

Then, my credit card gets denied. Or something. I just bought gas and stuff at Target with that card. I know it works and I know I have the money. He runs it twice more and it finally works. I have no idea what was up with that. He said something but he was mumbling. I didn't care and just left. I'm still starving and so I decide to make one more stop- Taco Bell.

The line there is so long it's laughable at this point. The guy in the truck two cars ahead of me pulls out a list. Not just a list but a long, long list. I could see his total when we pulled up and it was 75 dollars! Plus, no one seems to be moving very fast. I get to the window and all goes well. I was shocked. I finally made my way home and give Blue a big hug. And the bags.

Now, I'm sitting in my bed and hoping tomorrow goes much better.
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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Shoeaddict Asks

When you were pregnant, did you attend any types of classes/fairs, etc?

Which ones?

Do you think they are necessary?

Did your husband/baby daddy go with you?
ETA- There is this thing on May 9 that is like a fair/expo kinda thing. It starts at 8:30 and ends at 1:00. There are different types of classes during that time but only one that I might go to. I don't want to take a class about finding child care for my child or the one about kids' teeth. I'll be the child care for my child and I'll learn about teeth later. The breastfeeding one sounds ok but Blue isn't gonna be down with that. You can meet pediatricians and take a tour of the hospital which are two things I really want to do. I just don't know.

And also, this:

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Mani Colors For Your Pedi

This is for Kristie, who asked me to discuss nail polish colors.

I love having a manicure and a pedicure. I had one on Friday, April 3 so I think I'm due for another one. My fingernails have always been brittle and weak (and I have bitten in the past). Pregnancy and prenatal vitamins have caused my nails to grow like crazy. They still aren't very strong but for me, they are very long. Getting manicures helps me keep them out of my mouth (and from picking at them).

I ALWAYS have painted toe nails. I hate not having them painted so, they are never bare. I wear flip flops and sandals a lot so, I try to keep them as pretty as possible. You can certainly do your own pedicure at home. Soak your feet for 5-10 minutes in warm, soapy water. There are lots of different pedicure soaks that you can buy like this and or one of these. Once you have soaked, you can use an assortment of pedicure tools to slough off dead skin, push back your cuticles and then moisturize.

Now that we are ready for painting, which is what Kristie asked for, let's talk colors. I am fond of a wide variety of colors and will put almost any color (at least once) on my toes. I'm not a fan of using blue, yellow, green, etc on my own fingernails. I think that it looks a little juvenile. I do a gorgeous NAVY in the winter called Russian Navy. I would do this one on my fingers, too. Another thing about me and nail colors- I'm kinda picky about "seasons." I do bright reds (Love this one) all year round though.

Here are some of my favorite colors:
Essie Ballet Slippers
Essie Beach Party
OPI Sweetheart
Essie Mademoiselle
OPI La Paz-itivly Hot
OPI for Sephora in Techno Girl (This is what I have on my toes now)

OPI Samoan Sand
Essie Like Linen
L'Oreal In the Buff

Reds- (NOTE: All reds are not created equally. For the perfect red for your skin, follow these rules: If you have pale/fair skin (like me), find a red with a blue undertone to warm up your skin. If you have pinkish skin, get an orangey-red. Finally, for dark or olive skin, you can wear a true red color.)
OPI I'm Not Really A Waitress
Essie Hot Spot
Revlon Red
Cover Girl Queen Collection Regal Red (good for pinkish skin)
OPI Big Apple Red (a bright red)
Essie A List (a true red, good for olive or dark skin)

OPI Lincoln Park After Dark ("where midnight meats purple" according to the site)
OPI Cajun Shrimp (a bright coral/red)
OPI My Private Jet
Essie Marshmallow
OPI Purple With A Purpose
OPI Venus di Violet
Essie Alligator Purse

These are just a small number of really good ones. I love the OPI site because you can "try it on" and that is fun. This Essie site is good to buy those colors. You can view them by shades (pinks, pink mauves, red, orange,etc).

Have fun!

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Tagged by Jill-

8 Things I'm looking forward to:
  1. Going to St Thomas
  2. J & S's wedding
  3. Spending beach time with my family
  4. swimming
  5. buying Baby's things
  6. seeing Isa, Olivier and Sweet Cupcake Girl with the Gorgeous Smile!
  7. Feeling Baby move
  8. Baby's birth!!!!!!

