Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Summer Fashion 07

What am I gonna wear? How many times do you find yourself saying that? Well, my friends, let me help you out with that. It's part 2 of my series "What's Hot for Summer" and we're talking fashion now.
~Before I begin, I just want to remind you all to only use 1 square of toilet paper at every bathroom use. GROSS. Sorry, I had to add that. I just think it's so ridiculous! Clean butts are very in this season and always.

So, let's just dive right in... Bold colors!!! Yellow is really THE color right now and for the summer. Yellows in every shade from butter to mustard. I have seen the most adorable dresses, tops, shoes, etc in this hue so you shouldn't have to look far to find something you like. If you really think you can't pull it off as an entire piece of clothing (wimp!) go with a handbag or shoes. All types of bold colors and bold patterns are in style. A great, great piece of advice is when wearing one of these colors, pick a light fabric. Choose an eyelet (EXPRESS has an eyelet lace yellow dress...) lace, silk (silk dresses are a MUST HAVE), organza and chiffon... it's "the butterfly effect"!. The ethereal look is very flirt-y, sexy, and a gorgeous choice for this time of year. Rosebuds, florals and ruffles are all other feminine styles that are all over dresses, tops and even shoes!
Bold prints that I've talked about before in other posts are also very hot. As you all know, I'm really into the polka dots! They are just so cute. Big or small, whatever color, I just love them. I've seen very pretty tops that are red slinky material with tiny white polka dots that would be great with black pants/white pants (white is another very hot trend) or skirts for the office. Stripes and like I said above FLORALS are prints that are some of the bold prints on everything.
Let me say that this is not your "Granny's curtains" floral. Is that what you see when you think FLORAL? There are beautiful wedges and clutches with sweet little petals that you can pair with pastels or white to bring out the "girly-girl" or counter the sweet with dark denim. Go to Victoria's Secret to look at the new shoes with the new prints so you can see what I'm going on about.
Another big trend in all areas of fashion is METALLICS. Silver, gold, bronze, in clothing, shoes, makeup and purses is a big DO. Sometimes picking a soft golden shade in a shoe is the perfect choice for an outfit instead of the much harsher black. A metallic colored pair of flip flops dresses them up a bit, gives your look a little WOW.
Another look that is great for NOW that I absolutly love is black and white. I love a black top and white pants- a look I've just seen on an actress and it was adorable. I wore a black empire waist (also still in style- thank god!) shirt/tunic with tiny white polka dots recently. It doesn't have to be polka dots, of course. There are black and white prints of all kinds everywhere. Anyone can pull this off. Just keep it in proportion- don't let the pattern/prints overwhelm you. You wear your clothes, don't let them wear you.

Some trends in accessories are the same as mentioned before. Wear handbags in a bold color. Find a print that you've never tried and rock it for the summer. You'll feel younger, hotter, and very "hey, look at me!".
Shoes are wedges, flats, sandles and peep toe. Flat sandals in metallics are so great. Wedges with a peep toe, and I still really love flip flops!!
Lucite jewelry is a (surprising) "it" trend. This is the true meaning of the word trend, too because I promise you, dolls, it's fleeting. Buy it, go ahead! I love, love, love cheap jewelry (and real) and will buy some and strut the look but, I'm not putting much funds into it. I don't advise you to either. Buy it in bangles because that's THE hot accessory look. Bangles in lucite, wood, gold and silver, and even in some bright colors- see a pattern- are on every model walking down the catwalk and every celeb in La La Land. I love this because I wear bangles and big chunky bracelets and I'd love to wear them like a gypsy.
Aviator, wraparound and oversized are the trend in sunglasses. The surprise is the color: white. Only a few people can actually pull this off because it brings attention to the nose and can cause it to look very unflattering. Try them on and bring an honest friend. Or your mother.

So, as always, I'm asking you to step (even a little) outside your comfort zone and try something new! And then let me know how it went. Ask me any questions you have about this post or any other. Have fun!!!

"A girl should be two things... classy and fabulous" -CoCo Chanel

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