Friday, November 30, 2007

Dying to Know... DYING

What you think of this haircut... I'm very tempted to make this a sticky post so I can see all of your votes. So, don't forget to scroll down. Tell me, tell me, tell me, what do you think of Katie's hair? Love it? Hate it? Still need some time to look at it?

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*Breaking News* Evel Knievel Dies

Legendary daredevil, Evel (nee Robert Craig) Knievel , died today of liver failure at age 69. He has been very sick for years with hepatitis C, diabetes, and idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. His death was confirmed about an hour ago by his granddaughter, Krysten Knievel. He announced to a worldwide audience on April 1, 2007 that he "believed in Jesus Christ" for this first time in his life. RIP Mr Knievel.

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The Buzz

Paris Hilton's (the half tarantula-half horse, ha ha) new boyfriend, Alex Vaggo, met her parents this week. Ohhh, seriousness. She and her parents look like they are meeting for the first time. Weird.
Reese Witherspoon replaced Angelina Jolie as the highest paid actress in Hollywood. "The Hollywood Reporter" (is that supposed to be underlined?) reports that Reese makes $15-$20 million per picture. The rest of the list is as follows: Angelina Jolie $15-$20 million per pic (only $8 mil for Beowulf), Cameron Diaz $15 mil, Nicole Kidman $10-$15 mil, Renee Zellweger $10-$15 mil. That's the top five.
It's a chickenpox outbreak! Bluebell Haliwell, the 18-month old daughter of Geri Haliwell, has gotten the chickenpox from Cruz Beckham, the youngest son of Victoria Beckham. The Spice Girls have seven children between them and they are all reportedly all great friends. Too close... Poor Bluebell. She's so cute, big blue eyes and curly hair.

Julianne Hough, 19, told PEOPLE magazine that she and Helio Castroneves, 32, are "the best of friends." And that she "loves him like a brother." However, the two have been seen together, out on the town, acting , ummmmmmm, not like I do with MY brother. Hmmmmm.

Drea de Matteo, of The Sopranos and Joey, gave birth to a baby girl. The actress and boyfriend, Shooter Jennings, singing son of the late Waylon Jennings, welcomed ALABAMA GYPSY ROSE JENNINGS last night. This is the first child for both.
A fashion "Buzz" is coming later. I'm sneezing, sniffling, aching... I've got places to go and stuff to do, clothes to wash, fold and put away. I'm trying to get it all in.

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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Shoeaddict Asks...

Are you sending out Christmas cards ?
Do you send pictures?
I LOVE sending and receiving Christmas cards. I'm going to get mine today. I usually have mine by now. We don't do pictures because Blue hates to have his picture taken but when we have a baby, we'll send one with her/him.

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Random News

It's Jonathon Knight's 39th birthday. Remember him? He's Jordan Knight's brother. New Kids on the Block... I looooooooooooooooved them
Jennifer Love Hewitt is engaged to Scottish actor, Ross McCall, as of last week. They have been a couple for two years. It will be the first marriage for both.

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Go See

My post about DSM from last week on Shoeaddict Says.
I'll do one on last nights episode later...

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Please NO! (ETA)

Who are these "sources"? Do we (I) believe them? What is this? If it's true, what a tragedy. For the record, I DO NOT think that KFed is a good father, either.
EDITED (2:10pm): Read this. Thank God!

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Picture Me

I found this over at Mel's blog. I thought it looked cute. I'm hopeless at posting pictures! I forgot to change the setting so they are huge. Sorry! I don't know how to post them correctly so, they are out of order from the way she had them. Sorry! I did do what I suppossed to do, though.

Rules: Type each answer into Google Images and take your favorite off the first page. Here's my results:









All my readers are TAGGED!


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Usher & Tameka Welcome Baby Boy (ETA)

Multiple sources tell that Tameka Foster (Usher's wife) gave birth to a baby boy Monday in an Atlanta hospital. The couple announced the pregnancy in June. In September, they announced that the baby was a boy. (Usher appeared on Ellen in August saying he wanted a boy) (He said he'd name him Usher Raymond. Usher's full name is Usher Raymond IV) The couple's rep were not available. Updates to come.

EDITED TO ADD: The couple made a statement yesterday and gave details. The baby boy is named USHER RAYMOND V and weighed 7lbs 9 oz.

