Monday, April 30, 2007

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

So, I hate clowns. Really hate them. I think they are creepy and scary and I don't like them. I don't like the people dressed as clowns and I really, really HATE pictures or dolls with the painted on faces.
I also am scared of thunder and lightning, more the lighntning. I don't remember being afraid when I was a kid but, I am now.
I also HATE to be chased. I don't like it in fun, I don't like the illusion of it...

These are fears that are true and important. Most people I know are really afraid of something- the dark, flying, bugs, etc... My 6'3", 235 lb brother-in-law is freakishly afraid of mice. I told him that was like elephants being afraid of mice!

But, what are your true fears? Your biggest fears in life. That's what I'm talking about.
I am not afraid of my own death. Not really. I don't want to be tortured or whatever but, I'm ready to die. I know where I'm going and it's much better than this place. But, other people's deaths are my biggest fear. My husband, my parents, my friends... When I think about that, I know that I couldn't stand it. I've had to deal with tragic death before. When I was 13, a boy that I'd known my entire life, Brett, was killed in a car accident. That incident did terrible things to me. Therapy. Not the first time and not the last- ha ha ha.
I am very afraid of the people I love dying, going away. I always say that MISSING SOMEONE is the worst feeling. It's my most hated emotion. It's a feeling that is totally out of your control most of the time. It's an ache that rips your heart out. I know that everybody dies but, I'm not good at it. I know that no one loves it- except, you know, killers, but, I am extra sensitive and I just don't get over things. Certain things... My Paw Paw Harry died in February of 2002. He was 80 and sick. Of course, he deserved to go home to the Lord and be free of all pain. I still to this day get gut wrenchingly (is that even a word?) upset. I miss him so fiercely.
The other big "life fear" is that I'll never have children. That is a huge fear because it's the only thing I've always wanted. My entire life I've always wanted to be a mommy. When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a STAR. I know that's hard to believe but, it's true. I was caught at a very young age (3) all dressed up in sequins and such, dancing on the sidewalk in the neighborhood as the cars passed. My mom said she knew they were in trouble. Somehow, I think she knew before then.
So, I knew I wanted to be an entertainer, then more specifically, an actress, as I got older. That didn't go according to plan because I went on vacation and met my husband! But, really, I always wanted to be a mommy. I wanted to write, be a nurse (still do), be a hairdresser, makeup artist, etc... But, I always wanted to be a mom.
I've always had baby dolls. Not those crazy, scary painted face things! I loved my dolls, gave them names (I love names!), rocked them & fed them. I always have pictured myself with a child. I have always felt (as I have become an, gulp, adult) like a mother without a child. For those reasons, and because I'm great with kids, I don't think my fear will become a reality but, that's why it's a fear. My emotions are so great and palpable- I know it makes me difficult. I've finally decided to embrace that it is me! I feel what I feel. this is something I feel passionatly about.
Some of you who know me very well know that, for me, my little girl exists. Yep. I'm delusional AND extremely sensitive!! No, it's just that I've loved the name Isabella for so long and I often dream of "her". ( I have amazingly vivid dreams). When I talk about having kids or whatever it's, Isabella... Even Lindsey agrees that it's like she exists somewhere and is just waiting. That is what I hope.
Luke and I will begin our very emotional, rollar coaster baby-making journey in August! And, you all will be along for the ride! Don't worry... you won't have to suffer through the details.

So, what are your fears? Those things that creep you out (like clowns? Really, they are not funny or cute). And what are your biggest fears in life? Are you fearless? Do you really believe that?

What do you want to see me write about? Do you have ideas for posts? Do you have something you want an opinion on? Place your comments/questions or whatever in the comments section or email me

the only thing we have to fear is fear itself....

