Saturday, April 14, 2007

The Skin You're In

Hello diary readers! Lets talk about skin care and products that I love: old and new. Let me start at the face. I mentioned before that PHILOSOPHY skin care is what changed my skin; saved my skin. I use their MAKEUP OPTIONAL SKINCARE. It's a package. Now, they have a new "for dry, sensitive skin" package. Check it out at Philosophy also has great products for moisturizing and exfoiliating. This is the key for better skin, ladies! If you have adult acne (I had it sooo bad) you need a gentle exfoliator and cleanser. Your skin doesn't need to burn or smell "medicine-y" to get rid of acne. There is no need for toner.

It's also very important to exfoliate your body. Exfoliating gets rid of dead skin cells and helps even things out. I always exfoliate before shaving my legs. It reduces the bumps and helps gets a closer shave. Body scrubs that I have and have used are: PHILOSOPHY Amazing Grace warming scrub; THE BODY SHOP mango body scrub (they have lots of different scents) and BRAZIL NUT body scrub. Also, I've used exfoliating body washes from Wal-Mart that are very effective and have a duel purpose- clean & exfoliate- gotta love that! I have the EQUATE brand and it works just fine.

Next very important thing is moisturizing your skin. I've said it before but, it's that important! Use a moisurizer on your face before makeup or before you leave the house. The best is a moisturizer with a sunscreen of at least an spf of 15- all year long, everyday. I use the one by- you got it honey, PHILOSOPHY! Hey, stick with what works. And you know that there is always a new body lotion/butter/cream coming out everyday.
Once again, because my skin is SUPER dry, I have baskets full of all of these. My favorites are from THE BODY SHOP. Their body butter is amazing. They contain real shea butter and have a very thick consistancy so my skin soaks it up and doesn't feel greasy. There are lots of fragrances but, I prefer the brazil nut. I am also a big huge fan of JOHNSON & JOHNSON'S BEDTIME LOTION. I buy the big ole bottle with the pump and put it next to the bed 'cause it says " Helps Soothe Fussy Babies Lavender & Camomile" It really helps to soothe me, I know that. Lavender is perfect for relaxation. I use all types to help with my migraines.... just a little extra tip. One of THE coolest products I've ever found and used is by OLAY. MOISTURINSE IN THE SHOWER BODY LOTION. This stuff is crazy cool.... after you cleanse, put it on, rinse it off your body like a conditioner. Viola!

Taking care of your skin- the body's largest organ- is so important. Drinking lots of water, keeping hydrated, also keeps your skin glowing and healthy. This keeps you wrinkle and line free. Those cracked, dry, heels can be gone forever. Your face can look young and healthy and beautiful.

It's true that you should never go to sleep without taking off your makeup. Your skin needs to breathe. Always wear sunscreen. And moisturize! Moisturize! Moisturize! That's what I've got for you today.

Let me know what your skin regeme is. What is your must-have skin care product? What are your favorite lotions/butters and creams?

Go lather on the body butter....

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