Thursday, April 19, 2007


Oh goodness grady, did McDreamy look totally gorgeous at the end of Grey's or what? When he was laying on the couch, lights dimmed, with his hand on his head. Whoa... that's smokin'! As opposed to poor "Ava" who- I'm sorry- was not (smokin'). And how much do I love Dr. Bailey and all her attitude but, the fact that everyone runs to her for "mommy-ing"! She reminds me of MY mom- right guys? The one keeping everyone in line, the one everyone needs, the one everyone goes to for advice... that's Sheila!

So, I really feel like Callie O'Malley (my daddy & I love to say that) just came on the show to get "beat-up"!!! As a big girl, it's awesome to see someone like Sara Ramirez on a hit show like Grey's. She is pretty & talented. But Callie has been treated like a redheaded stepchild by "the group" (the girls mostly- Mere, Izzie & Christina) since the get go. Even if you don't like her or don't like her with George, you gotta admit it's crappy to have them not even try to get to know her even after she became Mrs O. Plus, whether you are creeped out or are hyped about George and Izzie- he is MARRIED!!

So, tear city when Izzie's daughter stuff came up. And when George demanded to know where she was and ran to her... he really loves her. It will be a hard thing for him to fight. So, how do you feel about George and Izzie?

I am waaaay over Meredith and her royal bitch attitude. "Everybody just loves me to death and I want them to just let me breathe. God, I need people to stop falling all over me!" That's how she comes off to me. What do you think? I was so glad her story was limited tonight.

What about Christina and Burke? Her, acting "sweet and nice" like she said, in front of Dr. Marlowe. Is she trying to prove something to him? Or herself? Will her and Burke make it down the aisle? What about what she told Dr Marlowe in the o.r.? I was shocked by that but, if that's true, they have a shot.

What are your reactions to the show? Let's hear it!

"When my patient's guts exploded all over me, that was the highlight of my night..." (may not be an EXACT quote) Dr. Callie O'Malley (Sara Ramirez) of Grey's Anatomy

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