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Friday, April 27, 2007

My Blue Eyed Boy

Luke is coming home! I'm so excited. I have not seen him since the 10th of April. He has been working in Alabama and meeting people at the new company in Augusta, GA. I don't know how "normal" this is but, I still get so thrilled & jumpy when I see him again. My heart skips, I run and hug him, burying my face in his neck... all is safe and right. I LOVE HIM! He drives me crazy. He pisses me off. I know he's gonna drive me crazy & piss me off before we go to sleep the day he comes home... I don't care. He's my heart.
Everyone who reads this knows "our story". The way we met, fell in love & stayed together across three states. Some of you may even know all the knitty-gritty details of the awful things we've been through in the time we've been together. For such a young couple, we really have been delt quite a few bad hands. Things that weren't in our control: situations dealing with loved ones, health problems (mine), & distance. We've been together for 7 and 1/2 years and married for 3 (4 on May 24th) and I am VERY, VERY proud of that.
I am proud that Luke & I are very committed to each other and to our marriage. I believe very strongly that in a marriage there is him, me & the "us". Some things are important for the "us". I love "us". Through all of the hard times, I have had him. I have had dark times that lasted far too long. They were ugly, miserable and desperate. I have no problem admitting that I have been severely depressed & suicidal at points in my life. During those times, my parents & grandparents & Lindsey were there for me. My family loved me, of course. They gave Luke an out, said it's ok for an 18 year-old to not be able to handle this. He said the thought of leaving me had never crossed his mind. Awwwww! Now, I'm SURE that isn't the truth. I'm sure he'd love to take that back sometimes but, he won't. He's dedicated. We both are, we've been through other things since then and know for sure that we'll continue to all the time. We have not had kids yet.
I always say that marrying Luke is the best thing I've ever done. It's the truth. He is my best friend. We have so much fun together. We laugh and watch silly shows. We love, love, love to watch college football- Go Tigers! Go Dawgs! It's a constant battle... I also know that for sure when the s*@t hits the fan, we have each other. He's my partner. That means a lot. I'm grateful everyday for him, for everything he does for me and for "us".

Do you have someone you share your life with? Have you ever been in love? What are your views on marriage & commitment?


for better or worse... I DO!

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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Summer Fashion 07

What am I gonna wear? How many times do you find yourself saying that? Well, my friends, let me help you out with that. It's part 2 of my series "What's Hot for Summer" and we're talking fashion now.
~Before I begin, I just want to remind you all to only use 1 square of toilet paper at every bathroom use. GROSS. Sorry, I had to add that. I just think it's so ridiculous! Clean butts are very in this season and always.

So, let's just dive right in... Bold colors!!! Yellow is really THE color right now and for the summer. Yellows in every shade from butter to mustard. I have seen the most adorable dresses, tops, shoes, etc in this hue so you shouldn't have to look far to find something you like. If you really think you can't pull it off as an entire piece of clothing (wimp!) go with a handbag or shoes. All types of bold colors and bold patterns are in style. A great, great piece of advice is when wearing one of these colors, pick a light fabric. Choose an eyelet (EXPRESS has an eyelet lace yellow dress...) lace, silk (silk dresses are a MUST HAVE), organza and chiffon... it's "the butterfly effect"!. The ethereal look is very flirt-y, sexy, and a gorgeous choice for this time of year. Rosebuds, florals and ruffles are all other feminine styles that are all over dresses, tops and even shoes!
Bold prints that I've talked about before in other posts are also very hot. As you all know, I'm really into the polka dots! They are just so cute. Big or small, whatever color, I just love them. I've seen very pretty tops that are red slinky material with tiny white polka dots that would be great with black pants/white pants (white is another very hot trend) or skirts for the office. Stripes and like I said above FLORALS are prints that are some of the bold prints on everything.
Let me say that this is not your "Granny's curtains" floral. Is that what you see when you think FLORAL? There are beautiful wedges and clutches with sweet little petals that you can pair with pastels or white to bring out the "girly-girl" or counter the sweet with dark denim. Go to Victoria's Secret to look at the new shoes with the new prints so you can see what I'm going on about.
Another big trend in all areas of fashion is METALLICS. Silver, gold, bronze, in clothing, shoes, makeup and purses is a big DO. Sometimes picking a soft golden shade in a shoe is the perfect choice for an outfit instead of the much harsher black. A metallic colored pair of flip flops dresses them up a bit, gives your look a little WOW.
Another look that is great for NOW that I absolutly love is black and white. I love a black top and white pants- a look I've just seen on an actress and it was adorable. I wore a black empire waist (also still in style- thank god!) shirt/tunic with tiny white polka dots recently. It doesn't have to be polka dots, of course. There are black and white prints of all kinds everywhere. Anyone can pull this off. Just keep it in proportion- don't let the pattern/prints overwhelm you. You wear your clothes, don't let them wear you.

