Thursday, September 4, 2008


It's just 12:30 am now. WOW! What a crazy bunch of days this has been. Our power went out at exactly noon on Monday during the hurricane. Our city was hit pretty badly. Our capitol was hit pretty badly. I have some pictures from after the storm hit that are pretty crazy (and probably not that great).

During the storm, the wind was insane. Across the street from our house, Mr D's shed door was flapping in the wind like a piece of paper. It's a HUGE rolling door. A very large tree fell behind our house. Another tree in the side yard broke about thirty feet up and landed in the road that runs along the side of our house. A window broke in my laundry room. The screens came off of almost all of my windows, too. Layla was crazy during the storm. She was just restless.

We are so fortunate though. We are all safe. I know some people who have had their homes wrecked by trees smashing into them. This parish is filled with homes with trees in them. It's a horrible sight to see. I don't know anyone who was physically hurt though and I thank GOD for that. Also, our new home and neighbors appear fine, too.

We are still without power and so is everyone else in the parish.It is said that we will be without for 2-3 weeks. My husband and father work for a heat treating company and so we are very fortunate to have been set up with a full powered generator this evening. It is huge and is running the whole house. We are all at mom and dad's- Luke, Layla, Justin, Shannon and me (and mom and dad and the other two dogs) but we are happy and cool. I have lots of work to do at my own house.

Thanks so much for all of your prayers, thoughts and well-wishes. I appreciate them so much! Please pray for the elderly and the ill who are suffering a lot more than anyone else I know.

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