Friday, May 25, 2007


There are secrets that I have that will ALWAYS be secrets. I am not a private person but, everybody has things that are kept to themselves. Sometimes it's surprising that a person will freely talk about one subject with everyone and their mother but, are very secretive and close mouthed about a subject YOU find much less personal. I have found that to be the case with myself on lots of things. I have no problem talking about things other people may see as embarrassing or super personal: my history of depression,anxiety,self-mutilation, and my past relationship that was filled with verbal and sexual abuse. But, here are things I won't tell you... EVER

1) My weight. No one knows it except the doctor. Not Luke, not mom, no one....

2) Everything about my relationship- I keep certain things private. Not like, Oh he's beating me... There are no SECRETS like that, it's just a marriage and I don't tell people details about Luke or about Luke and me.

3) All the perfumes I wear- I've been like this since I was in 8Th grade. My "scent" has always been a thing for me. I own lots of perfumes and layer certain scents and always get compliments. I will tell lots of bath products, lotions, shoes, clothes, make-up, hair stuff, etc... that I wear but, I will not tell my base, go to, signature scents. You should definitely get something that's your "thing"- lip stick, scent, color, whatever...

4) All my sources- my mom asked me before "Where do you get that information" once when I was giving her some tv scoop. I'm not telling- then who'll need me? Really, you all know the magazines I read and I'm sure you can guess the web sites I frequent, I've told you all those things for the most part. But, I belong to tons of forums on a gazillion topics ranging from beauty to tv to music to politics to fashion. There are lots of other ways...

5) Certain things about the way I feel- I've become much more private as I've gotten older. I'm not interested in talking about the way I feel all the time. I will not let everyone know that I'm upset about a situation or sad or whatever. Now, I am not negating what I've said before about telling people how I feel when I'm upset at them. I am talking about when my emotions have nothing to do with them. When I'm upset because of my health, money, family, or whatever, I'm not likely to grab the phone.

6)My medications- this is the last but absolutely not the least important one. Of course people know that I have health issues and I'm open about that. I feel the need to be lots of time because of the, "Are you in school?" Do you have kids?" "What do you do?" crap I hear. But, I digress. Lots of people want to know "What medicine do you take?" I know that may sound crazy but, it's true. I'm not going to clarify the most common GROUP of people who discuss my meds to me on the blog but, I don't EVER take my meds in front of anyone but Luke or my parents. It's a thing that makes me feel like a freak. I'm not going to ramble on what meds I take. You may think it's weird that people want to know but, they do and they ask.

So, who's gonna "call me out" and say "Kristen, I know blah, blah, blah about you..." Ha Ha Ha

What's the kinda thing you don't like to talk about? Are you shy about your sex life? I'm not! Are you unwilling to talk about your "number"- the real one! You know, the number of people you've slept with, that number. Did you know what I was talking about when I said your "number"? I'm so interested to know that. I also want to know what ya'll think about telling your partner about your number. And them telling you. Do you want to know? Do you have the right to know? This is something we will talk about in a future post.

P.S. Just to kick it off- my number is 4. Luke's is a billion. I'm not bitter. WHATEVER.

"good lord, why am i at a public pool? why doesn't someone just pee directly on me!" karen on will & grace

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