Some trends in accessories are the same as mentioned before. Wear handbags in a bold color. Find a print that you've never tried and rock it for the summer. You'll feel younger, hotter, and very "hey, look at me!".
Shoes are wedges, flats, sandles and peep toe. Flat sandals in metallics are so great. Wedges with a peep toe, and I still really love flip flops!!
Lucite jewelry is a (surprising) "it" trend. This is the true meaning of the word trend, too because I promise you, dolls, it's fleeting. Buy it, go ahead! I love, love, love cheap jewelry (and real) and will buy some and strut the look but, I'm not putting much funds into it. I don't advise you to either. Buy it in bangles because that's THE hot accessory look. Bangles in lucite, wood, gold and silver, and even in some bright colors- see a pattern- are on every model walking down the catwalk and every celeb in La La Land. I love this because I wear bangles and big chunky bracelets and I'd love to wear them like a gypsy.
Aviator, wraparound and oversized are the trend in sunglasses. The surprise is the color: white. Only a few people can actually pull this off because it brings attention to the nose and can cause it to look very unflattering. Try them on and bring an honest friend. Or your mother.

So, as always, I'm asking you to step (even a little) outside your comfort zone and try something new! And then let me know how it went. Ask me any questions you have about this post or any other. Have fun!!!

"A girl should be two things... classy and fabulous" -CoCo Chanel

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Monday, April 23, 2007

Summer Beauty '07

Beaches. Sun. Sand. Oceans. Swimming. Tank tops. Ponytails. Flip flops. The smell of coconuts & whatever it is that makes that "beachy" smell.... Ahhhh,some of my fav summer stuff. What do you love about summer?

There is really something for everyone when it comes to your face this spring/summer. From what I have seen and heard, CORAL is the color to try this month. I don't know about you but, I've never tried coral and always seemed a little scared of it. The tips I got- for pale skin go with a light peachy shade; medium/olive toned skin try a pinker coral and for dark skin a full on reddish orange coral. Another very big trend in lips for summmer is RED. Not matte lipstick red but, more of a glossy stain. DIOR ADDICT ULTRA GLOSS REFLECT IN RED STOCKING (, $25) flatters everyone. Also, try NEUTROGENA'S MOISTURESHINE SOOTHING LIPSHEERS. It's a lipgloss, lipstick and lipbalm all in one with an SPF 20,10 sheer colors. That's the thing- sheer color- not lipgloss or lipstick.
For your eyes- go with pastels and shimmers! PINK is a big deal. Check out BARBIE LOVES M.A.C (, a collection of shadows, blush, lipsticks and nail polish all in colors that Barbie would Loooove!! This is what I'm talking about. Also, try soft shades of blue or green- use the shimmery/sheer or cream types to avoid a harsh look. BOBBI BROWN'S SURF N SAND EYE PALETTE has the most gorgeous greens, blues and browns. They are kinda pearl-y looking so your eyes will pop if you blend them well on your eyelids. It's $42 at Dillards or on so, a bit expensive. For a more economical choice, MAYBELLINE EXPERTWEAR EYESHADOW QUADS!! These are great because they have the 4 shades that go well together AND where to put each shade. For example, it says LID, CREASE, BROW BONE, & OUTER CORNER over the corresponding shade. I also like to buy drugstore brands when trying colors I've never done before. This may be what you want to do if you've always worn brown and beige. If that's you I am BEGGING you to try some color. Also, non-black mascara is cool for now. Try navy blue. I've never done this but, I really think I will. I also saw a great blurb about silver eyeliner being very hot. Metallics are everywhere. But, big tip (a rule, actually) keep lips nude if you are rockin the eyes and cheeks!!! Don't try ALL the trends: green shadow, teal liner, red lips!! I will feel so bad if I see you ( because I will have to pretend I don't know you). Always remember, when you want to play the "red lip" look- keep the rest of your gorgeous mug simple. Take that oppertunity to try a shimmery champagne colored eyeshadow, lots of mascara, some bronzer and that red lip! HOT...

Remember to wear your sunscreen!! Fresh faces are always beautiful... tanning beds are a no-no!!!!! Skin cancer is not pretty. There are beautiful bronzers in every price range and color you can imagine. And there are very pretty, very natural self-tanners. They have the spray tans (you can buy your own gun!) and the lotions and gels. Protect your skin and your health.

Whether you consider it your "crowning glory" or the biggest pain, every girl has to do something with their hair. Most gals have a love/hate relationship with this head topper- curly or straight? Up or down? Blonde or brunette (or red or green or pink or purple...)? I am a curly headed lady and when stick straight hair has been "the thing" in the past- I tried it. It really never worked for me. Most people hated it on me and, quite frankly, it's too much of a pain. So, I hate to report that stick straight hair is in fact "in" again. It's beautiful and wonderful for many,though,so go for it. Center parts are making a comeback, too, for straight or tousled hair. Another option is "ladylike waves"- the old Hollywood glamour kinda waves. Think big velcro rollers, texturizing(or volumizing) serum and a little heat. My favorite hair look for summer is the "beachy wave". You know the wet, scrunchy, highlighted, salt water hair. The Drew Barrymore in "50 First Dates" hair. That's what I love for summer... and "the pull up". Which brings me to-messy & quick buns, ponytails & other up-dos- allover the place for summer. A skinny headband or 2 completes that look.

