Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Birthday Boy and The Drunks

This post is picture heavy so don't say I didn't warn you. Just like last Sunday for dad's birthday, the fam went to eat for Justin's birthday this past Sunday. We went to eat at The Little Village which is becoming a favorite of ours. Well, Gussie and Blue had never been so this was there first time. We had a really good time! Ummmmm, Mom, Gussie and I had a little too much fun maybe. Our martinis were really strong. We only had one each and we were drunk!
They all laugh at me though because I'm like the paparazzi with the camera. I don't care. I love having pictures of our adventures. It's fun. I'm an absolute terrible photographer but whatever. I also never actually sat down and learned all about my camera so that may have something to do with it. It's a Pentax Optio.

Sunday was just the day that we went to eat for Justin's birthday. Today, September 17th is his actual birthday. He turned 24 which is absolutely insane to me. I still remember him being a little boy! He's not little anymore though. Well, he's still skinny. HERE is what I wrote for him for his birthday last year.

It would've been nice to have a picture of him, huh? NAH! It's me on the way to the restaurant. Those are my faux Chanel sunglasses.

There he is- The Birthday Boy on Sunday night

Birthday Boy & Gussie
Blue(wearing blue) & Shoeaddict
nice pictures taken before the martinis were consumed
well, uh oh!
I like taking pictures of Gussie eating.

because she does gives me funny poses!

yes, after the martinis

This goes in the "nice, normal" category even though it's AFTER and everyone was laughing at me for taking pictures

HELLO! We're not ready

Ahhhhhhh! Cute

SILs (and a little bit of Mama)

And the Food:

Mine- Chilean Sea Bass with lump crab meat in a lemon sauce

Luke's- ribeye with shrimp (doesn't that thing on the right look like an eyeball?)

Dad's- the grouper

Justin's- stuffed lobster tail

Close up!

The cake today

I made a cake for him last night and brought it to him at work today. That was a lot of fun. I was SO proud of the cake. My friend Melissa and I made it and we had a blast with the sprinkles and the icing. It was great. I did eat a piece at the office today and I am not feeling guilty because I've been doing so good. I've lost about 5lbs. My pants were very loose today. YAY!!
I'm sure there are more fun fam pictures coming up after next week. The WHOLE family is going out for the September birthdays for Sunday brunch/lunch/dinner (I forgot, I don't know). The September birthday's are- dad, Justin & PaPa (9/26).
Oh, we closed on our house today. Yes, we are HOMEOWNERS!

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