Friday, April 24, 2009

What A Day!

You know how when you are having a bad day and all kinds of yuck crap keeps happening, it just keeps happening? Well, that has been my day.

Blue's cell phone rang at 5:00 am after I hadn't slept really well anyway. The guy on the phone was one of Blue's employees telling him that someone at the plant died last night. That is all I got out of him before he left the room. Turns out, the man who died was not an employee of the company that Blue works for. Still, very sad.

Yesterday, I had some cramps but laying around kinda helped. Then, the aforementioned not sleeping last night and I woke up with some serious cramps. I tried a bath and laying down and deep breathing but nothing was helping. I called the nurse at Dr C's office, just to see if I should take something, do something or not do something. She asked me some questions: are you bleeding? Where is the pain? On a scale of 1-10...? She talked to the doctor on call for Dr C (who was off today) and he wanted me to come in this afternoon.

Blue and I went over to the office and sat in the waiting room. I was having sharp pains that felt really weird and I also had back pain and nausea. I didn't know if the nausea was a part of it or nerves or both. The nurse called us back and made me weigh! I was just at the office on Monday and weighed then. I grudgingly stepped onto the scale and lo and behold, I weighed two pounds less than Monday!! That was a bright spot. Monday is not a good day to weigh.

I went into the little room and the nurse asked me about the pain. She didn't seem too worried and so I started feeling a little silly. She asked me if we'd heard Baby's heart beat with a Doppler yet and I told her no. We heard the heart beating on Monday but through the ultrasound. She said that she wanted to try to hear it through the Doppler and I was happy about that. She got it going and it was a little hard to find. Baby moves around a lot right now.

We finally heard the heart beating- fast! Then, she lost it. Blue said, "Our kid is hard headed." I think he was amazed at hearing it. He hadn't yet. She got it again after some searching and I felt SO MUCH BETTER. Blue thinks the heart sounds like a windmill.

I saw the doctor and he did some "checking around" and talked to me and then basically told us that I was fine. He told me that there were going to be aches and pains and that they were going to get worse before they got better. I get that. As long as I know that Baby is ok, I can handle it. I left feeling silly (Blue said that what the doctor meant is I should "man-up." He can say that when he is pregnant) but better.

We came home (after a trip to Subway) and I laid down for awhile. I woke up and decided to run to Target. I have to make Oreo Truffles for little brother's Honey-Do shower tomorrow and I need some stuff. I left and thought I'd be gone for 30 minutes to an hour. I got to Target and couldn't find a parking spot. ugh. Found one, walked in the store and starting browsing.

I need cream cheese for the truffles and they only had fat free. That is what I would normally buy but not to make a dessert for others. I grabbed it anyway. I got the Oreo's and went in search of Almond Bark. Almond Bark must be made of shaved gold or some rare ingredients or something. Target didn't have it and I was pissed.

I just felt so tired and achey and I was not in the mood. No one was answering my calls so I could ask my questions like: where can I buy this stuff and what if I use chocolate chips or Baker's chocolate? I finally got mom who told me that Albertson's or Wally World have it. I decided to just dart on over to Albertson's. When I got to my car, the damn trunk wouldn't close aaaaannnnnnnd I couldn't find my phone.

I finally got to Albertson's (after some guy pulled out in front of me) and went in. There was an AWFUL smell. It was rotten seafood or something like that and I swear I almost puked right there. I held it together and made my way to the baking isle. It wasn't easy because I never shop there so I have no idea where things are. I finally make it to the right place and guess what? You got it, no freaking Almond Bark! They have the same stuff that Target had.

Oh! I forgot to say that my gas light was on when I pulled into Albertson's. Of course. I left Albertson's and went to the gas station next door. By this time, I'm starving! And just pissed. I get the gas and leave to go to Wal Mart. The store that I HATE. I get there and a stupid lady has her door open in my spot. She and her kids are standing in the parking spot doing who knows what. She finally looks up and slowly closes her door and moves a little.

When I got out of the car to walk to the store, some weird, gross men starting yelling at me. Gross. Umm, hello, I'm pregnant! I get inside and almost trip and fall on some liquid on the floor. I make my way to the baking aisle. I don't see any Almond Bark and I'm about to LOSE IT. No, really, really lose it in the baking goods aisle at Wal Mart. I finally see ONE more package and grab it up so fast. The angels sang and I did a little dance.

I go towards the checkout lines and decide to go to the 10 items or less line. Then, a woman CUTS in front of me and SMILES at me. I knew that if I said anything I would go off on her and get arrested. I just turned away and went to another checkout line. In front of the line (separated from me by another guy), there is a girl I went to high school with and I am not in the mood. I look like crap and I'm not in the mood for a "Heeeeey! How are you? It's so good to see you..." I change lanes, again, and start to check out. The checkout guy makes some comment about how large my candy is and laughs.

Then, my credit card gets denied. Or something. I just bought gas and stuff at Target with that card. I know it works and I know I have the money. He runs it twice more and it finally works. I have no idea what was up with that. He said something but he was mumbling. I didn't care and just left. I'm still starving and so I decide to make one more stop- Taco Bell.

The line there is so long it's laughable at this point. The guy in the truck two cars ahead of me pulls out a list. Not just a list but a long, long list. I could see his total when we pulled up and it was 75 dollars! Plus, no one seems to be moving very fast. I get to the window and all goes well. I was shocked. I finally made my way home and give Blue a big hug. And the bags.

Now, I'm sitting in my bed and hoping tomorrow goes much better.
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