Monday, April 13, 2009

Blah, Blah, Blah

I'm not feeling well today. There are so many things that I need to be doing and I'm not. I need to grocery shop and do laundry- those are the top two. I did just put a load of whites in the washing machine. I'm hungry and I don't have any sandwich stuff. That is what I want- a sandwich.

I am ten weeks pregnant today. The baby is the size of a kumquat or a small plum, depending on what you read. I've never seen a plum the same size as a kumquat but, whatever. My nausea has pushed back later again. It's now, I guess, "morning" sickness but it's very early morning. I still pee a lot (especially at night) and feel pretty dizzy some times.

Today, I am just so tired. I didn't sleep well at all last night and I think I am getting a cold. I have been getting this same cold for awhile now though. My ears and head hurt and I am sneezing. I'm trying to fight it off but the symptoms won't go away completely. I guess it's better than having something full-fledged but this is getting annoying.

Yesterday, for Easter, we all went to my MaMa and PaPa's house. The regular 14 of us went and ate some delicious food. We had ribs, corn, rice dressing (a big favorite of mine and Blue's), green beans, baked beans, deviled eggs, rolls and two desserts- peach cobbler and carrot cake. It was yummy and I ate a little of both desserts. I have some pictures from the day but I have not gotten them onto the computer yet.

All the kids took a turn feeling my belly. If you push, right bellow the belly button, it's hard and feels "weird". They all loved it. M3 was having her turn and then said, "What is that?" I laughed and told her, "That is the baby!" She said, rubbing the fat above the belly button, "Well, then what's all this?" Well, that is FAT! I guess, I don't really know. Aaaaaahhhhhhh- kids! (I have read that as your uterus gets bigger, it pushes all kinds of other stuff up)

Blue and I got home and got into bed and watched tv. That is my favorite way to end the day. It rained really hard all night long here. I am not a fan of bad weather but it's not as bad here as it was in our old house. Blue loves the rain and thunder and lightning- I HATE LIGHTNING! It scares me. I told Blue last night that Baby didn't like the weather and he said not to put that on Baby! I guess he's right though.

Sorry for all the boring blah- just not feeling it today.
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