8 Things I did yesterday:
  1. drove home from camp with mom
  2. saw sweet Baby for the second time
  3. heard Baby's heart beating for the first time!
  4. talked to my OB
  5. went to store
  6. did lots of laundry
  7. bought more Sour Patch Kids (what is another really tart/sour candy?)
  8. made delicious mini shepherd's pie for supper
8 Things I wish I could do:
  1. lose weight
  2. and eat french fries
  3. see Baby whenever I want (which is always)
  4. be on the beach right now
  5. find a cute maternity bathing suit
  6. sew
  7. be in school
  8. snap my fingers and have a clean house and clean laundry

8 TV Shows I watch:
  1. The Amazing Race
  2. Gossip Girl
  3. House
  4. American Idol
  5. Survivor
  6. Desperate Housewives
  7. Lost
  8. The Real Housewives

8 People I tag:
  1. Kate
  2. Kelli
  3. Tanyetta
  4. Sarah T.
  5. Lainey-Painey
  6. Crissy
  7. Gina
  8. Kathryn
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Monday, April 20, 2009

11 Week Appointment and Updates (Long)

This is Baby at 11 weeks. Well, it's a drawing of a baby at 11 weeks gestation. The actual sonogram pictures that I have of Baby are not downloaded. S/he was very difficult to photograph today. I had an ultrasound and appointment with the doctor this morning. Blue was busy at work and couldn't come so my mom came instead.
When I went into the ultrasound room, I was expecting to have to remove my pants but she said that I need to just hop on the table and pull 'em down a little. She squirted the (warm) goo on my (lower) belly and started digging. That is the best way I can describe it. She said that Baby was not cooperating and was way deep in the uterus. We got to see little glimpses though.

My mom insulted the baby and offended the technician but, when/if you see the sonogram, you'll understand. See, Baby's hand is near the nose area causing it to look like s/he has a beak-like nose. Kinda witchy-face, if you will. And noses are a little long in my family so, it's a legitimate concern. My mom said, "That's not it's nose is it," in a voice and tone that conveyed she hoped like hell the answer was no. The tech said, "*GASP* The baby can hear you! You aren't gonna be the favorite MiMi."

So, I told Baby, "Don't worry, you're beautiful! She didn't mean it." When I said that, Baby's whole body bounced upward. It was unreal! S/he LOVES me!!! How cute is that? S/he did that a few more times and then, the digging was over. OH! And we heard the heart beating. It's so fast and wonderful. The heart rate was 172.

After that was over, I had to pull up my giant paneled pants and mosey on over to the doctor's office. Dr C is so great. She is straight-forward and sweet and she is very calm. I like that. She told us that all of my blood work (that I gave last time) looks great. I was worried about my thyroid and possible diabetes but she said it all looked perfect. She said my weight was fine!! I wanted to dance with joy.

She also said that all of Baby's measurements are perfect. A perfectly healthy mama and baby- that is what I pray for all the time. I'm just so shocked and pleased to get those results from her. She said that she was putting me as high-risk but only because of my history, nothing that she saw now. In four weeks, I'll see her and have another ultrasound done. I will be 15 weeks. At 20 weeks, I see the maternal-fetal doctor and get them to do an ultrasound.

I'm so excited about all of this wonderful news. I was so worried that something was wrong with Baby or me or whatever. There isn't and everything looks great. I'm going to revel in that for a few days before I start worrying about the next thing.

As far as symptoms go, I've been very restless at night. I'm tired and I want to sleep but I can't get comfortable. I slept fairly good on Saturday night but I hadn't for days before that and not last night. I also have HORRIBLE skin problems: acne (angry, red, painful) and itching and rashes. I think that the itching and rashes are allergy related. The acne is just hormones. I am getting a facial Wednesday and I'll call the dermatologist. I hope that goes away with the first trimester.

I'm still craving all things salty and sour. Also, bread and bread-like things. I don't know really if that is pregnancy though. I pretty much all the time like bread, biscuits, rolls, etc. I try not to eat too much though. Oh- still craving fruit and veggies, too. That is a really good thing to crave. I am getting my servings in, for sure.

