Sunday, September 7, 2008

Gustav- Through The Windows

As promised, here are the pictures I took the day after Gustav hit. I took them while we were in the truck riding to mom and dad's house so the quality sucks and you can see rain drops. Well, not that my picture taking is good otherwise, but, well, you get what I'm saying. Anyhow, here they are. (They are out-of-order because Blogger is a pain) Layla laid next to me and was a nervous wreck
The front and to the side of our yard. See all the limbs?
Side of yard where there is a road
Big tree down and cows on the right
behind our house
large tree down in the driveway of that house
the awning covering the gas pumps at this gas station blew off

isn't that crazy?

tree on the side of the road
a large tree down in a manufactured home parking lot


At Cami's wedding last week

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