Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Walking on polka-dots

Hola Diary readers! Now, what do you think is something that would just make a shoe addict's day? You got it, chicas- getting new shoes!!! Oh. My. God. They are frickin fabulous! They are the ones I mentioned earlier, in an earlier post, the espadrilles. They are pretty high, navy blue with white polka-dots (polka-dots are BIG right now) and a peep-toe (also, very "IN")- tune in for my huge post packed with juicy information all about what's in right now and for summer. Coming soon!

Anyway, when I get new shoes, it's such an awesome feeling... Luke laughs at me all the time because I'm like a kid on Christmas morning. Especially when they are delivered. OH BOY!!! How exciting is it to get a package on the porch? Shoes, pajamas, makeup, WHATEVER.... I order from SEPHORA.COM all the time, too. I will refer you there often. So, as for the shoes... I love to put them on and walk around in them, no matter what I'm wearing. Ha Ha- I'm often walking around the house in a t-shirt, undies, and high heels. HOT ;) I also like to pull out whatever shoes I feel like and wear them around the house.

So, yeah, today I'm being the "answer queen" (ASK ME SOMETHING!), doing research for the what's in for the summer blog, writing this and everything else in my OLD NAVY tee; OLD NAVY pj pants with pink hearts and my brand new STEVEN BY STEVE MADDEN "ANTIQUAA" EILLE in navy. If you want to check them out or purchase them (they come in black, too) go to: (item # 13113506240549) The black are great for those not ready to go for bold polka-dots.

I've bought quite a few pairs of shoes (and a pair of sunglasses) from this site and I love it! They have "narrow" and I need that because I have a narrow heel.
Flats are still in! Wedges (which is what these are) are big,big,big...! Try a bold color- yellow! fushcia! green! Or go with a metallic. That's a "sneak peek" into what's hot in shoes (and accesories- get the same colors in a tote), so go ahead and buy yourself some shoes! Then come back and tell me all about them. I'm waiting to hear everything.

*Prayers go out to the friends & families of the victims of the shootings at VT. May God give them comfort & strength in such a difficult time. The Bible says, mourn with those who mourn, and we should do just that. We all know a fresh-faced, beautiful, young college student!! God bless them, the Hokies, the gunman's family and our country.*

"Go get you some green polkie-dotted house shoes..."

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