Thursday, October 9, 2008

Mind & Body

I believe that the mind is so very powerful. I think that having a positive attitude goes a long way in BEING okay. If I think that I'm okay, everything will be alright, I'm NOT bad or broken and I can and WILL survive then I feel better. I can talk myself into anything.

I really am doing pretty good with the dieting and exercising. I am just eating better and being aware. It's like everything just clicked. I'm eating a lot of fish or pork or chicken with steamed veggies. I eat a lot of salads with cut up veggies (tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots) and little or no dressing. Blue LOVES tacos so we have tacos a lot. I make the meat and warm the tortillas for him and he eats that. I usually skip the meat and eat black beans with taco seasonings, corn, avocado, tomatoes, lettuce, light sour cream and salsa or taco sauce. It's really filling and great.

I am crazy for peanut butter and fruit for breakfast. I eat 2 Tablespoons (is that TSP?) of peanut butter and a banana or an apple. YUMMY! The key, for me, is to buy fruits and veggies and cut them up and have them on hand. I know people tell you to do that but it's so true. Plus, I'm a fan of almost every fruit and veggie. There are not many that I don't like. I think that this is thanks to my great mom. She bought fruits and veggies for us when we were little and had them cut up for us. Plus, she always cooked wonderful meals. She still does.

I actually don't know how much weight I have lost. I don't have a scale here and I have not weighed myself in the two weeks that we have been here in the new house. I'm debating whether or not to run over to mom's and see what the number is. The thing is, my clothes do fit differently, my face looks thinner to me and I think I've lost some weight. BUT, if I step onto that scale and I have not lost (or GOD FORBID, I've-GULP-gained), I will be very discouraged. I might do something that I will regret. Something of the McDonald's french fries variety.

I need to be working out more. I've been walking but I could walk more. I enjoy walking outside in our neighborhood with Layla but she slows me down. The treadmill that we have is in the nursery/office- the small room. I don't like walking on it because there is no TV or anything. It's facing the wall. Every minute feels like an hour. I can do more time on the treadmill if I'm watching TV or something. SOMETHING other than the wall.

I guess I could daydream about being hot and skinny. I could dream of the cut clothes that I will buy when I get in shape and have a cute figure.

By the way, I love Bonnie Hunt. Her new show is cute. I put it on when I'm cleaning around here and I laugh. She is so cute.
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