Thursday, May 31, 2007

My Babies

Babies have brought such joy to my life. I have some of the most amazing children in my life and I'm so incredibly blessed to be allowed to share in their smiles, songs, funny stories, bright eyes and sweet hugs. I have to announce a new birth in our family! My cousin Amanda, gave birth to a baby boy at 2:20 am. He weighed 6lbs 11 onzs and is 20" long. His name is AIDEN. So, in honor of his birth, here are some of the most important babes in my life.

My Maria- She turned 14 on the 28th of this month and I can remember like yesterday the day I found out she exsisted. The day I held her for the first time my whole life chaged. I was in love. She was the most gorgeous thing I've ever seen in my life. I've never gone without seeing her for very long. When she was little she wanted to be like me in every way. When I got braces, she told everybody "I want bracelets like Kristen". Now, Maria is the sweetest, kindest young lady. She is smart and compassionate and a great Christian. She is a great older sister and a lovely person. My first love...

Madison Elise- This one HATED me when she was born!! Even now, she's more Luke's girl. I have the best pictures of her when she was about 2, she was so cute, with her dark fuzzy hair and chubby cheeks. She is the best little artist I know and is very humble. Madison loves animals of any kind and they always love her. The sweetest story about her is her and Luke. When she first met Luke, she was 4 maybe (she'll be 12 on June 10) and playing dress-up with Maria. We were listening to a slow song and Madison came into the room all dressed up, put her arms up for Luke to hold her and dance with her. That was it. He was her boyfriend! Now, she's still very much Luke's girl but, she loves me, too.

Kenzie- My "littlest princess" McKenzie is a firecracker! She is a lot like me- dramatic, big personality and very girly but, ohhhhh what a temper! Do not make her mad. She will not have it and if she's mad, she will let you know, quickly. We are always amazed at the gall this child has always had. She's 8 now but even when she was younger she would tell anyone anything. I've been to restaurants with her more than once when she got cocky with the waitress. She told one waitress to hurry with the chicken fingers 'cause she was hungry!! But, Kenze gets away with this because she's devastatingly beautiful. Gorgeous, really. This child's description couldn't bring her justice- big bright blue eyes, heart-shaped face, curly blonde (BLONDE) hair and a smile that could charm a tiger. She is also very smart and sweet. She loves to journal and watch Cinderella.

Daniel- My sweet boy. I tell him all the time I wish he'd stop growing and stay my baby boy forever. He tells me that he's sorry, everybody has to have birthdays but, he'll always be my boy. AWWWWWWW! He is 6 and looks just like Justin. He is a little entertainer- dances (breakdances- HILARIOUS), sings, tells jokes, etc... He loves to watch movies and he is interested in everything. Pirates and dinosaurs and trains and basketball and karate and spiders. He is in Karate- almost a purple belt- and t-ball. He's a beautiful child, just like his sisters. He melts my heart everytime I see him.

Cooper Muffin- Oh, my little Muffin is the funniest child. At 2, everything he does is funny and he knows it! He love, love, loves to make people laugh and he loves to laugh, too. I love to hear him sing (Glamorous by Fergie is funny) and laugh. He likes to play with his trucks, cars and trains (choo choos). He is obsessed, really, with buses, trucks, and choo choos. He loves movies and Spongebob. He calls me Kris which is funny because no one calls me that. He hates when I sing kids songs. He fake cries and watches himself in the mirror and I love that. We took him to lunch and he yelled "Haaaay" to the girls because he's a big flirt. My nickname for him is Muffin because I could eat his face. He is so precious and looks exactly like Lindsey even though she doesn't think so. We all love the way he says "Bye"

Cal- looked so much like Luke for about the first 6-9 months of his life. He turned 1 in April and looks more like his dad but, still has a little Prescott in the nose and mouth. To see pictures of him, go to Trisha's blog on the left. Cal is the sweetest pumpkin thing. He's soooo lazy and it's so cute and so funny. He doesn't want to hold his bottle or sippie cup. He does now but, just recently. And if you'll hold it, he'll let you!! He just "let go" and started walking on his own. At the beginning of April, the last time I saw him, he could walk, but still had to hold your finger. Really, check out the pics of him- such a sweetheart! It's very hard to be away from him.

*Some others are:
Eden Hill- an angel
Saylor Hill- little miss daredevil
Callie Whaley- talented, loves horses
Tannah Whaley- very, very hilarious
Trellis Whaley- a little tornado
Taylor Acy- a tough girl, excellent softball player
Abraham Figaroa- extremely intelligent, very headstrong

"children are the anchors that hold a mother to life." Sophocles

"my parents used to beat the shit out of me. And, looking back on it, I'm glad they did. I'm looking forward to beating the shit out of my kids, for no reason whatsoever." Denis Leary

"when you're eight years old, nothing is your business." Lenny Bruce

"never underestimate a child's ability to get into more trouble" ???

"babies are always more trouble than you thought- and more wonderful" Charles Osgood

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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

100 Things About Me

Here are 100 random things about me. They are true now. They may not have been a month ago and they may change in a month or two. Who knows??

