Saturday, September 22, 2007

What's Goin On- Non-Celeb News (UPDATE- 10:19 PM)

I watched What Not to Wear last night. I love that show and would love to have Stacey's job. I would love to be their friend because they are hilarious. I don't think that Stacey is pretty per Se, she is attractive, though. Last night, the first episode was about a girl who had dreadlocks for 10 years. Uhhh! You could smell her through the TV. Her clothes had holes and stains and Stacey cracked me up. Neither one of them wanted to touch her, her hair or her clothes. She had some kind of wonky pinkie toe thing going on, too. Oh, and dreadlock girl- her name was KRISTEN! Great. She had the shoes with HOLES in them where her wonky pinkie toe poked out and it was weird.
I love when Stacey says, "If those were the last shoes on Earth, I'd cut off my feet!"

I'm watching this weeks America's Next Top Model. I'm not going to lie. I cannot because people who know me (Lin, Sarah C., Mom) read this and WILL call me out because they are like that!! I am not the type of girl who thinks she's ugly. Fat, yes. I've never been the type who thought I was ugly because I'm not. I don't think I'm about to knock Heidi Klum off her pedestal but, ugly I am not. Anyway, I am still amazed at these girls on ANTM. When I was younger and thinner, I was not bitchier. I can't believe the mean that some of these girls spew at each other! I guess it makes for good TV but, I just want to see pretty locations, clothes and makeup. Oh, and Nigel- he's a hottie. I also love Miss J and Jay the director. Tyra. *sigh* I have so many different feelings about her. She's over-the-top which I don't have a problem with as I've been known to have a certain flair for the dramatic. She is just a little inconsistent at times with her beliefs.

Tonight, as I was driving down to the little grocery to get milk, I got to listen to one of Luke's CD's that he just made. Green Day's "Time of Your Life" came on and stirred up my feelings. Green Day has been a band that Luke and I have enjoyed during our love. Luke and I are music people. He plays the guitar. We bonded over that because I grew up listening to my beloved daddy playing the guitar. We also really, really, really loved Nirvana. I remember being in a very different stage my freshman year than my friends. I listened to Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Better Than Ezra, Smashing Pumpkins,Bush, Stone Temple Pilots and I had a flannel shirt that I wore ALL.THE.TIME. But, I was still totally girly and boy CRAZY and what not.
Luke was like me but, a boy! He was a very popular (I was NOT popular) football player who had lots of friends and girl friends. He was a jock, a prep, and into all the grunge band stuff. Now, we are the same way. We love "jam bands" like Widespread Panic. Luke is a major Grateful Dead fan. We just don't fit into a mold.
Back to the song. "I hope you had the time of your life." The time of your life. WOW. When have you had the time of your life? That's a big question, for me anyway. Even though I think it's a Whoa thing, I can tell you when I had the time of my life. It was the first week I spent with Luke. Then, the other couple of weekends we spent together when we were first together. Our first week together was SO much fun. There was the beach which I love. Tons of people and lots of fun! We all sang and danced, played games, talked, swam, and met people. I wore a two piece bathing suit. I wore short shorts (Who wears short shorts). There was drinking, laughing, family, boys. The only thing I would've changed is Lindsey. I love you, LINDSEY!!

*Cooper and Lindsey called me last night and got my voicemail. Well, Lin did and Muffin kept saying "Hey, Kristen! Hey!" I kept the message. I love when he loves me. Don't y'all want to see more pictures of him? YAY!!

My house is a wreck and I have no energy to do more than one little thing at a time. Dirty dishes are piled in the sink and the dishwasher is waiting to be unloaded. There are towels that need to be washed. My bedroom is overwhelmed with clutter. I'm embarrassed to even get anyone to come help me. *Sigh* So, yeah...

I am also getting a little nervous because I finished "Twilight", "New Moon", "Mommy Tracking", etc... I'll be reviewing "Testing Kate" and "Mommy Tracking" by Whitney Gaskell (both fabulous!). I'm almost finished with Pattie Boyd's "Wonderful Tonight..." and I'll do something on it. I don't like not having a pile of books waiting! I do have "Second Chance" by Jane Green that I've already started and I have "She, Myself & I" by Whitney Gaskell. Tell me what to get next. PLEASE!!!

I'm also working on finding a foundation for Jill at EVERYDAY. Let me know YOUR make up questions.

Lastly, TIGERS WIN AGAIN!!!! LSU-28 South Carolina-16. These are the most points the TIGERS have allowed in a game this season. Now, the GEORGIA DAWGS just have to win and everything will be good in this house. (It's 20-10 Dawgs!!)

Dawgs are TIED with Alabama. Oh my heart!! Oh, Alabama just scored a fieldgoal. Good grief. I'm about to have a heart attack. Nick Satan CANNOT win. OHHHHHHH TOUCHDOWN DAWGS!!! FINAL- 26-23. Way to go Mikey! Mark Richt is an amazing coach. I bet Luke done loss his mine...

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