Friday, September 5, 2008

Looking Better

Things are looking up around here. My parents got electricity and so did some other people around town. We didn't though so we will continue staying here for now.It may be restored at our house as soon as Sunday. Stores and gas stations are also gaining power so the lines are not as long today. Yesterday, dad, Luke, Keith and I ran errands all over and we saw lines for fuel that were miles and miles long. People waited 2 and 3 hours in those lines.

I am watching a friend's little girl today. Her mother is at work and there is no school and no child care facilities open now. The children had this entire week off but they will have to make it up somewhere. I've been trying to help out as much as I can. We are so blessed to be safe and have virtually no damage to our homes and cars. We have had power because of the generators and we have had plenty to eat and drink. I know people who had no cool air, no clean clothes, not much to eat. Everywhere we drive we see families sitting outside in chairs to avoid the stuffiness of the heat inside.

I've been asked by a few of you sweet souls about helping and we don't need any help. I know of one family in particular who had a tree in their living room and on both of their cars. I know that lots and lots (and LOTS) of other families are going through this. I'll give more info as I get it later this weekend. I plan to get with my uncle's church to volunteer with them.

I do know that if you'd like to help with something now, I suggest these. Go here:
Woman's Hospital Hurricane Relief Fund OR the LA chapter of the Red Cross.
Thanks so much!

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