1) I really love drinking diet coke
2) I love to write. Pen on paper writing. I love to doodle, write, whatever. A clean sheet of paper always excites me.
3) I have never wanted blue eyes- or any other color than my own brown ones.
4) I am way obsessed with names and have always been since I was little.
5) For all the years that I put my first name with my boyfriend's/crush's last name- when it was time to change my last name, I FREAKED THE F OUT!!!
6) My ears hurt
7) I sing all the time around the house (more and louder when I'm alone- Layla just looooves it)
8) I dance around the house all the time- that's exercise, right?
9) I love the movies "All About Eve"
10) and "Jezebel"
11) Having conversations with Daniel just melt me and make me laugh so hard
12) He told me all about "spider butts" last night
13) I think J.Depp is a fantastc actor but, I DO NOT see the whole "heartthrob" thing. At all.
14) I think my haircut sucks
15) I look like a dweeb
16) I'm scared to death to have a baby because of the whole no sleep thing
17) I truly wish I could have a baby nurse/nanny or whatever to handle all that.
18) I get very depressed
19) I have been suicidal in my life
20) I have attempted suicide and was saved by Luke
21) I will NEVER do that again
22) I never get that depressed anymore
23) I'm way too into tv
24) I spend too much money
25) I buy clothes, shoes, makeup, books, etc...
26) I just got the cutest dress
27) and the cutest shirts from Old Navy
28) and shoes
29) and tunic
30) I read about 2 books a week
31) I read 3-4 magazines a week
32) I read People, Us Weekly, Life & Style (those are weekly mags)
33) I read Allure, Glamour, Jane & InStyle (monthly mags)
34) I read more than one book at a time
35) I'm reading "How I stole her Husband"
36) and "Vanishing Act" by Jodi Picolt
37) Jodi Picolt is one of my favs
38) I do not eat a lot of red meat
39) I never, ever eat steak
40) I love seafood
41) I could eat some sort of seafood every single day
42) I don't watch Lost
43) I'm scared to death of being seen as un-educated
44) I want to go back to school
45) I am sick of failing
46) The smell of lavender calms me
47) and gets rid of my headaches- sometimes
48) I would love to be on stage again
49) I'm not auditioning until I lose weight
50) Luke doesn't want me to kiss anyone in a play
51) I'm madly in love with my husband
52) I never could watch old people on game shows or whatever because I can't stand to watch them lose
53) I cry very easily
54) at least once a day
55) When I was little, I put markers in my drink and my mom seriously didn't let me have markers again until I had to have them for 8th grade
56) I tried to push my little bro out the car when he was a baby. My mom was turning and I opened the door and tried to push him and his car seat out the car.
57) When he was 2-3 days old, I slapped him across the face. Hard.
58) I didn't like having a little brother when I was younger
59) I'm so glad I don't have a sister
60) I love my brother so much
61) I am so glad I have a brother
62) I would never have an only child on purpose
63) I think I want maybe 2 or 4 kids, the whole 3 kids middle child thing scares me
64) There are more girl names that we agree on
65) Isabella Rhea
66) Julianna, Amelia, Kate (a middle name), Elizabeth (a mn), Anna,
67) I like Emma after my maternal grandmother
68) Luke refuses because of a bad Emma he knew
69) I lost my virginity at age 16- the month of March
70) I hated it
71) I hated him
72) I don't hate it anymore
73) I cannot sleep without my body pillow
74) I have been to a prison
75) I have been arrested
76) They told me I was only being detained
77) I smoked my 1st cig at age 12
78) I got drunk at 14
79) I got high at 19
80) I've never done any other illegal drugs besides weed
81) I liked it too much
82) Rosie O'Donnell makes me insanely angry
83) I had a great childhood
84) My grandfather is a genius
85) I miss the other one every single day
86) I taught my self how to read at 4
87) I remember thinking Kindergarten was a joke
88) I remember thinking that some of the kids in my class were so stupid. I was a KID!
89) All through school I hated when we had to read out loud because of the people who read so slow and poorly.
90) I know that's mean
91) I am OCD about my sheets
92) Luke gets the biggest kick out of screwing with me about the sheets
93) I think my daddy could fix anything, make anything better and maybe I'm too old for that
94) I still want my mommy- If she were your mommy you'd want her too
95) I have a hot date this weekend with a broad shouldered man with blue eyes and dark blonde hair
96) He's taking me for Mexican food and margaritas
97) I don't think anything campares to that
98) I like the Avril Levigne song "Girlfriend" and that kills me because I cannot stand her
99) I need to clean my house- like always
100) I love my blog


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Friday, May 25, 2007


So, the Shoe Addict will be on vacation from Saturday (tomorrow) until next Saturday, June 2nd. I am going to Destin, Florida with the family and I cannot wait! :) You should see the bag I have packed just for shoes!!! I have 4 pairs of flip-flops, the polka-dot wedges, black platform wedges that are awesome (see Victoria's Secret strappy cork slide sandal) my cool ass Keds (champion razor slip ons in tan and sea spray) and these rockin new ones I just got in yesterday, they are so cute and I love them. They are Roxy Radcliff in surfin orange/brown. Check em out on

I will be back with tales from the beach....

Miss Me! Have a good week. Leave me comments about what's going on with ya'll.
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There are secrets that I have that will ALWAYS be secrets. I am not a private person but, everybody has things that are kept to themselves. Sometimes it's surprising that a person will freely talk about one subject with everyone and their mother but, are very secretive and close mouthed about a subject YOU find much less personal. I have found that to be the case with myself on lots of things. I have no problem talking about things other people may see as embarrassing or super personal: my history of depression,anxiety,self-mutilation, and my past relationship that was filled with verbal and sexual abuse. But, here are things I won't tell you... EVER

1) My weight. No one knows it except the doctor. Not Luke, not mom, no one....

2) Everything about my relationship- I keep certain things private. Not like, Oh he's beating me... There are no SECRETS like that, it's just a marriage and I don't tell people details about Luke or about Luke and me.

3) All the perfumes I wear- I've been like this since I was in 8Th grade. My "scent" has always been a thing for me. I own lots of perfumes and layer certain scents and always get compliments. I will tell lots of bath products, lotions, shoes, clothes, make-up, hair stuff, etc... that I wear but, I will not tell my base, go to, signature scents. You should definitely get something that's your "thing"- lip stick, scent, color, whatever...

4) All my sources- my mom asked me before "Where do you get that information" once when I was giving her some tv scoop. I'm not telling- then who'll need me? Really, you all know the magazines I read and I'm sure you can guess the web sites I frequent, I've told you all those things for the most part. But, I belong to tons of forums on a gazillion topics ranging from beauty to tv to music to politics to fashion. There are lots of other ways...

5) Certain things about the way I feel- I've become much more private as I've gotten older. I'm not interested in talking about the way I feel all the time. I will not let everyone know that I'm upset about a situation or sad or whatever. Now, I am not negating what I've said before about telling people how I feel when I'm upset at them. I am talking about when my emotions have nothing to do with them. When I'm upset because of my health, money, family, or whatever, I'm not likely to grab the phone.

6)My medications- this is the last but absolutely not the least important one. Of course people know that I have health issues and I'm open about that. I feel the need to be lots of time because of the, "Are you in school?" Do you have kids?" "What do you do?" crap I hear. But, I digress. Lots of people want to know "What medicine do you take?" I know that may sound crazy but, it's true. I'm not going to clarify the most common GROUP of people who discuss my meds to me on the blog but, I don't EVER take my meds in front of anyone but Luke or my parents. It's a thing that makes me feel like a freak. I'm not going to ramble on what meds I take. You may think it's weird that people want to know but, they do and they ask.

So, who's gonna "call me out" and say "Kristen, I know blah, blah, blah about you..." Ha Ha Ha

What's the kinda thing you don't like to talk about? Are you shy about your sex life? I'm not! Are you unwilling to talk about your "number"- the real one! You know, the number of people you've slept with, that number. Did you know what I was talking about when I said your "number"? I'm so interested to know that. I also want to know what ya'll think about telling your partner about your number. And them telling you. Do you want to know? Do you have the right to know? This is something we will talk about in a future post.

P.S. Just to kick it off- my number is 4. Luke's is a billion. I'm not bitter. WHATEVER.

"good lord, why am i at a public pool? why doesn't someone just pee directly on me!" karen on will & grace

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Thursday, May 24, 2007

On This Day In History...

Four years ago, on a beautiful beach at sunset, Luke and I were married. It was such a fantastic day for so many reasons. I loved the wedding!! All the beautiful children skipping down the sandy aisle, the family and friends barefoot and smiling, my father and I waiting in the beach house. Luke's granddaddy, who passed away in April, standing with Luke and waiting for me. Brandon, Luke's friend playing the guitar.
It's time to go and daddy is being silly. Brandon begins playing my song, "Dee" by Randy Rhodes (I'm sure none of you know it!) and I try to see my mom, my ma ma, but all I see is him. I take his hand and know that it is so right. I am so present. I remember hearing so many stories about people not remembering anything about their weddings but, that is not the case for me. I was unaware of everyone else but, I remember everything.
It was only Luke, me, granddaddy's sweet voice and the sound of the waves. All the things that granddaddy said were so important to both of us. We talked about those vows and the meaning of marriage many times before. This is important to us. I look into those blue eyes that have been the source of so many emotions for me up to that point and now, four years later. Those blue eyes that look at me and know me, the real me, the truth. He has taken my hands into his beautiful strong hands. The hands that have held me when I cried, saved me when I was dying, and provides for us everyday. Those hands that will one day cradle our children, be wrinkled with age and work, have always been there to catch me when I fall (literally and figuratively).
As I recited those vows, the ones everyone knows, "in sickness and in health, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer..." (however they go... see below) I meant every word. My heart was so full. I rememeber being so moved that I had to touch him. I touched his face, that sweet face, and smiled. I remember hearing him tell me the same thing and knew he meant it all, too. I married my best friend, my true love, my heart. It was the best thing I've ever done.

