Monday, May 7, 2007

Addison's Anatomy

Here's what I know:
According to everything I've read, most people were not happy with Private Practice, Kate Walsh (Addison)'s new spin-off. The #1 complaint (and mine, too) was that on Thursday night, the audience was promised an "all new 2 hour episode of Grey's Anatomy" and more than half of it was in L.A., not Seattle. This had Grey's fans in an uproar on forums, blogs, official web sites and the like. Some really don't want Addison to leave Seattle Grace Hospital (and McSteamy) and would rather her come back and bring Tim Daly (Pete) and Taye Diggs (Sam) with her.

I personally feel like the number one mistake that ABC and the Grey's/PP producer's made was mushing the two shows together. SOOOOOO unfair to both shows! Private Practice is said to be "older. slower. soapier." That's a direct quote from the network. I agree and don't think it's a bad thing considering the sex-fest/sometimes unbelievable story lines on Grey's. I love Grey's, I do, but, I've seen some reruns and it's amazing how incredible the show was in Season one (see LIFETIME TV) and what it's become. I think that by combining the two, Grey's fans didn't get a full hour (it's reported- REPORTED- that we got 20 something minutes of actual Grey's) of what could've been really good stuff. Christina at the bridal shop trying on dresses with the girls? Callie and Izzie's awkwardness during the bridesmaid dresses and with Christina at the bridal shop? Burke and Christina's moms? All funny stuff that "coulda been". And, Susan died... of the hiccups?? Umm, el lame-o! It really was terrible when Meredith's father SLAPPED her. But, it wasn't all built up long enough because of the choppy back and forth between the two shows.

Then of course, the spin off deserved it's own time slot, it's own chance! Spin offs are already compared to the shows that "birthed" them without this kind of pressure. I liked it, overall. I was a major "Judging Amy" fan (anyone?) so, I'm so glad to see Miss Amy Brennaman (Violet, the therapist) again. Although, I really hope she is not whiny and pathetic for the whole show. Also, love Taye Diggs but, really want to know the REAL story about why a man would leave his wife and kid for no reason. Pete and Addison had some chemistry but, not like Addison and McSteamy. And lots of people, including myself, had a problem with the (creepy) lines, "I'm gonna kiss you. I'm gonna kiss you with tongue." That would NOT turn me on, you? However, I like the idea of the "offices" instead of the hospital for Addison. I think she needs to get away from Derek. And Alex. It's crazy for her to stay near her ex-husband. It's stupid for her to get involved with Alex. So, for the "older, slower, soapier" crowd... I think it's gonna be a winner.

Private Practice is not Grey's Anatomy and wasn't ever supposed to be but, because of the presentation, it may not get a fair chance.

What did you think of Private Practice? Do you think Addison will do better in L.A. or should she go back to Seattle? And Grey's- what do you think about George and Izzie? Burke and Christina? Alex and Jane Doe/Ava? Meredith and Derek? And Tucker?

"i'm gonna kiss you. i'm gonna kiss you with tongue" no you are not you weird-o.... (that's how it would go down if it were me!)

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