Thursday, August 23, 2007

Book Review-3

It's 2:23 am and I finished reading this book and I'm so sad. I should've paced myself. I should've savored it. But, I did not and I knew I wouldn't.

I got up just to write this because I couldn't stop composing it in my head. It's The Urge. OK, so, the book. I gave you guys what booklist said about it. Now, here's MY take and a lil bit of me and how MY shoe addiction plays into it.

Lorna Rafferty works as a waitress, is single and in debt. She has CREDIT CARDS. S. More than one. A lot. And she l.o.v.e.s shoes. A lot. She gets her electricity cut off and notices about her car being repossessed but, she is still going on ebay, rationalizing that Marc Jacob boots at $150.00 (or something) is an investment because that's a steal of a deal. *Cut to me. I love shoes. I have many, many, MANY, pairs. BUT, I do not own a pair that are designer. Oh, trust that I will. But, I am not a shoe snob. I have Pay Less shoes. The most expensive shoes I own are Birkenstocks and, those are not my favorites. Not even in the top 5. Or even 10!*

Lorna gets this idea that there might be other "addicts" like her in her area. She goes on "Gregslist" and writes up an ad: Shoe Addicts Anonymous- Are you like me? Love shoes but can't keep buying them? If you wear a 7 1/2 medium and are interested in swapping your Manolos for Maglis, etc., Tuesday nights in the Bethsida area, email or call 301-555-5801. Maybe we can help each other.

Helene Zaharis is a senator's wife in a loveless marriage. She too is a shoe addict and her husband controls her with the money. She seeks shoes and friendships in the group. Her character is a good one. Her husband is sleazy.

Sandra is an overweight, agoraphobic, phone-sex operator who loves shoes, too. She has plenty of money to feed her addiction for shoes but, is challenged by her therapist to join a group or something to get out of her house. When she stumbles across the ad, she decides to try it, "Just once." Sandra finds more than just shoes but, friends and herself.

And finally, Jocelyn, the naive nanny. She doesn't care about shoes but, just wants to get out of the house or her nights off or her boss will give her work to do, that she doesn't pay her for! She joins the group and brings shoes she spends hours searching for in thrift stores and vintage shops. I get really angry at her employer, Mrs Oliver. I would be sooooo mad and cry a million times if I worked for her.

Of course, there are some aspects of the story that are far-fetched. One particular thing that bugs me a lot. Most far-fetched incidents in stories don't bother me but, this one did. I cannot really say what it is and it probably won't bother anyone else. I'll discuss it later after giving you all a chance to read. And I do expect SOMEBODY to read it.

I related very much to some of the characters, if not a few. I do believe that I have an obsession with shoes that others don't. The way they are described in the book, the arches and the heels and the smells. The feeling that the girl gets when slipping them on her feet... I get that. I'm there. That is me. I've said before that when I get shoes in the mail, I instantly put them on and walk around the house in them. I wear them in whatever I'm wearing- pj bottoms and t-shirts, nightgowns, whatever. I will be lounging on the couch, watching TV or on the computer, wearing my favorite Old Navy pj shorts, old ratty t-shirt, and my 4 inch, red Steve Madden shoes. I gotta go pick out some shoes to wear! I've been wearing my black, Oh Deer! Marilyn's.

The book is hardcover, which I didn't know, and beautiful. I'm not giving it away but, will lend it out. I have put my name (just 3, not all 4- ha) and the date in it and everything. This is a big deal because the turnaround on books here is huge so they gotta go to make room for new ones. I've kept only the very special ("Valley of the Dolls"- which I've read a number of times, some J. Picoult, ummmm, it's 3 am, I can't think).

There are no sex scenes but, very dirty and graphic words (Sandra is a phone-sex operator) so you've been warned.

Now, who's gonna read it? Who's gonna read The Pink Ghetto? Picture Perfect? Hmmmmm???

EDITED TO ADD- There is a character named Holden. That is the ONE boy name that Luke and I agree on and reading it, saying it so many times (not that many)... I REALLY like it a lot!!! Just saying.

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