After our first kiss as husband and wife, Brandon played "Ain't Life Grand" and yeah, it is.

I love you Luke! You're my favorite- love, little ruth

Thanks mom and daddy for the best wedding ever!


"love is patient, love is kind and envies no one; Love is never boastful, nor conceited nor rude; never selfish, not quick to take offense. The is nothing love cannot face; there is no limit to it's faith, it's hope and endurance. In a word, there are three things that last forever: faith, hope and love; but the greatest of them all is love" 1 Corinthians 13

"My colors are blush and bashful" "Her colors are pink and pink!" "My colors are blush and bashful, two shades of pink, one is slightly deeper than the other..." Shelby and M'Lynn Steel Magnolias (a conversation I had with the wedding planner- "I want the Pink and Pink wedding)

To have and to hold, from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, TILL DEATH DO US PART

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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

My Hair. My Soul.

So, today I got my hair cut. Not a trim. I got a CUT. I was sick of the loooooong hair but, I had some requirements such as: I still had to be able to put it up (love my ponytail!!) & I could not have "fat face". I don't know if you are familiar with fat face but, it's not pretty. I'm sure you are aware that I'm not skinny but, I don't have a round face. My face is an oval shape (with the extra chins. :) ). But, when you are bigger, and have curls, short hair can sometimes equal fat face.

That was another thing- the curls. I got rid of the flat iron a long time ago. Stick straight hair is not for me. I need some "ummph"! Trying to blow dry the hair straight and then flat iron it also, takes waaaaaay more time than I'm willing to put into doing the hair. So, I wear it curly or wavy. Works for me.
I'm keeping the "hair" theme going by talking about hair products. Do you know what you are putting on your hair? Do you care? Maybe you should care more... Shampoos like Pantene, Suave, Pert Plus, etc, all are made with things like sulfer which is HORRIBLE for both your hair and your skin. It touches your scalp and gets into your bloodstream. These shampoos are like detergents with strong chemicals in them. Go to this link to learn more.

I use Aveda hair products and love them.

As for make-up, I don't use Aveda and I haven't done the "mineral make-up" thing. Maybe I should???? Having health problems, I really have started (lately) thinking about what I have been putting in my body and breathing in and putting on my body. We know that all processed and trans-fatty foods are terrible for us, making us feel sluggish and yuck. The more organic the food, the better for you. I know that can make you feel better.
I do not know very much about "healthy" products but, it's something I'm intreged by, for sure. I will be reading more about what I'm eating, what I'm bathing with, and what I'm lathering on my body. It could be making me sick!
I will report on what I've found out. I do know for sure that Pantene shampoo made my hair fall out. You can read about why at the link. It's all about sodium lauryl sulfate and it's derivatives. That stuff causes eye problems, hair loss, even cancer! Yes, it's cheaper but, at what COST??
Are you at all concerned about things like this?

"Gentelemen prefer blondes... but gentlemen marry brunettes" ~Anita Loos

"Hair brings ones self-image into focus; it is vanity proving ground. Hair is terribly personal, a tangle of mysterious prejudices." ~Shana Alexander

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Nothing Going on....

Nothing exciting today. I'm just not up for it. I feel so bad. I had the worst migraine from 2am until God only knows when, and now it's just a dull ache. But, added to that, I now have a sore throat, ear ache and sniffles. Fun!!

I can report that I did not do much "moving" today. I ate a turkey wrap and fruit cup.

I miss Luke a lot. He was so cute last night. He told me that our souls were always meant to be together. How funny?? It's sweet but funny. He was listening to some radio show about reincarnation. He said that our souls were together in every life we've ever lived! Too bad that's nonscense, the reincarnation crap!

Tonight I'll be watching Law & Order: SVU's season finale. It's the show that Luke & I watch together. Love it! Love all the Law & Orders....

I'll be watching Andy & Tessa on The Bachelor: After the Final Rose, too. I am dying to see what he has to say about all his "I love you"s and making out with Bevin RIGHT BEFORE he proposed to Tessa. GA-ROW-SSS-AH (that's gross).

Later gaters....

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Monday, May 21, 2007

I Believe...

~that life does NOT begin at birth but at conception.
~that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. (Phil 3:16)
~that happiness comes from within you. You'll never find it in a boy/girlfriend, parent, etc...
~that you can find that happiness.
~that if you have a piece of clothing that makes you pull or tug at it when you wear it- don't wear it.
~that leggings don't look good on anybody.
~that white patent leather is not cute.
~that Rosie O'Donnell is not just obnoxious but has become dangerous (American soldiers are terrorists).
~that Luke has the funniest laugh.
~that my new Body Shop rose spray smells sooooo good.
~that those "headbands" people put on their poor little baby girls look like garter belts. Lindsey and I discovered this. Sorry to anyone reading this who puts them in your child's hair. It's just my opinion.
~that The Body Shop is just fabulous and I love it!!
~that I should write a book.
~that Herchsal Walker's mom should be slapped.
~that Kristin Wiig's "the Target Lady" & "Penelope" on SNL are hilarious.
~that I am lucky to have Luke, even when I don't think I am.
~that Ruth is an amazing woman.
~that I'm surrounded by amazing women.
~that it's completely ok that I don't watch Heroes and that I really don't want to watch.
~that I SHOULD own a pair of Monolos, Christian Lou's & Jimmy Choos before I die.
~that The Bachelor is a good show but, I cannot believe women actually go on it to COMPETE for a man. Maybe it's just me but, I want to know that as soon as you met me, that was it for you. When I met Luke back in 1894, I wouldn't have been ok with "Yeah, you are cool, babe, but I'm dating 10 other girls and in about a month after I screw all of you, I'll decide who to keep. Would you accept this rose?" Suuuure. Can you imagine? Me?
~that Laila Ali is awesome! She is talented and she is not 100 lbs. I love that.
~that diamonds are a girl's best friend.
~in dreaming big.
~that Georgia has some really good songs about it- "Georgia on My Mind", "Midnight Train to Georgia"... and yes, Luke and I enjoy singing and dancing to them.
~that when you hear something weird in your car, turn up the radio...

"i'd rather live in his world than live without him in mine"


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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Weekend Stuff

This weekend was good. My Luke came home, looking all cute and being all sweet and Luke-ish. I knew he was coming home and we've been together for a long time but, when I heard the door open on Friday evening at 7:30, my heart sped up. I got so excited and I rushed to great him. He was wearing a white t-shirt and khaki shorts and sporting a full beard. He can grow such a pretty beard. And it looks so good now because his hair is cut. Anyway, when I saw him and hugged him and buried my face into his neck it was like, "Ahhh, this is it." I know that all of this sounds trite and cliche' but, it's true. In those moments the world stopped and everything was good, safe, perfect.
Then he started bitching because the garbage men threw our trash can in the ditch!! :) Oh well, I didn't say life (or my husband) was perfect.

