Monday, April 27, 2009

Baby Name- A Possible Problem!

One of the names that I love has a little problem. I need to just figure out if I should just not worry about it or if it's a deal breaker. Ok, deeeeeep breaths, this is it. The consecutive initials (first, middle and last) don't spell anything but the monogram (first, last, middle) do spell something. It's not a horrible word, it's an animal that maybe a child wouldn't want to be compared- like RAT or COW.

I know, I know, if I'm worried about it, just don't use the middle name or first name but I feel like this is the first name and the middle name is SUPER important. Also, I am the type who love, love, loves initials and putting them on everything. I know that some people aren't and so they'd never think of it but I'm into it.

I'm leaning more towards just going with the name and not doing monograms. But, I'd like to get opinions on what everybody else thinks. Do you think it's a big deal? Would you do it?

In other news, kinda, I am 12 weeks today. At they show you a fruit/food the size of the baby compared to a quarter every week. This week, we are a lime. Oh, I remember when we were at a poppy seed. Baby is getting big!
A drawing of what Baby might look like now.

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