Thank you for all the nice comments and prayer and support. It means a lot to me.
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Thursday, April 16, 2009

People Must Not Like Reading About My Pregnancy

My stats have gone down a little. I'm guessing because of all the pregnancy talk. I can't help it though, Baby consumes me. I found out that I was pregnant at 3w4d. I used to sometimes forget that I was pregnant for a little while. I don't do that anymore. How can I? My eating, sleeping, exercise, sex, tv watching and reading habits have all changed because of Baby. I became a mother that Friday morning and I didn't even really realize it.

I will try to talk about other things. I can't promise though. Ask me questions, give me topics you wanna discuss!

While I wait on that, I will tell you about something I bought yesterday. I have been craving all things sour: oranges, pickles, lemons, sweet tarts, Sour Patch Kids, etc. This is one of the reasons that some people believe that Baby is a GIRL! Anyway, yesterday at Target, I found these pickles.
I opened them for lunch this morning (not alone, with a sandwich) and I loved them. If you love pickles and you love spicy things- these are for you. Kelli told me a few months ago about some spicy pickles that her husband's family makes. They sounded so delicious but I never got around to making them. These are so fabulous! Another one may be in my future.

When I was little, one of my favorite things that my mama made was chicken rice. She made baked chicken and the chicken rice and I loved it. I have been craving it for awhile so, I bought a whole fryer and plan to cook it tonight. Here is the problem- I never worked with a whole fryer before. I don't know what to do with it. My dad showed me but I don't remember. I guess when I open it, I'll figure it out. Or we'll be eating guts tonight, too.

Also, this is not fair. I just read that Heidi Klum is pregnant with her fourth child. She is due sometimes in the Fall. I also read somewhere that she is four months along already so she is further than I am. I bet she doesn't look nearly as pregnant as I do! Maybe it isn't so fun to be pregnant with a (gorgeous) celebrity. Aren't there any fat celebs? Or any other fatties that are pregnant?

That was Heidi just the other day. Umm, yep, I'm MUCH bigger than that. I have vowed to watch my portions and my choices again though. I cannot gain 40 or 50 pounds. I just cannot. I drink a lot of Sprite Zero and Light Minute Maid Lemonade and I'm going to try and cut down. I am thirsty all the time- ALL.THE.TIME!!! I am going to drink more water and walk more and maybe go to Curves again.

So, please, ask me a question. Give me a topic. If you wanna ask a pregnancy question, I can't help that, right?

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Dressing the Part (Updated with a Pic)

Updated: I don't know how to put this at the end of the post which is what I wanted to do. Here I am this morning before I left to run errands. My boobs look awful!

Are you feeling sick on this tax day? Have some TEA!
Anyway, yesterday, mom and I went to Destination Maternity. It's time for me to buy some maternity clothes. When I put on these jeans, I was so relieved. They just feel so much better on my belly. They are a little big but it's ok.

I tried this shirt on next. It was too big so I looked bad. I admit that I had a little mini-breakdown. I know that I am pregnant but I look more pregnant than I am. We got a smaller size in the shirt and it looked better. Maybe even kinda cute. I still think I look bigger than 10weeks but there is nothing I can do about that. Ummm, the doctor would've seen if I was having twins, right? RIGHT?

I also got these three shirts. They are cute and overall, the maternity clothes make me look pregnant and not just weird-fat. I'm just at a weird stage in pregnancy/body right now. It's not fun. I just keep trying to remember that I am so happy to be pregnant and that it won't last forever. I am happy to keep growing for the sake of Baby.

I should've been smaller when I got pregnant but I wasn't. I was quite a few pounds smaller though than I was last summer. I'd been working on it and doing pretty good. It is what it is though and this is what I got. Those are two sayings that both of my parents say all the time. (It is what it is -Mom;This is what I got -Dad) I am doing some type of exercise almost everyday and I plan to crank it up especially after this yuck feeling goes away (2nd trimester!) I also admit that I have eaten a little poorly. I still have not had fast food since that one awful night, but I have not been watching diligently. All I can do is be better.