Saturday we went to Holly's graduation crawfish boil. Thanks for having us, Holly!! It was fun, the crawfish were good and you looked beautiful. Our Miss Holly graduated on Friday from LSU with a bachelor in English and already has a job in Houston, TX. She will be teaching 10th grade English. Love you and am so proud of you, Gawdsista!!

So, I am officially 100% sick of being a huge fat cow. I really am not having it anymore. I'm just over it. I really love to eat. I don't just love bad, fatty foods, though. I love fish- grilled, and veggies, salads, etc... I love french fries, yes but, the REAL thing is that I need to get my butt in motion. So, that's what is going to happen. Starting this week, I am slowly going to get it going. I'm going to walk. Then, when that's not so hard I'll join something or hire everybody's favorite trainer, Betsy. So, I may not look good on the beach next weekend (that really sucks but, I'm so excited to go!) but, I will next year.

I always have to scratch my back and I can never get to the itch so I went on my favorite- and looked at the backscratchers. If you are familiar with Amazon, you know that lots of times they have "buy this with this for this price". Well, with my backscratcher was the "Ting Ting Head Tuner (The Ultimate "Vibrating Massager"). I read the customer reviews and they ranged from "Oh Good Lord, it changed my life, I never wanted to take it off my head..." to "It was ok". So, I figured, why not? The point to this little story is that I got them both in the mail yesterday but, I have not opened the "Ting Ting" yet. I'm going to be breaking that out soon. I'll be letting you know all about it

And finally, USA is featuring a new show soon called The Starter Wife starring Debra Messing (my girl Grace from Will & Grace). I found out that it was based on a book and had mixed feelings on whether I should read it or not. I have been so upset watching the movie after reading the book (The Devil Wears Prada, Memoirs of a Geisha, etc...), the book is always sosososo much better and the movie is such a let down. I love Debra Messing so I don't want to jinx it but, I saw the book at Wal-Mart and had to get it. I'm just starting to read it and just picture Debra is Gracie's character. I think this will probably help. So, I'm telling you this so you know what I'm reading. I would LOVE for someone to read it with me. If you don't want to read that with me, I have another book that is of more "substance" that might be more of interest. I will give out the details if anyone is interested. Also, over on the "READ THIS" section- I have set it up where you can click on the book and get to the link on Amazon. Cool, huh?

What are you reading? What new things have you tried that you want to share? Leave a comment...

***UPDATE--- The "Ting Ting Vibrating Head Massager" is very weird but very cool. I really like it. The package says the funniest stuff such as: " This handheld device is specially designed to stimulate your nerve endings and massage acupressure points on your scalp, temles, and neck. It has amazing theraputic and pleasure properties. (Ha Ha, sounds dirrrty,but this is my favorite part-) The effect could spread through your entire body and you may shiver with pleasure. Isn't that hilarious!!!! Is it a warning? It's not necessary, take it from me. The "Ting Ting" is nice but, I'm not passed out in pleasure. It was cheap. It is cool for what I paid for it. Advertising is funny.

"like i could tip a cow by myself..." melanie carmichael/smooty (reese witherspoon) sweet home alabama {luke laughs at me everytime i say this. yes, i say this to him a lot.}

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Friday, May 18, 2007

Grey Grey's

I'm using the grey color because of Grey's finale last night. I thought it was really not good. And according to most of what I'm reading, I'm not alone. There were some good scenes from good actors (Sandra Oh, Sara Ramirez) but, this show is really, really gonna have to get it together to keep me coming back.

Ok, Meredith. She makes me want to slap her. A lot. I get that she has issues and all that but, it's enough. If she's the character that we as the audience are supposed to most widely identify with, they are making that incredibly difficult. And I'm not just speaking for myself- I've done research. Derek's speech in the locker room was perfect and very real. Meredith doesn't appreciate him. If she is looking for better, what does she want? But, I wasn't surprised by her behavior. She's been acting crazy and annoying for a while.

I'm angry that NO ONE was happy in the end. What a depressing finale! I never thought Cristina and Burke would get married and quite frankly, I'm glad because of the flippant way ths show treats marriage. But Meredith had to go and act like a big 'ole drama queen and hurt Derek to ensure that both of them were unhappy, too. Then, Alex? Okay, Ava/Rebecca/whats her face, that was never gonna happen. Yes, there was some kinda weird chemistry between the two of them but just an episode or so ago she's telling him to go make it work with Addison. I was surprised she was like that about leaving. Did she think she was going to change Alex? Maybe they go together because what she did to her husband (so glad to see Jeremy London!) was crap. Not the leaving, the pretending not to know who she was. And she wasn't with her baby, ever! And George failed the intern exam! If he doesn't come back- that will seal it for me. I LOVE T.R. Knight. I don't know if I told you but, someone MAY not be coming back. If thats the case, let it be Burke.

I loved Callie's verbal "slap" to Izzie at the church. "I was named Chief Resident & we decided to have a baby." Dumb look on Izzie's face, "A baby..." she sputters. "Yes, we're trying," Callie tells her all smugly, "We tried today!" Oh I loved that. And I love Bailey and it sucks that she was upset. But, I've been saying that I'm sick of the show treating Callie like something to just kick around. I actually predicted, right after whoever went first, that Callie would get it. The shock value and all that.

Seems like the only people who ended up happy were Joe & whatever his partners' name is... they got the twins. Awwwww. Thank God someone was happy.

So, what did you think. I'm really dying to know.

The Ugly Betty finale was awesome! That show is really good.
I also switched back and forth to NBC shows. Surprisingly, I don't have TiVo or DVR so, I'm going to be getting that very soon.

have a good weekend... see ya monday

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Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Peacock Channel's Fall Schedule

NBC seems to have some promising new stuff this Fall season but, I am most excited about the returning programs. Let me just jump right in...

*Friday Night Lights (I don't watch this show, do you?)
*Scrubs (love it, love it, love it!!)
*Medium (also a fav of mine)
*Law & Order (shamelessly love 'em all!!)

*Crossing Jordan

*Life- Damian Lewis (some red-headed British actor I've never seen before) stars as a police officer who comes back to the force after being in prison for a crime he didn't commit.

*Chuck- Zachary Levi (Less Than Perfect) stars as a computer geek who accidentally downloads the CIA's database in his head

*Journeyman- this one is supposed to be this big deal... hyped up by the big-wigs, Rome's Kevin McKidd travels back in time to help people in trouble.

*The Bionic Woman- A "reimagining" of the popular '70s series about a female athlete who is given bionic strength.

*Lipstick Jungle- writen by Candace Bushnell (Sex and the City), three powerful buisnesswomen played by Brooke Shields, Kim Raver (24), and Lindsey Price ( Janet Sanders, (90210).

*The IT Crowd- This is the only comedy picked up by NBC for the season. How sad. But, the good news is that it stars Joel McHale, the host of E!s The Soup and I think he's hilarious. The show is about a team of computer geeks who work in the IT department of a major company.


