Tuesday, May 29, 2007

100 Things About Me

Here are 100 random things about me. They are true now. They may not have been a month ago and they may change in a month or two. Who knows??

1) I really love drinking diet coke
2) I love to write. Pen on paper writing. I love to doodle, write, whatever. A clean sheet of paper always excites me.
3) I have never wanted blue eyes- or any other color than my own brown ones.
4) I am way obsessed with names and have always been since I was little.
5) For all the years that I put my first name with my boyfriend's/crush's last name- when it was time to change my last name, I FREAKED THE F OUT!!!
6) My ears hurt
7) I sing all the time around the house (more and louder when I'm alone- Layla just looooves it)
8) I dance around the house all the time- that's exercise, right?
9) I love the movies "All About Eve"
10) and "Jezebel"
11) Having conversations with Daniel just melt me and make me laugh so hard
12) He told me all about "spider butts" last night
13) I think J.Depp is a fantastc actor but, I DO NOT see the whole "heartthrob" thing. At all.
14) I think my haircut sucks
15) I look like a dweeb
16) I'm scared to death to have a baby because of the whole no sleep thing
17) I truly wish I could have a baby nurse/nanny or whatever to handle all that.
18) I get very depressed
19) I have been suicidal in my life
20) I have attempted suicide and was saved by Luke
21) I will NEVER do that again
22) I never get that depressed anymore
23) I'm way too into tv
24) I spend too much money
25) I buy clothes, shoes, makeup, books, etc...
26) I just got the cutest dress
27) and the cutest shirts from Old Navy
28) and shoes
29) and tunic
30) I read about 2 books a week
31) I read 3-4 magazines a week
32) I read People, Us Weekly, Life & Style (those are weekly mags)
33) I read Allure, Glamour, Jane & InStyle (monthly mags)
34) I read more than one book at a time
35) I'm reading "How I stole her Husband"
36) and "Vanishing Act" by Jodi Picolt
37) Jodi Picolt is one of my favs
38) I do not eat a lot of red meat
39) I never, ever eat steak
40) I love seafood
41) I could eat some sort of seafood every single day
42) I don't watch Lost
43) I'm scared to death of being seen as un-educated
44) I want to go back to school
45) I am sick of failing
46) The smell of lavender calms me
47) and gets rid of my headaches- sometimes
48) I would love to be on stage again
49) I'm not auditioning until I lose weight
50) Luke doesn't want me to kiss anyone in a play
51) I'm madly in love with my husband
52) I never could watch old people on game shows or whatever because I can't stand to watch them lose
53) I cry very easily
54) at least once a day
55) When I was little, I put markers in my drink and my mom seriously didn't let me have markers again until I had to have them for 8th grade
56) I tried to push my little bro out the car when he was a baby. My mom was turning and I opened the door and tried to push him and his car seat out the car.
57) When he was 2-3 days old, I slapped him across the face. Hard.
58) I didn't like having a little brother when I was younger
59) I'm so glad I don't have a sister
60) I love my brother so much
61) I am so glad I have a brother
62) I would never have an only child on purpose
63) I think I want maybe 2 or 4 kids, the whole 3 kids middle child thing scares me
64) There are more girl names that we agree on
65) Isabella Rhea
66) Julianna, Amelia, Kate (a middle name), Elizabeth (a mn), Anna,
67) I like Emma after my maternal grandmother
68) Luke refuses because of a bad Emma he knew
69) I lost my virginity at age 16- the month of March
70) I hated it
71) I hated him
72) I don't hate it anymore
73) I cannot sleep without my body pillow
74) I have been to a prison
75) I have been arrested
76) They told me I was only being detained
77) I smoked my 1st cig at age 12
78) I got drunk at 14
79) I got high at 19
80) I've never done any other illegal drugs besides weed
81) I liked it too much
82) Rosie O'Donnell makes me insanely angry
83) I had a great childhood
84) My grandfather is a genius
85) I miss the other one every single day
86) I taught my self how to read at 4
87) I remember thinking Kindergarten was a joke
88) I remember thinking that some of the kids in my class were so stupid. I was a KID!
89) All through school I hated when we had to read out loud because of the people who read so slow and poorly.
90) I know that's mean
91) I am OCD about my sheets
92) Luke gets the biggest kick out of screwing with me about the sheets
93) I think my daddy could fix anything, make anything better and maybe I'm too old for that
94) I still want my mommy- If she were your mommy you'd want her too
95) I have a hot date this weekend with a broad shouldered man with blue eyes and dark blonde hair
96) He's taking me for Mexican food and margaritas
97) I don't think anything campares to that
98) I like the Avril Levigne song "Girlfriend" and that kills me because I cannot stand her
99) I need to clean my house- like always
100) I love my blog


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