Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Dressing the Part (Updated with a Pic)

Updated: I don't know how to put this at the end of the post which is what I wanted to do. Here I am this morning before I left to run errands. My boobs look awful!

Are you feeling sick on this tax day? Have some TEA!
Anyway, yesterday, mom and I went to Destination Maternity. It's time for me to buy some maternity clothes. When I put on these jeans, I was so relieved. They just feel so much better on my belly. They are a little big but it's ok.

I tried this shirt on next. It was too big so I looked bad. I admit that I had a little mini-breakdown. I know that I am pregnant but I look more pregnant than I am. We got a smaller size in the shirt and it looked better. Maybe even kinda cute. I still think I look bigger than 10weeks but there is nothing I can do about that. Ummm, the doctor would've seen if I was having twins, right? RIGHT?

I also got these three shirts. They are cute and overall, the maternity clothes make me look pregnant and not just weird-fat. I'm just at a weird stage in pregnancy/body right now. It's not fun. I just keep trying to remember that I am so happy to be pregnant and that it won't last forever. I am happy to keep growing for the sake of Baby.

I should've been smaller when I got pregnant but I wasn't. I was quite a few pounds smaller though than I was last summer. I'd been working on it and doing pretty good. It is what it is though and this is what I got. Those are two sayings that both of my parents say all the time. (It is what it is -Mom;This is what I got -Dad) I am doing some type of exercise almost everyday and I plan to crank it up especially after this yuck feeling goes away (2nd trimester!) I also admit that I have eaten a little poorly. I still have not had fast food since that one awful night, but I have not been watching diligently. All I can do is be better.

I'm off to Target today. That always makes me feel better.
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