I'm off to Target today. That always makes me feel better.
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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Baby Buzz

Since I am up-to-here in all things baby (baby books, baby NAMES, baby blogs), I thought it was time for another Celeb Baby Buzz (CBB). We can talk about baby names now, too. Naming a child is hard. Naming a child with another person is almost impossible. Well, for me, anyway.

Let's get to it. Last CBB did all of February. Let's do all of March and up until now in April.

March 5- Matthew Settle (Rufus on Gossip Girl) and wife, Naama Nativ, welcomed their first child, daughter AVEN ANGELICA. Aven weighed 8 lbs 11 oz.

March 8- Maxine Bahns (Grace on The Mentalist) and husband Patrick Watson welcomed their first child, a daughter, MADISON ROSE. Maddie (as they say they plan to call her) weighed 6 lb 2 oz and was 19 1/4 inches long. She was also a week late. That seems a little light for a baby that was late, no? Well, what do I know? Anyway, Maxine says that the pregnancy was almost perfect. How nice for her. She also explains the name by saying, "I love the nickname Maddie. My husband's mom's name is Rosemary, so we wanted to honor her by giving our daughter the name Rose."

March 14- Charlie Sheen and wife, Brooke Mueller Sheen, welcomed twin sons- MAX and BOB. They were a week early and Max was actually just back in the hospital. He is apparently out now and doing better. These are the first children for Brooke but the fourth and fifth for Charlie who has Sam, 5, and Lola Rose, 4, with ex-wife Denise Richardson and Cassandra, 24.

March 15- Carson Daly and girlfriend, Siri Pinter, welcomed their first child, a son, JACKSON JAMES. He weighed 7 lb 8 oz.

March 21- Former Bachelor Andrew Firestone and wife, Ivana, welcomed their first child, a son, ADAM BROOKS. Adam weighed 8 lbs. His middle name is in honor of his paternal grandfather. They waited until Adam was born to find out his sex.

March 22- Scott Wolf (Bailey on Party of Five) and his wife, Real World: New Orleans alum Kelley, welcomed their first child, son JACKSON KAYSE.

March 23- Penelope Ann Miller and her husband, James Huggins, welcomed a second daughter, MARIA ADELA. Maria joins big sister, Eloisa May, who is 8.

March 24- Alyson Hannigan (Lily on How I Met Your Mother) and husband, Alexis Denisof, welcomed their first child, a girl, SATYANA. Alyson and Alexis met on the set of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and married in 2003 (so did we. Well, we married in 2003. We did not meet on the set of BTVS). Alyson and her daughter share a birthday, too. She said that she craved ginger ale while pregnant and was foggy headed. She told Ellen Degeneres, "I sorta feel like a koala bear where I'm slightly stoned all the time and say the wrong word." I feel the SAME WAY!

March 28- Tim Allen (Home Improvement) and wife, Jane, welcomed their first child together, daughter ELIZABETH. Elizabeth weighed 5 lb 11 oz. Tim Allen has a daughter, Katherine,19, from a previous marriage.

April 3- Chef Jamie Oliver and wife, Jools, welcomed their third daughter, PETAL BLOSSOM RAINBOW. (Damn! We were gonna use that) Petal weighed 6 lb 10 oz. She was welcomed by big sisters: Poppy Honey, 7,and Daisy Boo,6. They were also waiting for a "delivery surprise" and said that Jamie wanted a boy and Jools wanted a girl.

April 4- Iron Chef Cat Cora and her wife, Jennifer, welcomed a son, THATCHER JULIUS. Jennifer gave birth to Thatcher and Cat is due with a baby boy in July. The couple are also moms to sons, Zoran, 5, and Caje,2. Zoran and the baby Cat is carrying are from Jennifer's eggs. Caje is from Cat's eggs. Thatcher's biological mother is unknown. The same sperm donor was used for all of their sons.

April 5- E!'s Kristin Dos Santos (Watch With Kristin) and husband Joao Dos Santos welcomed their first child, a boy, LUCA ALEXANDER. Luca weighed 7 lb 1 oz and was 22 in long. I love Kristin!

April 6- CNN news correspondent, Campbell Brown and husband, Fox news analyst, Dan Senor, welcomed a son, ASHER LIAM. Asher weighed 9 lb 4 oz and was 21 1/2 inches long. Asher is welcomed by big brother, Eli James.

