Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday, Sunday

I had a nice weekend. Yesterday, I made Oreo Truffles for Little Brother's Honey-Do shower and cleaned my house. I also caught up on some of my DVR'ed shows, which was nice.

We left for the party at about 5:30 and were almost there when I realized that I had forgotten the Oreo Truffles!! Oh, Blue was NOT happy but he turned around to let me get them. I often forget something when we leave and got a big, long lecture about it. *sigh* We didn't get to the party until about 6:30 which was later than I wanted but, it was fine.

The party was at my aunt and uncle's house, the ones Blue and I babysat for in January. They built an outdoor "room" that has a kitchen, bathroom, pool table, tv, couch, chairs, etc. It's out in the back near a pool so it's a lot of fun for a party. They have been working really hard to get everything nice and it all paid off. Everything looked great and everyone had a great time.

We ate BBQ brisket, potato salad, baked beans, rolls, fruit and there were a few different desserts. I ate a piece of wonderful angel food cake. And a bite of M3's strawberry shortcake (or something). We listened to music and ate and visited with a lot of people. There were some great gifts and I think that Little Brother was pleased. M2 took some pics of me and M1, M1, Blue and me and Blue and me. I'll show you if I ever get them.

I definitely look pregnant now and people love that. A long time family friend told me that she thinks that Baby is a boy because of my cravings. She makes this dill dip that is fabulous so I was telling her that I need the recipe. Mom told her that I love all things sour: lemons, pickles, oranges, etc. Then, Mrs C said that she ate lemons and pickles with all three of her sons. She is the first person to guess boy. She also told me that I "look great!" That was so nice to hear.

Today, I slept in and did a lot of nothing. I finished cleaning up and doing laundry while watching tons of General Hospital episodes and now I'm almost caught up for tomorrow. I've felt pretty tired and a little queasy all day but I think this is going to be a great week! I'll be 12 weeks pregnant tomorrow. Yay Baby!

I'm off to have a little dessert. Orange? Chocolate pudding? Fudgesicle?
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