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Gus and Me

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Yeah, I Had Great Intentions

I'm a total nerd. Do you like the font this size or do you want it smaller? Like this? I'm gonna keep going with this post in this size (large). I told some blog friends that had sick kids (stomach bug/flu) yesterday that I was going to catch it through the 'puter. Ha Ha- yeah, guess what?!?! Yep, I did. I mean, prolly didn't "catch it" but... So, not feeling too fantastic. I had to cancel a doc appointment (with the psych for my Zoloft) and Luke is being all protective over me.
We have nothing in the house to eat. We have a few boxes of Rice-A-Roni, some popcorn, frozen chicken, frozen green beans, Coke and Diet Coke. Oh, some oatmeal. And pickles. That's about it. We don't have any washing detergent, either and we need it. We both just returned home. He's all, "Don't worry about it! We'll be OK. Don't leave the house." He's at the office. I'm watching Days of Our Lives praying I don't puke again.
I told you that I was going to the camp with the fam for Thanksgiving. I diary'ed so I could blog but, I don't feel like doing that. Wednesday- we got there, I had a sore throat. Thursday- Thanksgiving! We ate smoked turkey, broccoli casserole, sweet potato crunch, green bean casserole, rice dressing, and rolls. We had pumpkin upside down cake, lemon icebox pie and fruit salad for dessert. Shannon (Justin's g/f) mom, step-dad and brother and sister came and ate with us. Friday and Saturday- we just watched tv and hung out. I do have a Project Runway review. Here are some pictures from Thanksgiving night. Justin, Shannon, Jimmy & Jessica played cards. This is Justin winning a big hand. That's Jimmy to his right and Eva (Shannon's mom) next to my mom.
Shannon pouting after she lost
Daddy was just watching
Mom and Freddy the dog
Mom and Me- I didn't even wanna post this!
Frizz, pimples, UGH!!!
Oh, I think I hear Luke. He comes home for lunch. I have no idea what he'll eat.

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Dancing Post

I wrote a post on Shoeaddict Says about last night's episode of Dancing with the Stars. Should I continue alerting you here when I post there?

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Monday, November 26, 2007

I Want, I Want, I Want...

I have put together an interesting little list of things I've found lately that have caught my eye. Other than the red coat and the digital camera, I want some boots for Christmas. I also found these really cool prints of shoes. How really awesome are they? Right now, I'm watching Samantha Who? the show that gave me my "tag line"- I AM A BIG DAMN DEAL. I even put it on my voicemail. OMG, Eddie Cibrian is on the show! WHOA. Really, whoa. I am going to be posting more over at the other blog.

How amazing!
I love but, what's with the little dude?
Maybe my favorite...

*Sigh* Loubs that I'd love to see sitting under the tree in my size on Christmas morning
A few of the boots I've found (have not really looked everywhere). And a pair of platforms.
Nine West Benton Buckle
Bandolino Jordana
Nine West Liatris in brown/ivory calf hair
Nine West Buckup in Black Leather

Stretch corduroy jacket in fig
The t-shirt that Lindsey found that is great for me... cause I AM A BIG DAMN DEAL (and it's the way you say it, too) (well not you-me-cause I'm the big... well, whatever)
Cause he is...
How totally adorable? I really almost bought it. ALMOST.

I like red stars. I don't know why. If I were getting a tattoo, I'd get a red star on my foot. I can't wear these types of shirts anyway. Not in public...

Who watches Notes From the Underbelly? It's back! It was very funny last season and tonight (right now) it's back. I have not laughed yet. It could be that I'm not paying close enough attention.

Last question, who has more than one DVR? We have just the one in the living room but, we need one in the bedroom. How much does it cost to get an extra one? Yeah, i know, call the cable people. I am.

Now, tell me what you think of my list. The boots, should I keep looking? I want flat boots.

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Look, Kate!

This is the red coat I love! I am really loving these new coats that feature big buttons and swingy bottoms- like dresses. I love 'em. I just think they are classy and feminine. I can wear it dressy or not- whatever. I just love them!

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Look how cute she is! It's Valentina, Salma Hayek's brand-new daughter. Loves...
Sorry it's off center
P.S. Yes, I do have baby fever

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I am so happy because LUKE is home and my house is clean and I'm not sick. These are not really that up to date pictures, it's not news, more LOOK-AT-THEM! Katherine Heigl looks great in these wide legged grey jeans. I like the cuffs. Just watched Knocked Up the other day, HI-LAR-IOUS!!! She's beautiful :)
Russell Simmons with daughters Ming Lee and Aoki Lee. I love these girls. They are really so cute and funny.
Rodney Atkins and his little boy, Elijah. I love him! His CD is good- very country, southern.

It's OLIVE BORAT!! Ok, that's not her name but it's funny. Look how cute her little pink shoes are! LOVES...

It's me on the beach. What a great day that was.
Whatever, it's Kate Walsh...

I love this coat! I'm getting a red coat for Christmas. YAY!!! :)

What do y'all think about Linda Bollea (Hulk Hogan's wife) filing for divorce? Over the phone... WTH? They are really not right. This thing with Nick is terrible and I just don't know what the deal is with them.

I'm doing a post on some other things I've found (t-shirts, shoes, etc...)

Later, alligator

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