Summer hair shouldn't be fussy or weighed down with products. Go natural! See what your hair will do for you.

Got questions? What have you seen that you love in makeup and hair for summer '07? Let me know. Stay tuned for whats big in fashion (polka dots & other big prints) and shoes & other accessories. Then later, whats coming this summer at the movies! Let me know what you want to read about. What do you have on your mind?
Try something new in beauty this summer, doll- you won't regret it. It's not permanet, just makeup! Try a gorgeous shimmering shade of green on your eyelids and let your peepers POP. Do something different with your hair one Saturday. Have fun!!!! Then, please, let me know all about it.

makeup... it's cheaper than therapy

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Thursday, April 19, 2007


Oh goodness grady, did McDreamy look totally gorgeous at the end of Grey's or what? When he was laying on the couch, lights dimmed, with his hand on his head. Whoa... that's smokin'! As opposed to poor "Ava" who- I'm sorry- was not (smokin'). And how much do I love Dr. Bailey and all her attitude but, the fact that everyone runs to her for "mommy-ing"! She reminds me of MY mom- right guys? The one keeping everyone in line, the one everyone needs, the one everyone goes to for advice... that's Sheila!

So, I really feel like Callie O'Malley (my daddy & I love to say that) just came on the show to get "beat-up"!!! As a big girl, it's awesome to see someone like Sara Ramirez on a hit show like Grey's. She is pretty & talented. But Callie has been treated like a redheaded stepchild by "the group" (the girls mostly- Mere, Izzie & Christina) since the get go. Even if you don't like her or don't like her with George, you gotta admit it's crappy to have them not even try to get to know her even after she became Mrs O. Plus, whether you are creeped out or are hyped about George and Izzie- he is MARRIED!!

So, tear city when Izzie's daughter stuff came up. And when George demanded to know where she was and ran to her... he really loves her. It will be a hard thing for him to fight. So, how do you feel about George and Izzie?

I am waaaay over Meredith and her royal bitch attitude. "Everybody just loves me to death and I want them to just let me breathe. God, I need people to stop falling all over me!" That's how she comes off to me. What do you think? I was so glad her story was limited tonight.

What about Christina and Burke? Her, acting "sweet and nice" like she said, in front of Dr. Marlowe. Is she trying to prove something to him? Or herself? Will her and Burke make it down the aisle? What about what she told Dr Marlowe in the o.r.? I was shocked by that but, if that's true, they have a shot.

What are your reactions to the show? Let's hear it!

"When my patient's guts exploded all over me, that was the highlight of my night..." (may not be an EXACT quote) Dr. Callie O'Malley (Sara Ramirez) of Grey's Anatomy

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Ugly & Grey

Hi everyone! I'm so glad it's "new" Grey's Anatomy & Ugly Betty night. It's just a bunch of bulls@*!t that we get all these reruns from shows we love!!! Shows with excellent ratings, legions of fans, armfulls of awards and actors who are paid nauseating amounts of money PER epiosode. Wouldn't you want more episodes if you were paid 6 figures, PER EPISODE??

I know that Katherine Heigl (Izzie) has a movie coming out this summer on June 1st. It's called, "Knocked Up" and it's about an entertainment reporter (Heigl) who ends up pregnant after a one-night stand. I just love her and I can't wait to see this movie.

I'm sorry to say that because I've been having migraines constantly, my "what's hot for summer" series will not begin by tomorrow. I've decided to make it a series because it will be easier to read. I'm including fashion, makeup, movies, etc... I want it to be good so, I want to be at my best.

Keep sending questions and comments. Tell us your favorite beauty stuff and tips. If you want to email a question, go ahead at Let me know if I can use your Q & A for a "Question & Answer" post. When you ask a question in the comments, I will send you an email letting you know that your answer has been posted. Be sure I know your email address!!!