7:00-8:00- Deal or No Deal
8:00-9:00- Hereos (does anyone watch this? I don't. Should I?)

7:00-8:00- The Biggest Loser
8:00-9:00- Chuck
9:00-10:00- Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

7:00-8:00- Deal or No Deal
8:00-9:00- The Bionic Woman
9:00-10:00- Life

7:00-7:30- My Name is Earl
7:30-8:00- 30 Rock
8:00-8:30-The Office
8:30-9:00- Scrubs
9:00-10:00- ER

7:00-8:00- 1 vs 100/The Singing Bee
8:00-9:00- Las Vegas (I thought this show had been canceled before????)
9:00-10:00- Friday Night Lights (always thought this show should be on FRIDAY NIGHTS!)

7:00-8:00- Dateline
8:00-10:00- Drama Series Encore

SUNDAY (Fall 2007)
6:00-7:00- Football Night in America
7:00-10:00- NBC Sunday Night Football

SUNDAY (January 2008)
6:00-7:00- Dateline NBC
7:00-8:00- Law & Order
8:00-9:00- Medium
9:00-10:00- Lipstick Jungle

So what do ya think? Are you interested in any of these new shows? Let me know...

"ummm, i thought i smelled jewelry" whilemina on ugly betty (east side story, season finale)

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

ABC- Old, New & Gone...

Okay, look, I lied. I've decided that in order to give you the very best "reporting", I'm going to break down the channels. I said yesterday that I was going to tell you ALL the channels new shows and cancelled shows but, like I said, I lied. Sorry. You'll be much happier this way, I promise! Today I'm talking all about ABC. Let's get going. Here's what I know:

These are the NEW shows coming to ABC-
*Sam I Am- starring Christina Applegate, who wakes up from a coma and realizes she was a bad person (also starring Jean Smart, Melissa McCarthy {"Sookie" from Gilmore Girls!!}, & Jennifer Esposito

*Carpoolers- 4 guys (including Jerry O'Connell) coming from different working class backgrounds who take their issues on the road during the rides to & from work. Faith Ford also stars.

*Miss/Guided- a former high school geek (Judy Greer) returns to her high school as a beautiful and confident guidence counselor

*Private Practice- Dr. Addison Sheperd heads to L.A.!!

*Pushing Daises- a guy can bring back the dead for one minute with just one touch... ??? The "guy" is Lee Pace who was in a Sundance film about a transgender. Kristin Chenoweth & Swoosie Kurtz also star

*Cashmere Mafia- this one is by the creator of Sex and the City and stars 4 girls, including Lucy Liu... it's plot is very SATC. I think it'll be hit or miss because of the comparisons

*Dirty Sexy Money- Peter Krause (Nate from Six Feet Under. LOVE HIM), stars as a lawyer for a nutty crazy rich family. Donald Sotherland also stars.

*Women's Murder Club- based on James Patterson's books (which I have never read), this series stars Angie Harmon (another lady I love) and 3 other lady friends who solve cases.

*Big Shots- 4 CEO's including Dylan McDermott, "living the dream" kinda the "male version of Desperate Housewives"

****I don't know if you noticed but, lots of these shows have FOUR guys or girls in the lead. Isn't that kinda crazy???****

*October Road
*Notes from the Underbelly

*George Lopez
*Knights of Prosperity
*In Case of Emergency
*Six Degrees
*According to Jim

Fall Schedule

7:00-8:30- Dancing with the Stars
8:30-9:00- Sam I Am
9:00-10:00- The Bachelor

7:00-7:30- Cavemen (umm, yeah, forgot to mention this. Know the Geico commercials? Well, there's a show about them living in Atlanta)
7:30-8:00- Carpoolers
8:00-9:00- Dancing with the Stars
9:00-10:00- Boston Legal

7:00-8:00- Pushing Daisies
8:00-9:00- Private Practice
9:00-10:00- Dirty Sexy Money

7:00-8:00- Ugly Betty
8:00-9:00- Grey's Anatomy
9:00-10:00- Big Shots

7:00-8:00-Men In Trees
8:00-9:00- Women's Murder Club
9:00-10:00- 20/20

College Football

6:00-7:00- America's Funniest Home Videos
7:00-8:00- Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
8:00-9:00- Desperate Housewives
9:00-10:00- Brothers & Sisters

Per the Network, "Cashmere Mafia, Notes from the Underbelly and October Road will premiere after Dancing with the Stars and The Bachelor conclude their fall seasons"

hey, hey, you, you, i don't like your girlfriend/i think you need a new one/
she's like so whatever/ you could do so much better

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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

It's So Hard To Say Goodbye...

Tonight is the series finale of Gilmore Girls. This is very distressing to me but, that just is one more thing to add to the pile of "upset" going on... Anyway, I'm very unhappy because I love, love Rory (Alexis Bledel) & even more so, I really love Lorelai (Lauren Graham). I'm not sure if anyone who reads my blog actually watches GG so, I'll tell you it's a great show based around a mother-daughter who grow up together. It's incredibly well written, clever, smart and beautifully acted. The two women live in a small (fictional) New England town, Stars Hollow, full of quirky characters who have fun little "festivals" and traditions.

I met Rory & Lorelai Gilmore one day by chance on a rerun. I was flipping through the channels and watched the show one afternoon and was hooked. I immediately wanted to get the DVDs of all the previous seasons so that I could be caught up before the next season. My mom found a great deal on a boxed set of 5 seasons. I started watching and watching and watching. It begins with Rory in high school, a freshman, and ends tonight after she's graduated from Yale.

What I'm really wanting to talk about is "series finales" in general. I get so emotionally invested in these shows and the characters. Sarah & I talked about it in one of the comment boxes. Friends, Sex and the City, and of course, Will & Grace, are some of the big "series finales" that have happened recently. I was pleased with the way Friends ended. Everyone except poor Joey (and his crap "spin-off ") got what they wanted and ended up happy. Lindsey and I ADORE Will & Grace and we debated about what we wanted to happen/ what we thought would happen for the finale and it was not what I expected or wanted. Lindsey wasn't as upset. Both of us just wish the show could go on forever and ever...

I know that finales usually get outstanding ratings- like the Friends finale had 52.25 million viewers! I don't know what "ratings numbers" mean or how it all works but, that's a lot of people!! Of course, lots of people (obviously), myself included, felt like we knew Monica & Chandler, Ross & Rachel (so glad they got together), Phoebe & Joey- just as if they were our, well, FRIENDS! I cried when Ross & Rachel broke up and was sad to see them heartbroken without each other. I laughed at Monica's neurosis & was excited for her and Chandler's relationship. I loooooved going through (yes, I went through, too) Rachel's pregnancy and the oh so sweet (& funny) birth of baby Emma.

For me, though, it was easier to "let go" because it was all wrapped up well- even if all a little too nicely. I'm upset about Gilmore Girls because it NEEDS another season to get that "wrap up". Woe is meeeee :( I have heard through my sources that it's partly (mostly, u-humm) the fault of little miss Bledel who was "on the fence" about another season and Lauren Graham wouldn't sign on without her. Alexis wanted to "explore other options". Traveling in her pants or whatever. Okay, okay, I know, I'm being bitter and I shouldn't be because I love Rory and there'd be no Rory without Alexis. I really hope that Lauren Graham gets a new series. She is just so good. Granted the lines are FANTASTIC (very quick & witty), she is funny & pretty. She plays one of Diane Keaton's daughter's in Because I Said So. I have no idea what her name is because I have not see nthe movie- she's the one that's not Mandy Moore! She was also Keanu Reeves' girlfriend, Angelica, in Sweet November. She was also a "Seinfeild Girl" in the epi called "The Millinium".

