Thursday, September 11, 2008

Bedding Down

I've been asked by quite a few people recently about my health (headaches especially) and I've been able to say that they are so much better. They are gone! I have not had one in forever! I'm so lucky! WHOO-HOO!!

BZZZZT!! I woke up with one. I spoke too soon. It's not really a migraine though. It's probably allergies because my eyes were itchy last night. It's very windy around here. Also, I'm going through a lot of stuff that is VERY dusty around here. I'm allergic to dust (who isn't?) and my arms and legs are itchy, too. I am hoping that just a few Advil will help the head pain go away.

We will begin moving all of our stuff next week. I'm so excited and also a bit nervous. What if I HATE it? What if I can't feel at home there? What if none of the neighbors are nice? What if I buy all the wrong furniture? What if Blue really cannot comply with a HOA's rules? STRESS- hmmmm, wonder why I have a headache!

I'm sure we will be fine though. I'm more excited than anything. I'm such a FEELER though. I wonder how the house will FEEL to me. Not just empty and for an hour as we are walking through it with our realtor and the seller. I want to know how WE are going to feel in the house, with our stuff, hanging around. How are we going to feel when we come in the house and sit in the living room to watch tv and relax? Are we going to feel at home? Are we going to feel weird?

One thing I am very worried about is my bedroom. If you know me, you know that sleeping is a BIG DAMN DEAL. I have to be in a good position and have the right temperature and the right covers and la, la, la. Like most things with me, it's an ordeal. I want our bedroom to be nice and pretty and comfortable and calming. I have not had a nice bedroom since I moved out of my house when I was 19. Or 18. How old was I? 19? 20? Huh, I don't remember. Mom?

I like this bed. (The Villa D'oro) What do ya'll think? I know that not everyone has the same tastes though. I am not all about "clean lines" and "simple" designs. I like traditional, antique-looking, more ornate stuff. I don't know what to do about bedding. Crissy and I were talking the other day on AIM (shoeaddictk) about how confusing bedding is nowadays. I don't know what to about bedding- duvet, comforter, quilt? I want to have something substantial because we keep it VERY cold at night (below 70). Suggestions please!

My bedroom color is Medium Mocha (or something) so I can't do the black and white that I wanted unless I repaint. I don't really wanna do that now. I love this but I think that Luke wants something SOLID. I don't know though. I cannot find anything solid that I love. I love this but I am unsure of the whole duvet cover thing. I have no idea what to pick. I like this but it's a quilt (which I like the look of) and Luke thinks it's "too flowery" and it may not be thick enough. He did think stripes were ok. PLEASE HELP!!

My couch is very dark brown leather. I'm also getting two La-Z-Boy recliners. One covered in this (his) and one in a stripe-y plaid that I cannot find. I'm hoping it didn't get discontinued. I love it. This part is fun but it stresses me out. I just want to make the right choices. I hope that you have some suggestions.

I have to go now. I am leaving soon (one hour) to go order furniture so, anything you can say to help will, ummm, you know, help! Thanks!

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