Thursday, September 27, 2007

LIVE From My Bedroom... *SPOILERS* EDITED- 9/28 (2:03pm)

Hey, I'm LIVE watching Ugly Betty and DVR'ing Earl. I just saw the "Last season on Ugly Betty..." and I remember it all. For all of you who like this sorta info, Santos was gonna die, the guy who plays him was in another show that got canceled (Drive). OH. I. LOVE. IT. "You've taken a lover! And that lover has a creamy center." I'll be back! SPARKLE and DAZZLE!!
**I'm back! OK, OMG- Alexis doesn't know that she is ALEX! Whoa, that's gonna be WHOA. I do not like that Santos is really dead. That broke my heart. Does anybody want Betty and Daniel to get together?

Grey's Anatomy- How funny that they all did Bailey's speech! Christina's hair looks so cute and Izzy is so pretty. McSteamy is HOT!! I love that Bailey said, "you and Grey aren't sniffing each other in the elevator..." to Derek. That was funny stuff. PLEASE someone tell me why in the world are they broken up? George being mean to Callie really pisses me off. Joey, the accident victim who is eating everything in sight, that is CAH-RAAAAZY. And Lexie the sister, hello, bad timing much! Ya think she could've waited an hour to introduce herself? Overall, I'm totally digging this Grey's and I know that I'm not gonna jump ship. I just want to understand why Meredith and Derek are broken up. Oh, well, 30 more minutes left, maybe I'll learn something.
- If George and Lexie hook up, that will really make me mad. He'll be just outta control. So, the Joey guy had a disease that caused him to eat everything in sight. Well, I think I have that! J/K... The Mark/Derek dynamic is a great one. I really liked Izzy's "You can bitch and moan about it or you can adjust your expectations... " speech. That's a great way to look at things, right?
As far as CHANGE goes, I'm not good at it at all. I've never been. I just have to adjust.
What do you think about Meredith and Derek breaking up? What do you think about George & Izzie? Did you miss Addison & Burke?

Big Shots- What's the deal with trannies on the premieres this week? I'm DVR'ing this so, I'm going to read a little and go to sleep. I'm so tired.

Still waiting on DVR:
Beauty and the Geek
Kid Nation
Dirty Sexy Money
Tim Gunn's Guide to Style

Beauty and the Geek- Is anyone besides Lori and me watching? My heart broke for Tony. I think Sam is gross. Nicole is a cutie. I thought that the right people won each competition, though. Even though Sam is a skeeve, he did well at the debate because he debated- he had a rebuttal.

Kid Nation- This show is fantastic and I cannot stand all the whiny people who think it's abusive or whatever. I have not read Lord of the Flies but, I am very interested in doing so. HOLLY, do you have a copy I can borrow? Maybe the next time you come home? Let me know! Anyway, these kids are learning skills (cooking, social skills, money management, responsibility,etc...) that are very important in life. They are able to go home if they want. They are not out there alone- get real. They are just NOT being "coddled" like kids are so used to today. I'm only 26 but, when I was a kid, things were different. Now, "every body's a winner", kids get overly praised for everything, and are never allowed to get dirty or hurt. I have TONS more to say about this subject but, this is not the time. Bottom line- like the show a lot. The kids are so cute- Mike, Laurel, DK, the funny one on the red team, Sophia...

Dirty Sexy Money- I heart this show too! I cannot believe that I'm falling in love with all these new shows. Peter Krause (Six Feet Under) plays Nick George and he's so good. The Darling family is a guilty pleasure I can sink my teeth into for sure. There is also a murder mystery and can Nick really trust the Darlings???

Big Shots- Dylan McDermott being a bad boy- yummy! I loved this show, too and I didn't want to at all. Only because my butt is never gonna leave the TV. I've always loved TV but, this is just ridiculous!! Michael Vartan, Christipher Titus & Dylan McDermott all make up a pretty, funny, naughty cast. It's very Sex and the City with men. It's staying on my list.

Did you watch Dirty Sexy Money? Big Shots? What do you think?

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