So, goodbye Lorelai & Rory! And Luke, Sookie, Lane, Jackson, Kirk, April, Miss Patty,Babette, Emily & Richard, Michele, and everyone. My Tuesdays won't be the same without ye! But I have my boxed set to keep your memories alive :) And House on Tuesday nights. That show is just AWESOME!!! And oh how much do I love Hugh Laurie? Let me count the ways....

Tomorrow I will let you in on everything I know about which shows have been picked up for more (yay Scrubs!), cancelled (George Lopez- nooooo! I love him & that's one more sitcom dead and gone.), and new shows on the roster (Lipstick Jungle by the SATC people, starring Brooke Sheilds & Lindsey Price- she was Steve Sanders' wife on 90210). Let me know now which show(s) you want to know about for sure. By the way, Kate Walsh's Grey's spin-off Private Practice HAS been picked up as a new show on the alphabet channel. More on that tomorrow...

Also, let me know which shows have you been emotionally invested in. Am I just coo-coo? I know I'm not because I read so much stuff and people really love tv. I wanna know which series you hated to see go. Were your fav shows murdered with a bad ending?

Quotes from the show:

Rory: "You're happy"

Lorelai: "Yeah"

Rory: "Did you do something slutty?"

Lorelai: "I'm not that happy"


Logan: "Rory, you're special"

Rory: "Like eating-the -paste special"

***Quick Update- Watched the last GG episode and it did not dissapoint. I did cry through the entire last half hour (or maybe last 45 minutes, okay...) as Rory prepared to leave Stars Hollow and Lorelai, starting her first real job in journalism. The mother-daughter dynamic was great as always but, these last precious scenes between Rory & Lorelai were so touching. Lorelai being so strong, getting all the things on Rory's "list" that she would need, telling her things like "Don't wear shorts, no matter how hot it is. It's just not professional." And Rory asks her how she's not freaking out and Lor just smiles and says it's not time and that she has to get her ready to leave and spend quality time with her. Later that night as Rory sleeps, Lorelai goes into her room and looks down on her and cries. That is just how my mom is. What a good mom does- lets their child go on to follow their dreams without weighing them down with your own grief. And, Luke and Lorelai finally got it together. They've always loved each other and they are just sososo cute!

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Monday, May 14, 2007

Feel Your Feelings!

I've always been categorized as "sensitive" and I used to think that was a bad thing. I still think it is but not always. First of all I used to be much more of a sucker. I mean that I used to get upset when someone hurt me and let my sadness rule me. I let people walk all over me. Now, I'm more of a bitch. Yes, I still get my feelings hurt (even though I try sooooo hard to not care) but, I am quick to take up for myself now. I may still cry- that's a huge possibility, I cry very easily and I hate that at times- but I will probably tear you up. I can be very brutal and truthful and harsh, when provoked, of course.

Sensitivity is simply having very "sensitive" emotions and understanding all of them. I love with all of my heart and soul when I love. When I'm sad, I'm very dark and hurt and cloudy. Happiness is something you can see on my face, hear in my voice, it's bright and beautiful. My anger is outrage and black and pulsating. I don't have a temper... I get upset when I feel like someone is treating me unfairly or rudely, etc... I am very loyal and protective of the people I love so I get angry about their welfare. I will get MAD if someone wrongs Luke, my brother, my other family or my friends. I hurt when they hurt.
Also, being sensitive means that the things I believe in, I am passionate about. I am passionately against abortion under any circumstance, violence against women & children, building self-esteem in young girls, kids in general. I am passionate about education, writing and reading. I am passionate about Jesus and learning more & more about the Bible everyday. I am passionate about my marriage, my husband and keeping our relationship "on track". I guess you get the picture.

I also really, REALLY believe in speaking the truth. This ties into what I was saying before but, I don't believe in holding grudges. I have learned (the hard way- isn't that always the way) that holding your feelings in about something someone has done/said to hurt you is really a waste. I don't do that with the relationships that matter in my life and I encourage them to treat me the same. If I upset/hurt/offend them, I expect to be told. I can't stand for someone to be "secretly" angry- to be short, to not return calls/texts/emails, etc... You know the behavior I'm talking about. I think that acting this way instead of saying "Kristen, you hurt me when you said, blah, blah, blah...", is immature but, my mom says that I'm not being fair to everyone. She says (and maybe she's right) that not everyone is like that or is so "comfortable with confrontation". I just think it's honest and can be much better for the relationship, causing LESS trouble and drama. Letting hurt or anger sit and stew always makes it worse, right? Instead of just saying right then, "That behavior is not acceptable", talk it out with the person and then everyone can move on with their lives. I don't know, that's just what works for me. Not everybody is like this. Not everybody is comfortable with their feelings but, I say that everyone should really try to figure them out. Without apology. It's part of that uncomfortable "growing up" crap! It's knowing your lables and what they mean to you now.

I know that not everyone likes me (I know, hard to believe, LOL!) and not everyone will like you but, you should not change who you are because of it. Now, if you find that NOBODY likes you, you fight with everybody, you defend yourself constantly- what's the common denominator? YOU! Then you need to stop and think about what is going on with you. But, part of becoming an adult, a well-rounded, strong woman is knowing who you are, what you stand for and loving it all!!

big girls don't cry....


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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Love to the Mother's!

Don't forget to do something nice for your mother/grandmother and any mother you know in your life. They have the most important job in the world, in my opinion.

Here are some of my favorite mommys: (No order except my mom & ma ma Emma)

my mommy!
ma ma Emma
Lindsey Fontenot
Nanny Susan
Jennifer Millican
Susan Mayeaux
Joanie Hebert
Jan Terito
Trisha McDaniel (check out her blog with pictures of Cal
Ruth Prescott
Wahoo (my MIL)
Marnie Hill
Lori Whaley
Grandma Brickle
Dawn Louviere
Aunt Pat
Melissa Acy
And mommy-to-be Laetitia (AKA Le'Le')"my French sister" Bohn

I love & admire you all.

happy mother's day

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Friday, May 11, 2007

I kicked your mom because Big Bird told me to and he's my leader.

I always spend way too much time trying to decide which color to use.
Anyway, I found this somewhere else and it made me laugh, silly as it may be. I'm sitting here being a huge loser & feeling sorry for myself so that could be why I'm finding humor in the little things! So, c'mon be a sport and play along!!