April 9- Lost star Josh Holloway (Sawyer) and wife, Yessica, welcomed their first child, a girl. They named their daughter, JAVA KUMALA.

And now, let us discuss these names.
Aven Angelica- Aven is cool and kinda pretty. It sounds "made up" and I'm not a fan of that for myself. Angelica makes me think of HER. It's not the best connotation.

Madison Rose- This is a pretty name. Madison is so popular right now though. Well, it has been for a long time. I know LOTS of Madisons. Maddie is a cute nickname. Rose is pretty and classic.

Max and Bob- I don't even think they have middle names. They are a little simple for me. I don't mind Max too much but BOB? Just Bob? I don't like the whole nickname for a name, I believe in options.

Jackson James- I like Jackson (nickname Jack) a lot. I have a VERY bad connotation to the name James. It's not a bad name.

Adam Brooks- I love that his middle name is after a grandparent and I love the name Brooks for a boy. I like this name a lot.

Jackson Kayse- Is Kayse like Casey? I don't love creative spellings. Kayse looks a little feminine too me.

Maria Adela- I like this. I would rather Adele without the "a" with Maria but I think this is pretty. I think the name Maria is a good name.

Satyana- I love Alyson Hannigan and How I Met Your Mother, which I just started watching in reruns on Lifetime. I'm guessing that the name, Satyana, comes from her husband's heritage. Whatever that is- German or Russian? I think it sounds a little like "satan" which isn't great. Eh, I do like exotic names.

Elizabeth- This is a good, solid, classic name with lots of great nickname potential. It was my great-grandmother's first name (on my dad's dad's side) and it's Blue's sister's first name. She doesn't go by Elizabeth but by her middle name. Don't ask why because I don't know.

Petal Blossom Rainbow- This is just a joke. Who is going to take Petal Bloosom Rainbow seriously? Is that a name of a My Little Pony? Poppy, Daisy and Petal. Duuuude, trippy.

Thatcher Julius- Thatcher seems a little much to me. And how do you pronounce Caje?

Luca Alexander- This is a good name. Although, I've heard of girls being named Luca, too.

Asher Liam- Asher is on my short list of boy names. I love it a lot.

Java Kumala- Really? JAVA!? That is wrong and mean and silly.

I want to know:
What do you think of all these name? And especially JAVA and PETAL!
Was it hard for you and your spouse/partner/baby daddy to come up with (a) names for your child(ren)? Were there compromises- big ones?

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Monday, April 13, 2009

Blah, Blah, Blah

I'm not feeling well today. There are so many things that I need to be doing and I'm not. I need to grocery shop and do laundry- those are the top two. I did just put a load of whites in the washing machine. I'm hungry and I don't have any sandwich stuff. That is what I want- a sandwich.

I am ten weeks pregnant today. The baby is the size of a kumquat or a small plum, depending on what you read. I've never seen a plum the same size as a kumquat but, whatever. My nausea has pushed back later again. It's now, I guess, "morning" sickness but it's very early morning. I still pee a lot (especially at night) and feel pretty dizzy some times.

Today, I am just so tired. I didn't sleep well at all last night and I think I am getting a cold. I have been getting this same cold for awhile now though. My ears and head hurt and I am sneezing. I'm trying to fight it off but the symptoms won't go away completely. I guess it's better than having something full-fledged but this is getting annoying.

Yesterday, for Easter, we all went to my MaMa and PaPa's house. The regular 14 of us went and ate some delicious food. We had ribs, corn, rice dressing (a big favorite of mine and Blue's), green beans, baked beans, deviled eggs, rolls and two desserts- peach cobbler and carrot cake. It was yummy and I ate a little of both desserts. I have some pictures from the day but I have not gotten them onto the computer yet.

All the kids took a turn feeling my belly. If you push, right bellow the belly button, it's hard and feels "weird". They all loved it. M3 was having her turn and then said, "What is that?" I laughed and told her, "That is the baby!" She said, rubbing the fat above the belly button, "Well, then what's all this?" Well, that is FAT! I guess, I don't really know. Aaaaaahhhhhhh- kids! (I have read that as your uterus gets bigger, it pushes all kinds of other stuff up)

Blue and I got home and got into bed and watched tv. That is my favorite way to end the day. It rained really hard all night long here. I am not a fan of bad weather but it's not as bad here as it was in our old house. Blue loves the rain and thunder and lightning- I HATE LIGHTNING! It scares me. I told Blue last night that Baby didn't like the weather and he said not to put that on Baby! I guess he's right though.

