Friday, May 18, 2007

Grey Grey's

I'm using the grey color because of Grey's finale last night. I thought it was really not good. And according to most of what I'm reading, I'm not alone. There were some good scenes from good actors (Sandra Oh, Sara Ramirez) but, this show is really, really gonna have to get it together to keep me coming back.

Ok, Meredith. She makes me want to slap her. A lot. I get that she has issues and all that but, it's enough. If she's the character that we as the audience are supposed to most widely identify with, they are making that incredibly difficult. And I'm not just speaking for myself- I've done research. Derek's speech in the locker room was perfect and very real. Meredith doesn't appreciate him. If she is looking for better, what does she want? But, I wasn't surprised by her behavior. She's been acting crazy and annoying for a while.

I'm angry that NO ONE was happy in the end. What a depressing finale! I never thought Cristina and Burke would get married and quite frankly, I'm glad because of the flippant way ths show treats marriage. But Meredith had to go and act like a big 'ole drama queen and hurt Derek to ensure that both of them were unhappy, too. Then, Alex? Okay, Ava/Rebecca/whats her face, that was never gonna happen. Yes, there was some kinda weird chemistry between the two of them but just an episode or so ago she's telling him to go make it work with Addison. I was surprised she was like that about leaving. Did she think she was going to change Alex? Maybe they go together because what she did to her husband (so glad to see Jeremy London!) was crap. Not the leaving, the pretending not to know who she was. And she wasn't with her baby, ever! And George failed the intern exam! If he doesn't come back- that will seal it for me. I LOVE T.R. Knight. I don't know if I told you but, someone MAY not be coming back. If thats the case, let it be Burke.

I loved Callie's verbal "slap" to Izzie at the church. "I was named Chief Resident & we decided to have a baby." Dumb look on Izzie's face, "A baby..." she sputters. "Yes, we're trying," Callie tells her all smugly, "We tried today!" Oh I loved that. And I love Bailey and it sucks that she was upset. But, I've been saying that I'm sick of the show treating Callie like something to just kick around. I actually predicted, right after whoever went first, that Callie would get it. The shock value and all that.

Seems like the only people who ended up happy were Joe & whatever his partners' name is... they got the twins. Awwwww. Thank God someone was happy.

So, what did you think. I'm really dying to know.

The Ugly Betty finale was awesome! That show is really good.
I also switched back and forth to NBC shows. Surprisingly, I don't have TiVo or DVR so, I'm going to be getting that very soon.

have a good weekend... see ya monday

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