Wednesday, October 22, 2008

So Much To Say

It's been so long! I am reading my regular blogs and everyone is just so busy and has so much going on and I feel so far behind. Lots of things are going on over here, too. I don't really remember where I left off (and I forgot to look) so, I'll just start the rambling.

This weekend is the big LSU vs UGA football game. It's a big deal here in my house because Blue is from Georgia, if you'll recall. And we live in Louisiana. It's a Civil War. His family (mom, dad and maybe brother)(and a friend) are coming in on Friday for the game and to see our new home.

We will be tailgating alllllllllll day long on Saturday. My parents are cooking and my brother and his friends have THE best spot on campus. I'll be wearing the purple and gold and screaming with every ounce of my being. This is for all the marbles! GO TIGERS!

I joined and I LOVE it. It helps me so so much! I'm doing my treadmill work as much as possible and that is helpful. The treadmill that I use is very old, though. None of the stuff on it works except for the actual treadmill part. I guess I don't need any of the fancy stuff but it would be nice to know how far I've gone and to have an incline. I'll be asking for a new one for Christmas.

My goal (one of them because I have a LOT) is to lose some weight (FAT) before I worry about doing other exercises besides cardio. I powerwalk and then jog and that seems to be working for now. I'm trying to add more time to the days and more days a week that I do it. If you are interested in my weight loss and progress and are doing the same or have done it, let me know please. I have a weight loss blog, too but I've decided to make it private. Just let me know if you want to read.

Seriously, who knows where I can find out a good housecleaning schedule? I know that one of you superwives has one or knows one. I read one before so I know they exist. I'm talking about, Laundry and bathroom on MON, floor and blah, blah, blah, on TUES... And if you say Flylady then tell me where because I don't wanna know about cleaning my sink and dressing everyday. I do that. Everyday. If I don't, I don't wanna.

Also, on the house cleaning front, who has a Jacuzzi tub? Do you clean the jets a lot? Every week? Every day? Every year? I mean with chemicals or whatever... Thanks!

I know there are other things I gotta tell ya'll but I need to move it! I gotta go get milk and then get my (big) butt on the treadmill.

NOVEMBER 3 is housewives day! I like daisies and gardenias and lilies and I don't like carnations. I wear a size 8.5 shoe. ;)

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