Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Random Randomness

I cannot. Stop. Drinking. I'm gonna drown myself! I drink and drink and drink. It's never enough. I have my (must have) Diet Coke as soon as I wake up, then as soon as I've drank the last drop of that, it's on to my other decaffeinated beverages. I drink Diet root beer, sweet tea, Crystal Lite and water. I cannot stop with the drinking...

My parents and grandparents are in France and then will be in Germany. I HATE when they leave me even though I'm 26 years old. I also don't see any of the four everyday. I talk to them all (except my PaPa) every single day, perhaps more than once. I see my dad more usually. I see daddy during the week and I don't always see my mom. My mom is very busy. She has a very, very busy and important job. She works out with her personal trainer twice-a-week, she gets her nails done once a week and well, she has stuff. I talk to her on the phone and we email. I can get her if I want. Same with my Mamaw. We talk all the time. She is so cute.

I'm making baked tillapia. I put some salt, pepper and lemon stuff on it. I also have a bag of frozen corn-on-the-cob (the steaming bag). Hmmmmmmm, should I make the black beans, too? Input.

Alexis Bledel is so very beautiful. I'm watching a Gilmore Girls re-run. She is stunning and so is Lauren Graham. Speaking of GG, Melissa McCarthy is on Samantha Who? and I am so so so excited!! I liked the show, did y'all see it? I talked about it on the other blog.

I am tres upset about the state of TV tonight! No House! FOX is taken over by Major League Baseball. So, Beauty and the Geek at 7, then ??? at 8, then Law & Order:SVU and Cane at 9. I'm also just adding, adding, adding shows to the list. VH1 is evil. Now, I'm all in lurve with America's Most Smartest Model. Have you seen it?

I had a dream that roaches were in ALL of my food. They were dead but still!! They were in my cereal boxes, chip bags, cookies, pasta bags, tea boxes, etc... GROSS! Probably a sign that (1) I need to CLEAN. Badly. And (2) those foods shouldn't be consumed by me. *SIGH*

I'm sooo boring. I know.

*I know I use LOTS of labels but, whatever...*

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