Friday, September 19, 2008

Home Sweet... Not Yet!

We closed on the hose on Wednesday, like I said at the end of the last post. It was really good. It feels really, really good being a homeowner. We have done a lot of things together, been through a lot of things that people shouldn't have to ever do together but this is a good thing.

My friend, Melissa, and I packed up my kitchen on Tuesday. I through away all the Tupperware that didn't match (bottoms with no lids, lids with no bottoms- I had lots of lids) and some cracked, smudgy plastic cups. I left a few plates, cups, silverware and pots and pans for us to use. I forgot bowels though. Of course, that is the FIRST thing Blue needed when he got home. Oh well.

Wednesday night, Blue packed up my car with as much of the kitchen stuff and our clothes that we had packed on Sunday. I drove over to mom and dad's to see dad who was just getting home from out-of-town on business. Dad had never been inside the new house so he wanted to come over and Blue had to stay at the "old" house to do work.

I had never been inside the "new" house (that is how we are referring to the houses) after dark. I was nervous because of all of those feeling things that I'd talked about here before. Plus, ya'll know I have sleep issues. We unpacked the car and I gave daddy the grand tour. He loved it and I was just so happy. I imagined the house with the furniture in it and giving the tour, over and over to more friends and family.

Here are some pictures that I took today before the furniture was delivered.
master bath tub
corner of my vanity (bottom left)
toilet is to the right
master bedroom
just one wall (corner)
those windows face the yard
the wall to the right (that is a corner) is the wall the headboard is on
my side of the bed is on the window side

living room from dining room
living room
the other view
I'm standing next to that window in the above picture
that wall to the right is where the entertainment center is
and excuse the dining room- those are the piles of clothes that we were washing
Right now, we have the refrigerator, sofa, two end tables, the entertainment center, the bed and nightstands. Let me tell you though, I am NOT happy. Every. Single. Piece of furniture has a problem except the sofa and the nightstands. The entertainment center is so pretty (I was worried about it next to the fireplace) and looks really good. But it has a huge, deep scratch in the wood. One of the bed posts is wrong and they didn't bring me the top of the armior. They brought the dresser (which I didn't order) but even it's broken! It's really annoying.

I think that we will be moving our big stuff Saturday. We should be able to sleep there by then, I hope! Blue is busy at work and I still have things to do here at the old house. I'm still packing things up. I'm cleaning and organizing at the new house as I go. It's so wonderful to have the opportunity to start fresh.

What I'm really thankful for is my attitude and energy level. I am still so astounded every time something else reminds me of how LOW I was before. That's VERY VERY low. I'm so far beyond where I was just last year that it's a miracle. I'm so incredibly thankful- for my energy and health, for my house, my husband, my parents, my friends, my life.

When we move in, I may not leave for awhile!

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