Monday, May 21, 2007

I Believe...

~that life does NOT begin at birth but at conception.
~that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. (Phil 3:16)
~that happiness comes from within you. You'll never find it in a boy/girlfriend, parent, etc...
~that you can find that happiness.
~that if you have a piece of clothing that makes you pull or tug at it when you wear it- don't wear it.
~that leggings don't look good on anybody.
~that white patent leather is not cute.
~that Rosie O'Donnell is not just obnoxious but has become dangerous (American soldiers are terrorists).
~that Luke has the funniest laugh.
~that my new Body Shop rose spray smells sooooo good.
~that those "headbands" people put on their poor little baby girls look like garter belts. Lindsey and I discovered this. Sorry to anyone reading this who puts them in your child's hair. It's just my opinion.
~that The Body Shop is just fabulous and I love it!!
~that I should write a book.
~that Herchsal Walker's mom should be slapped.
~that Kristin Wiig's "the Target Lady" & "Penelope" on SNL are hilarious.
~that I am lucky to have Luke, even when I don't think I am.
~that Ruth is an amazing woman.
~that I'm surrounded by amazing women.
~that it's completely ok that I don't watch Heroes and that I really don't want to watch.
~that I SHOULD own a pair of Monolos, Christian Lou's & Jimmy Choos before I die.
~that The Bachelor is a good show but, I cannot believe women actually go on it to COMPETE for a man. Maybe it's just me but, I want to know that as soon as you met me, that was it for you. When I met Luke back in 1894, I wouldn't have been ok with "Yeah, you are cool, babe, but I'm dating 10 other girls and in about a month after I screw all of you, I'll decide who to keep. Would you accept this rose?" Suuuure. Can you imagine? Me?
~that Laila Ali is awesome! She is talented and she is not 100 lbs. I love that.
~that diamonds are a girl's best friend.
~in dreaming big.
~that Georgia has some really good songs about it- "Georgia on My Mind", "Midnight Train to Georgia"... and yes, Luke and I enjoy singing and dancing to them.
~that when you hear something weird in your car, turn up the radio...

"i'd rather live in his world than live without him in mine"


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