So, what are your favorite shows? Are you a Grey's fan?? What do you think of George and Izzie? (I'm writing this BEFORE tonights episode) Do you watch Ugly Betty? No one I know does- it's soooo good!!! Watch it. The employees at MODE magazine are hilarious :)

" a red hat with his skin tone, i'm gagging..." Marc from Ugly Betty

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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Walking on polka-dots

Hola Diary readers! Now, what do you think is something that would just make a shoe addict's day? You got it, chicas- getting new shoes!!! Oh. My. God. They are frickin fabulous! They are the ones I mentioned earlier, in an earlier post, the espadrilles. They are pretty high, navy blue with white polka-dots (polka-dots are BIG right now) and a peep-toe (also, very "IN")- tune in for my huge post packed with juicy information all about what's in right now and for summer. Coming soon!

Anyway, when I get new shoes, it's such an awesome feeling... Luke laughs at me all the time because I'm like a kid on Christmas morning. Especially when they are delivered. OH BOY!!! How exciting is it to get a package on the porch? Shoes, pajamas, makeup, WHATEVER.... I order from SEPHORA.COM all the time, too. I will refer you there often. So, as for the shoes... I love to put them on and walk around in them, no matter what I'm wearing. Ha Ha- I'm often walking around the house in a t-shirt, undies, and high heels. HOT ;) I also like to pull out whatever shoes I feel like and wear them around the house.

So, yeah, today I'm being the "answer queen" (ASK ME SOMETHING!), doing research for the what's in for the summer blog, writing this and everything else in my OLD NAVY tee; OLD NAVY pj pants with pink hearts and my brand new STEVEN BY STEVE MADDEN "ANTIQUAA" EILLE in navy. If you want to check them out or purchase them (they come in black, too) go to: (item # 13113506240549) The black are great for those not ready to go for bold polka-dots.

I've bought quite a few pairs of shoes (and a pair of sunglasses) from this site and I love it! They have "narrow" and I need that because I have a narrow heel.
Flats are still in! Wedges (which is what these are) are big,big,big...! Try a bold color- yellow! fushcia! green! Or go with a metallic. That's a "sneak peek" into what's hot in shoes (and accesories- get the same colors in a tote), so go ahead and buy yourself some shoes! Then come back and tell me all about them. I'm waiting to hear everything.

*Prayers go out to the friends & families of the victims of the shootings at VT. May God give them comfort & strength in such a difficult time. The Bible says, mourn with those who mourn, and we should do just that. We all know a fresh-faced, beautiful, young college student!! God bless them, the Hokies, the gunman's family and our country.*

"Go get you some green polkie-dotted house shoes..."

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Ask Me Something!

What can I wear with navy dress pants? What's a good volumizing product that's not gonna weigh my hair down? What's a great new book to read? What do you think of George & Izzie on Grey's? What is a great color blush for me? What's the new nail polish color for spring/summer?

This is what I want from you! I always thought "I can do that" when I read the "Ask the Beauty Expert" articles in magazines and online. I'd really love to try that. Please, ask me something! I will do my very best at answering and posting. You'll be in style, volumized, well-read, up on what I know about Grey's, filed, painted and blushed! You need me, honey... I'm the ANSWER QUEEN... I'm waiting to answer all of your questions!

"There is no such thing as natural beauty!" Truvie (Dolly Parton) in Steel Magnolia


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I Believe

This is the first installment of the "I Believe" series. I will do them periodically as the feeling moves me. After reading some of my "I Believe"s, let me know some of yours! Let me know which ones you agree with and ones you think are funny/entertaining/ignorant, etc...
Here we go.

~blue jeans and flip flops are always in style.
~you can never have too many shoes. EVER.
~there is no such thing as a diamond that is too big.
~in big hair.
~in big hugs.
~in a good cry.
~in the healing power of retail therapy (especially shoe shopping, for me)
~my family is probably better than yours (hey Lindsey!!)
~there is no need to wear rings on all your fingers
~it's ok to stay home on a weekend night and watch a movie or read a book
~in laughing out loud (just throwing your head back and laughing from your belly!)
~in dancing like no one is watching... in public
~in the "no white shoes after Labor Day" rule
~my daddy can beat up your daddy
~in true love and happy endings
~in singing in the shower (and the kitchen, the car...)

"Thunder only happens when it's raining..."


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Saturday, April 14, 2007

The Skin You're In

Hello diary readers! Lets talk about skin care and products that I love: old and new. Let me start at the face. I mentioned before that PHILOSOPHY skin care is what changed my skin; saved my skin. I use their MAKEUP OPTIONAL SKINCARE. It's a package. Now, they have a new "for dry, sensitive skin" package. Check it out at Philosophy also has great products for moisturizing and exfoiliating. This is the key for better skin, ladies! If you have adult acne (I had it sooo bad) you need a gentle exfoliator and cleanser. Your skin doesn't need to burn or smell "medicine-y" to get rid of acne. There is no need for toner.

