Monday, April 23, 2007

Summer Beauty '07

Beaches. Sun. Sand. Oceans. Swimming. Tank tops. Ponytails. Flip flops. The smell of coconuts & whatever it is that makes that "beachy" smell.... Ahhhh,some of my fav summer stuff. What do you love about summer?

There is really something for everyone when it comes to your face this spring/summer. From what I have seen and heard, CORAL is the color to try this month. I don't know about you but, I've never tried coral and always seemed a little scared of it. The tips I got- for pale skin go with a light peachy shade; medium/olive toned skin try a pinker coral and for dark skin a full on reddish orange coral. Another very big trend in lips for summmer is RED. Not matte lipstick red but, more of a glossy stain. DIOR ADDICT ULTRA GLOSS REFLECT IN RED STOCKING (, $25) flatters everyone. Also, try NEUTROGENA'S MOISTURESHINE SOOTHING LIPSHEERS. It's a lipgloss, lipstick and lipbalm all in one with an SPF 20,10 sheer colors. That's the thing- sheer color- not lipgloss or lipstick.
For your eyes- go with pastels and shimmers! PINK is a big deal. Check out BARBIE LOVES M.A.C (, a collection of shadows, blush, lipsticks and nail polish all in colors that Barbie would Loooove!! This is what I'm talking about. Also, try soft shades of blue or green- use the shimmery/sheer or cream types to avoid a harsh look. BOBBI BROWN'S SURF N SAND EYE PALETTE has the most gorgeous greens, blues and browns. They are kinda pearl-y looking so your eyes will pop if you blend them well on your eyelids. It's $42 at Dillards or on so, a bit expensive. For a more economical choice, MAYBELLINE EXPERTWEAR EYESHADOW QUADS!! These are great because they have the 4 shades that go well together AND where to put each shade. For example, it says LID, CREASE, BROW BONE, & OUTER CORNER over the corresponding shade. I also like to buy drugstore brands when trying colors I've never done before. This may be what you want to do if you've always worn brown and beige. If that's you I am BEGGING you to try some color. Also, non-black mascara is cool for now. Try navy blue. I've never done this but, I really think I will. I also saw a great blurb about silver eyeliner being very hot. Metallics are everywhere. But, big tip (a rule, actually) keep lips nude if you are rockin the eyes and cheeks!!! Don't try ALL the trends: green shadow, teal liner, red lips!! I will feel so bad if I see you ( because I will have to pretend I don't know you). Always remember, when you want to play the "red lip" look- keep the rest of your gorgeous mug simple. Take that oppertunity to try a shimmery champagne colored eyeshadow, lots of mascara, some bronzer and that red lip! HOT...

Remember to wear your sunscreen!! Fresh faces are always beautiful... tanning beds are a no-no!!!!! Skin cancer is not pretty. There are beautiful bronzers in every price range and color you can imagine. And there are very pretty, very natural self-tanners. They have the spray tans (you can buy your own gun!) and the lotions and gels. Protect your skin and your health.

Whether you consider it your "crowning glory" or the biggest pain, every girl has to do something with their hair. Most gals have a love/hate relationship with this head topper- curly or straight? Up or down? Blonde or brunette (or red or green or pink or purple...)? I am a curly headed lady and when stick straight hair has been "the thing" in the past- I tried it. It really never worked for me. Most people hated it on me and, quite frankly, it's too much of a pain. So, I hate to report that stick straight hair is in fact "in" again. It's beautiful and wonderful for many,though,so go for it. Center parts are making a comeback, too, for straight or tousled hair. Another option is "ladylike waves"- the old Hollywood glamour kinda waves. Think big velcro rollers, texturizing(or volumizing) serum and a little heat. My favorite hair look for summer is the "beachy wave". You know the wet, scrunchy, highlighted, salt water hair. The Drew Barrymore in "50 First Dates" hair. That's what I love for summer... and "the pull up". Which brings me to-messy & quick buns, ponytails & other up-dos- allover the place for summer. A skinny headband or 2 completes that look.

Summer hair shouldn't be fussy or weighed down with products. Go natural! See what your hair will do for you.

Got questions? What have you seen that you love in makeup and hair for summer '07? Let me know. Stay tuned for whats big in fashion (polka dots & other big prints) and shoes & other accessories. Then later, whats coming this summer at the movies! Let me know what you want to read about. What do you have on your mind?
Try something new in beauty this summer, doll- you won't regret it. It's not permanet, just makeup! Try a gorgeous shimmering shade of green on your eyelids and let your peepers POP. Do something different with your hair one Saturday. Have fun!!!! Then, please, let me know all about it.

makeup... it's cheaper than therapy

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