Monday, April 20, 2009

11 Week Appointment and Updates (Long)

This is Baby at 11 weeks. Well, it's a drawing of a baby at 11 weeks gestation. The actual sonogram pictures that I have of Baby are not downloaded. S/he was very difficult to photograph today. I had an ultrasound and appointment with the doctor this morning. Blue was busy at work and couldn't come so my mom came instead.
When I went into the ultrasound room, I was expecting to have to remove my pants but she said that I need to just hop on the table and pull 'em down a little. She squirted the (warm) goo on my (lower) belly and started digging. That is the best way I can describe it. She said that Baby was not cooperating and was way deep in the uterus. We got to see little glimpses though.

My mom insulted the baby and offended the technician but, when/if you see the sonogram, you'll understand. See, Baby's hand is near the nose area causing it to look like s/he has a beak-like nose. Kinda witchy-face, if you will. And noses are a little long in my family so, it's a legitimate concern. My mom said, "That's not it's nose is it," in a voice and tone that conveyed she hoped like hell the answer was no. The tech said, "*GASP* The baby can hear you! You aren't gonna be the favorite MiMi."

So, I told Baby, "Don't worry, you're beautiful! She didn't mean it." When I said that, Baby's whole body bounced upward. It was unreal! S/he LOVES me!!! How cute is that? S/he did that a few more times and then, the digging was over. OH! And we heard the heart beating. It's so fast and wonderful. The heart rate was 172.

After that was over, I had to pull up my giant paneled pants and mosey on over to the doctor's office. Dr C is so great. She is straight-forward and sweet and she is very calm. I like that. She told us that all of my blood work (that I gave last time) looks great. I was worried about my thyroid and possible diabetes but she said it all looked perfect. She said my weight was fine!! I wanted to dance with joy.

She also said that all of Baby's measurements are perfect. A perfectly healthy mama and baby- that is what I pray for all the time. I'm just so shocked and pleased to get those results from her. She said that she was putting me as high-risk but only because of my history, nothing that she saw now. In four weeks, I'll see her and have another ultrasound done. I will be 15 weeks. At 20 weeks, I see the maternal-fetal doctor and get them to do an ultrasound.

I'm so excited about all of this wonderful news. I was so worried that something was wrong with Baby or me or whatever. There isn't and everything looks great. I'm going to revel in that for a few days before I start worrying about the next thing.

As far as symptoms go, I've been very restless at night. I'm tired and I want to sleep but I can't get comfortable. I slept fairly good on Saturday night but I hadn't for days before that and not last night. I also have HORRIBLE skin problems: acne (angry, red, painful) and itching and rashes. I think that the itching and rashes are allergy related. The acne is just hormones. I am getting a facial Wednesday and I'll call the dermatologist. I hope that goes away with the first trimester.

I'm still craving all things salty and sour. Also, bread and bread-like things. I don't know really if that is pregnancy though. I pretty much all the time like bread, biscuits, rolls, etc. I try not to eat too much though. Oh- still craving fruit and veggies, too. That is a really good thing to crave. I am getting my servings in, for sure.

Thank you for all the nice comments and prayer and support. It means a lot to me.
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