January..... I kicked
February..... I loved
March..... I karate chopped
April..... I licked
May..... I jumped in
June..... I smelled
July..... I did the Cha-Cha with (it was the Macarena but, that is not what I wanted...)
August..... I had lunch with
September..... I danced with
October..... I sang to
November..... I yelled at
December..... I ran over

(lucky ducks born in Nov and Dec!) hee hee

1... a birdbath
2... a monster
3... a phone
4... a fork
5... a snowman
6... a gangster
7... my cellphone
8... my dog
9... my best friend's boyfriend
10... my neighbor
11... my friend
12... a banana
13... a fireman
14... a stuffed animal
15... a goat
16... a pickle
17... your mom
18... a spoon
19... a smurf
20... a baseball bat
21... a ninja
22... Chuck Norris
23... a noodle
24... a squirrel
25... a football player
26... my sister
27... my brother
28... an ipod
29... a surfer
30... a llama
31... a toe (it was a homeless guy but, i don't like that)

White..... Because I'm cool llike that
Black..... Because that's the way I roll
Pink..... Because I'm NOT crazy
Red..... Because the voices told me to
Blue/Purple..... Because I'm sexy & I do what I want
Green..... Because that's the way, uhh,uhh, I like it, uhh,uhh
Grey..... Because Big Bird told me to & he's my leader
Yellow..... Because someone offered me $1,000,000
Orange..... Because my family thinks I'm crazy anyway
Brown...... Because I can
Other..... Because I'm a Warrior!
None..... Because I can't control myself

OK, so put your sentence together (and your kids and whoever's shirt you can see & birthday you know!) and leave it. I hope it's funny.
It's really kinda creepy that Big Bird appears in the title of 2 blogs very close together!!

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La, La, La...

I have been out of sorts lately. I don't know what the deal is. I'm still trying to wean myself off of some medications and that has caused me to get headaches. I've also been so tired the past two days! Yuck! And Luke is working in Mississippi, so I'm just here in the house with Layla. I've been watching tv (tell me what you thought of Grey's last night) and reading. Oh, and hanging out on my new favorite site OMG, please go there!! It's like YouTube but Will Ferrell started it so he's in some of the videos. Check out "The Landlord", "David Blaine Street Magic Part 2" and ummm, well "The Landlord" is the best! Will Ferrell is in it.

So, I have not much to say right now. I want to see what you have to say about Grey's and then I'll do my bit on it- a little somethin' new for ya! Whoo... And let me know what your favs are on YouTube and funnyordie.

Have a good weekend! All my love XOXO....

"i'm just a dreamer, dreamin my life away..." Ozzy O "Dreamer"

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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Ask the Answer Queen!

Just wanted to say to all my sweet & loyal "Diary" readers, thank you so much for reading my blog and commenting (and complimenting!). I really love it and try to write every night so there is something new for ya'll every mornin' :)

I want to ask you all to pass the blog address on to any of your friends who are interested in fashion/beauty/pop culture/funny girls... Also, don't stop asking "The Answer Queen" questions!!! Just leave your question in the latest comment box and I'll answer it the very best I can, as soon as I can. I will try to send you an email to let you know once your question has been answered. That means, if you know that I don't have your email address, leave it for me.

Also, send me ideas on what to blog about... Or give me your opinion on a current event/book/movie/tv show, whatever, and I'll talk about it!

I've changed a few little things. On the left side of the blog there is now a Read This! section. These are books that I've read & some I am currently reading (I couldn't make a seperate list). They will change so, if you're interested in that, keep an eye out! The one on there now that I'm currently reading is, "Blonde". It's about Marilyn Monroe but, it's her take on it, kinda. Joyce Carol Oates is not for everybody. I'm also reading "Yoga Mamas" by Katherine Stewart.
The other change is the comment section, don't be afraid of it... go with it!

Thank you so much!! Love you all XOXO

now, sit there and think of something nice to say.... :)

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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Ode to My Mama

My mom's birthday was Sunday, the 6th and of course, Mother's Day is Sunday so this is the perfect time for me to talk about how fabulous my mother is. VERY!! My mom is smart, strong, dedicated, funny, kind, & happy. She's all those things and so much more.

My mom & I have always had a great relationship. She's always been tough with me, expecting me to do my best and wanting me to be happy. When things were absolutely terrible for me, she was there. She has stayed up many nights listening to me cry or break down in general. Or stayed with me while I was sick, whether I was at home or in the hospital (all those ER visits). My mother has functioned on no sleep for days while taking care of me when I was at my lowest. I know that because of me, my mother has been through so much hell. Through it all, she cheered me on and I knew I couldn't ever get up on myself.

On a lighter note, two things I love about my mom are 1) her laugh and 2) her smell.

My mom has THE MOST infectious laugh I've ever heard. When she laughs, it's with her entire body and she can't get through the story, you know what I'm talking about? I love that. It's that kind of laugh that makes everybody else laugh, even though you have no clue what the hell you're laughing at... it's great!!! We went to the Bonefish Grill tonight for her birthday dinner. She went with "the family" on Sunday but, I wasn't able to go because of a headache so, I told her I would take her somewhere this week. Anyway, we went tonight and had a blast!! We laughed, told stories, ate really good fish and had drinks. She acted like a mom and we laughed at that- she told me to "be careful, there's lot's of alcohol in a martini" (really? noooo?), and "don't forget to give the guy a tip". Funny:) She laughs at herself, too, which I love. It makes her fun and that is a trait I've inherited from her, I laugh at myself too.

I have a "thing" about smells. I have always been sensitive to them and connected emotionally with them. When I was a little girl my mom used to put my hair in ponytails with the band and then the scrunchie on top. My hair was way too thin to put up in a scrunchie alone. Anyway, when I was at school, sitting in Mass or whatever, I'd pull my scrunchie out and smell it so I could "be near her". It was very comforting. When Luke and I lived apart, his smell was a big deal. It was home, comforting, safe. The same for my mom and her smell. When I was in the hospital, she sprayed her perfume on my pillows or blankets. When I lived in Georgia, same thing. I could never wear the same perfume as my mom because that's HER. I can't smell Obsession cologne without being transported to the day I found out Brett died because some guy was wearing it next to me when I found out. The smell of Tommy Hilfiger (spell??) perfume and cologne makes my stomache turn. The devil ex wore it and bought it for me. Of course, smells of my mother always comfort and calm me.

Mom~ I thank the Lord every day that you are my mom and that you are in my life. I am graetful for all you do for me and all you've taught me. I am proud of who you are, all you've accomplished and the relationship we have. I LOVE YOU!

Everyone who knows my mommy should comment on how wonderful she is and what they love about her!

...hag...she's not a hag...

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Monday, May 7, 2007

Addison's Anatomy

Here's what I know:
According to everything I've read, most people were not happy with Private Practice, Kate Walsh (Addison)'s new spin-off. The #1 complaint (and mine, too) was that on Thursday night, the audience was promised an "all new 2 hour episode of Grey's Anatomy" and more than half of it was in L.A., not Seattle. This had Grey's fans in an uproar on forums, blogs, official web sites and the like. Some really don't want Addison to leave Seattle Grace Hospital (and McSteamy) and would rather her come back and bring Tim Daly (Pete) and Taye Diggs (Sam) with her.