Sorry for all the boring blah- just not feeling it today.
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Friday, April 10, 2009

Shoeaddict Asks

Please tell me what your favorite children's books are/were? What books do your kids love? Which ones are important for all collections?
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Thursday, April 9, 2009

1st Time Mommy Buddies

I have been wondering which celeb(s) I'd be pregnant with and now, I know one. Sarah Michelle Geller & Freddie Prinze, Jr are expecting their first child in the Fall. I'm guessing that she is a little further along than I am but, still! She and Freddie have been married for six years and Blue and I will have our sixth anniversary in May.

I also saw a few days ago that Inina Menzel and Taye Diggs are expecting their first child, too. No specific due date has been given. So, yay! I am thinking that the women who are due closer to my due date will announce their pregnancies closer to our second trimester.

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Shoeaddict Asks

What pregnancy book(s) were your favorite?
What book are you reading now?
I have these pregnancy books:
The Pregnancy Bible
Your Pregnancy Week by Week
Understanding Your Moods When You're Expecting
The Pregnancy Book
The Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy
Breastfeeding Made Simple: Seven Natural Laws for Nursing Mothers
I really like the first three. The last one, I just started reading and I like it so far. I just finished Certain Girls and I loved it. I love Jennifer Weiner. I am reading Handle With Care and it's really good. I also love Jodi Picoult. When that is finished, I will read Chasing Harry Winston and A Girl Like Moi. I have to read "fun" books after I read Jodi Picoult.
**Both A Girl Like Moi and Understanding... were sent to me from Kate. She is SO sweet to have done that for me. Thank you, again, Kate! I appreciate it so much. Love.Love.Love. xo**
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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Because I Have Lots Of Random Things To Say

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Monday, April 6, 2009

Blue Day

Today is Blue's 28th birthday. He is not a fan of birthdays or holidays and whatnot. He's kinda just a dud about these things. That is why God gave him me. I drag out the fun in him.

Blue is (so far) the greatest person I've ever met and I love him so much. I'm overwhelming proud of him and everything he has accomplished in such a short time. He has succeeded against some pretty bad odds even though I always believed in him. He is there for me all the time, though sometimes it's not what I think I want, it's what I need.

He is certainly not perfect but I have to say that he and I have worked VERY hard on some serious issues in the past few months with fabulous results. He is who I think of when I'm happy, mad (it's his fault, of course), scared, excited. He is my best friend, my ally, my love, my heart, my protector aaaaannnnnnddddd the father of my sweet little Baby (who is 9 weeks gestation today!).

Happy Birthday, Blue! We love you and we are so proud of you. Thank God that you are ours- K, Baby & P
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Sunday, April 5, 2009


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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Special Saturday Bullet Points

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Friday, April 3, 2009

Love & Marriage

Tomorrow is my grandparents' 50th wedding anniversary. They are having a party and invited many family and friends. We are having good food and music and some great surprises for them. I'm doubting that they will read this before tomorrow at 12:15 when we are getting there but I don't want to chance it.

I am so proud of my grandparents. I'm proud for many reasons but I think it's such a beautiful legacy to leave to their children, grandchildren and future (near future) great-grandchildren to be married for so long. They are such fabulous role models to all of us and we are so lucky to be a part of their family.

Congratulations MaMaw and PaPa!
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Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I love this bag. I found it while looking for diaper bags. I may have gotten off track a little. I have been wanting a nude colored, slightly structured, smaller bag. It seems like all (or most) of my bags are really big and slouchy. I like that look, of course, but not all the time. I just wanted something new.
Also, what did/do you use for a diaper bag? Did you get yours to match the sex of your child? As in- no pink and flowers for baby boy? I don't understand that because I am going to be carrying it, right? I would get a more boy-ish bag for a boy when I leave the bag for him. Right? I don't know. I have lots of time before I have to buy one. Stay tuned for more questions.
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