Friday, October 31, 2008


I just bought two pairs of jeans and some shirts in a smaller size! OH, what a feeling. It's amazing. I shouldn't be surprised because the jeans that I've been wearing make me look like I have a penis. No, seriously. Blue and his friend are always teasing me because I'm constantly pulling them up.

I could've probably gone to an even SMALLER size now that I'm sitting here in them. But, nah. I don't wanna be too uncomfortable.

Tonight, Blue has to work in another state so we will miss the WSP concert. I'm going to the high school football game instead. I'm SO bummed that we will miss the concert. Also, very bummed that my Blue is not here. BUT, I'm praising God for Blue's work oppertunities and for our new home and for a marriage that has made it through. I remember when I didn't see my poor hubs for months.

The two girlies, M & M, are coming to spend the night with me. One is 15 and one is 13. FUN! They are my cousins and they are so much fun. I gotta go put on my makeup so, ya'll have a great weekend!

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