It's also very important to exfoliate your body. Exfoliating gets rid of dead skin cells and helps even things out. I always exfoliate before shaving my legs. It reduces the bumps and helps gets a closer shave. Body scrubs that I have and have used are: PHILOSOPHY Amazing Grace warming scrub; THE BODY SHOP mango body scrub (they have lots of different scents) and BRAZIL NUT body scrub. Also, I've used exfoliating body washes from Wal-Mart that are very effective and have a duel purpose- clean & exfoliate- gotta love that! I have the EQUATE brand and it works just fine.

Next very important thing is moisturizing your skin. I've said it before but, it's that important! Use a moisurizer on your face before makeup or before you leave the house. The best is a moisturizer with a sunscreen of at least an spf of 15- all year long, everyday. I use the one by- you got it honey, PHILOSOPHY! Hey, stick with what works. And you know that there is always a new body lotion/butter/cream coming out everyday.
Once again, because my skin is SUPER dry, I have baskets full of all of these. My favorites are from THE BODY SHOP. Their body butter is amazing. They contain real shea butter and have a very thick consistancy so my skin soaks it up and doesn't feel greasy. There are lots of fragrances but, I prefer the brazil nut. I am also a big huge fan of JOHNSON & JOHNSON'S BEDTIME LOTION. I buy the big ole bottle with the pump and put it next to the bed 'cause it says " Helps Soothe Fussy Babies Lavender & Camomile" It really helps to soothe me, I know that. Lavender is perfect for relaxation. I use all types to help with my migraines.... just a little extra tip. One of THE coolest products I've ever found and used is by OLAY. MOISTURINSE IN THE SHOWER BODY LOTION. This stuff is crazy cool.... after you cleanse, put it on, rinse it off your body like a conditioner. Viola!

Taking care of your skin- the body's largest organ- is so important. Drinking lots of water, keeping hydrated, also keeps your skin glowing and healthy. This keeps you wrinkle and line free. Those cracked, dry, heels can be gone forever. Your face can look young and healthy and beautiful.

It's true that you should never go to sleep without taking off your makeup. Your skin needs to breathe. Always wear sunscreen. And moisturize! Moisturize! Moisturize! That's what I've got for you today.

Let me know what your skin regeme is. What is your must-have skin care product? What are your favorite lotions/butters and creams?

Go lather on the body butter....

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Friday, April 13, 2007

Pink Hats and Platform Shoes

Hello everybody... I'm talking "theme" dressing. I'm thinking and obsessing about "theme" dressing, of course. That's what I do. Obsess. I'm invited to two different parties in the next few months. One, I have to wear a pink hat. The other is a 70's theme party. For the 70's party, you can wear 70's clothes or dress like your favorite 70's icon so, of course I know exactly who I'm coping there. Stevie, of course. My fav- Stevie Nicks! I dress like her most of the time anyway. I'm very into the flowy, butterfly sleeves, empire waist, tunic look. So, it's probably sad but I that I have some Stevie-Esq tops already. Do need to find some bell bottoms and (how fun is this) platform shoes!!!! I'm so excited about that! There is going to be a prize for the highest platforms and I HAVE to win. Also a prize for "grooviest hair-do"- what am I gonna do with my hair? And make-up? Lord knows I have the make-up. This is gonna be so much fun. Any suggestions or help is much appreciated.

Thanks Aunt Pat for reading and commenting on the last post.

"Wouldn't you love to love her..."

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Introduction to my new blog

So, i'm finally doing my blog. i'm so excited but, i know it's gonna be lame at first. i'm doing the best i can to figure out what the hell i'm doing! so, i DID buy a new pair of shoes about two days ago... i've been lusting after them since the 1st time i saw them. one of my fav-or-ite sites to buy shoes from lately. these are navy with white polka dots- espidrills. i'm lovin em. i am not at all a shoe snob. i will buy shoes from anywhere. that goes for all my obsessions- jewelry, clothes, make-up, products... i have to say that my big major product that i won't compromise on is my moisturizer. Hope in a jar by Philosophy. it's a MUST. the entire philosophy skin care line changed my skin. moisurizing is a major must to keeping skin young and healthy. i have super dry skin now so i'm aware of it. it wasn't always like that. i used to have oily skin when i was younger. ahhh, changes! moisturizer and sunscreen people! and, of course, shoes....

treat yourself well, love yourself first...


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