I personally feel like the number one mistake that ABC and the Grey's/PP producer's made was mushing the two shows together. SOOOOOO unfair to both shows! Private Practice is said to be "older. slower. soapier." That's a direct quote from the network. I agree and don't think it's a bad thing considering the sex-fest/sometimes unbelievable story lines on Grey's. I love Grey's, I do, but, I've seen some reruns and it's amazing how incredible the show was in Season one (see LIFETIME TV) and what it's become. I think that by combining the two, Grey's fans didn't get a full hour (it's reported- REPORTED- that we got 20 something minutes of actual Grey's) of what could've been really good stuff. Christina at the bridal shop trying on dresses with the girls? Callie and Izzie's awkwardness during the bridesmaid dresses and with Christina at the bridal shop? Burke and Christina's moms? All funny stuff that "coulda been". And, Susan died... of the hiccups?? Umm, el lame-o! It really was terrible when Meredith's father SLAPPED her. But, it wasn't all built up long enough because of the choppy back and forth between the two shows.

Then of course, the spin off deserved it's own time slot, it's own chance! Spin offs are already compared to the shows that "birthed" them without this kind of pressure. I liked it, overall. I was a major "Judging Amy" fan (anyone?) so, I'm so glad to see Miss Amy Brennaman (Violet, the therapist) again. Although, I really hope she is not whiny and pathetic for the whole show. Also, love Taye Diggs but, really want to know the REAL story about why a man would leave his wife and kid for no reason. Pete and Addison had some chemistry but, not like Addison and McSteamy. And lots of people, including myself, had a problem with the (creepy) lines, "I'm gonna kiss you. I'm gonna kiss you with tongue." That would NOT turn me on, you? However, I like the idea of the "offices" instead of the hospital for Addison. I think she needs to get away from Derek. And Alex. It's crazy for her to stay near her ex-husband. It's stupid for her to get involved with Alex. So, for the "older, slower, soapier" crowd... I think it's gonna be a winner.

Private Practice is not Grey's Anatomy and wasn't ever supposed to be but, because of the presentation, it may not get a fair chance.

What did you think of Private Practice? Do you think Addison will do better in L.A. or should she go back to Seattle? And Grey's- what do you think about George and Izzie? Burke and Christina? Alex and Jane Doe/Ava? Meredith and Derek? And Tucker?

"i'm gonna kiss you. i'm gonna kiss you with tongue" no you are not you weird-o.... (that's how it would go down if it were me!)

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Sunday, May 6, 2007

I Heart Diet Coke, Lavender Oil, Paternity Tests & Big Bird

Guilty Pleasures~ that's what I want to discuss. That's what's on my mind. What exactly is a guiltly pleasure? To me it's something you indulge in, something you take pleasure in and feel guilty/are embarrassed about, right? Everyone agree?? Since this is where I pour my heart out (more or less), I don't mind revealing some of my favorite indulgences- some more embarrassing and guilty than others!!

That's my list for now. Oh, and stand up comedy and funny videos from YouTube and now I love to laugh.... So, what do you think? Have you lost all respect for me? Oh well... I really don't think I revealed any secrets.


go on and induldge in something... you're worth it

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Thursday, May 3, 2007

The "Every Women Should" List

Gather 'round, dolls. This is a very important read! It's my list of 5 things every women should know!

1) A basic grasp of the English language- I will admit that I am a terrible speller. Now, with that out of the way, I really hate to see an otherwise intelligent person use incorrect grammar. By now, it is important that you are able to use the words there/their/they're, here/hear & to/too/two correctly in a sentence. Also, it's important to know the diffence between take/bring, sit/set & lay/lie. If you are confused, ask someone! As I said, it only makes you look unintelligent when using incorrect grammar, the wrong word, a preposition at the end of a sentence and such. I know I hate the fact that I can't spell. It makes me feel very self conscious, especially as a writer! Thank God for spell check. Funny enough, my spell check doesn't work on the blog so be easy on me. Let me know when I misspell words. Honey, I'm not saying I'm perfect at all.

2)What looks good on you... and what doesn't- It's very important to me to be stylish. You won't catch me in public wearing acid wash jeans with pleats, tight rolled at the bottom with thick scrunch down socks and high tops. But, as much as I love trends and fashion, I believe very much that you should wear what flatters your body. Trends are great but, not all of them look great on everybody. Also, there are things that will always look good- clothes that fit and are well kept. This is 100% something I learned from my mother. I'm a plus-sized girl and "skinny jeans" or mini skirts won't do for me. I will look much better in an outfit that fits- even if I don't like how large the size. At 26, I'm proud to say that I have a "look", though. That is to say, those people who know me well could go somewhere and see something and say, "that is soo Kristen!" I love that about me. Truly figure out what works for your body type and work with that. Don't get hung up on the number 'cause you know that nobody wants to see your size 8 ass in a size 6!

3)MANNERS- This is huge! HUGE! This is a very big deal for me and I think some manners have gone by the wayside, and shouldn't have. Be polite! Learn what respect is and get some- for yourself and for others. Then, please teach it to your children. It amazes me the lack of self respect that some children have for themselves,especially young girls. And maybe I'm old-fashioned but, I believe in saying "yes ma'am" & "yes sir". And saying "please" & "thank you". And while I'm on the subject of "thank you"- (mom & Lindsey, you knew this was coming, I know!) thank you cards are not out of style. They are still required. When someone goes out of their way for you or buys you (or your child) a present, send a thank you card. It doesn't have to be a big fancy card and it doesn't have to say much. Sometimes an email is appropriate. An acknowledgement is ALWAYS required. Also, proper handshakes (not wimpy limp ones), table manners, and such are equally important. Put your napkin in your lap. Sit up. Don't blow your nose or fix your hair at the table. Please. Thank You.

4)Know yourself & love her- This is a very difficult place for people to get. Lots of folks spend half (most) of their lives trying to "find themselves"... where the hell they all are, I don't know, usually backpacking through Europe! I think it's so vital to begin to examine the labels you've been given your entire life and see what is real and what isn't. Also, see what they mean and what is positive, what's negative and what just is. My experience with this has been eye opening and on going. From birth, I was "dramatic", "center of attention", "difficult", "loud", "never could be alone or entertain myself", "very intelligent", & "advanced". Of course, it's BECAUSE I was intelligent and advanced (walking at 9 mos, talking from birth, reading and writing at 4) that I was difficult. And I didn't just go in my room and play alone. I had to have an audience. Fast-forward to now and I'm not quite all those things anymore. I am still dramatic but am no longer in need of an audience. I like to be alone and actually need time for me. I am who I am and that's ok. It took me a long time to realize that and to understand that as I got older the negative parts of some of my personality traits could be turned into postives. I really am starting to learn about myself and liking who I've met.

5)Read at least one (real) book- I am serious! By 25, every woman should read at least one book with chapters, no pictures, an interesting plot... There is something out there for everyone, I promise. I wish so much that I could say that every woman should read at least abook a year. Actually, it's true. I think it's important to read because it cultivates a vocabulary and it keeps your brain working. You don't have to read Faulkner, Proust, Dickens, or Austen. There are great "chick-lit" books that are funny and relatable. They are not the sex housewife crotch grabber Harlequin books. Books published by Red Dress Inc are great! If you want a book DO NOT BUY ONE!!! I have a freakin library. I have funny, murder mysteries, classics, novels, you name it. Read something! Send me your address and I'll send you a book(s) that are brand new. P.S. Read your Bible, too!

That's my list but, if I think of more that are this important believe me, I'll let you know!

~money doesn't buy CLASS~

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