Monday, June 25, 2007

Sarah & Jeremy

Sarah and I went to high school together
engagement picture

1) How long have you been married? How long have you been together?
Jeremy and I have been together for one year and six months. We have been engaged for three months.
2) How did you meet?
We actually met on eharmony. I had signed up for the service, and filled out the personality profile, but had not paid yet. He had signed up previously and we were matched up. He tried to communicate with me, but was unaware that I had not paid, thought I was ignoring him and moved on. His membership then expired, but he still received the emails about matches. Meanwhile, I paid and saw that he had ended communication with me, and sent him a message asking to communicate. Eharmony is a very intensive thorough online matching service and there are several steps you must take before you can see your match's picture or even freely email. He rejoined JUST so that he could talk to me, and we went through the communication stages (I think there were 5,) within 48 hours. We then talked on the phone for a week, every night, for HOURS. We went on our first date on December 9, 2005, and have been together ever since.
3) What do you admire the most about your partner?
I admire a lot of things about Jeremy. He is a very loyal person and a hard worker. He is extremely creative, which I think is so cool, because I am not. Mostly, he knows who he is, and he is not scared of anyone or anything, and I think that is awesome.
4) What do you fight about the most?
We don't really have an "issue" we fight about. We are both control freaks, and typically get in a fight for control. The root of the argument is normally really dumb and trivial. We also have argued more than once because during conversation, again about something mundane, one of us said something in a certain "tone" that the other didn't care for, and made him/her defensive. Then ridiculous arguing ensues.
5) How has your relationship grown/changed in the years(months)/time you've been together?
Jeremy and I sort of did things backwards. We fell inlove, then got to know each other, if that makes sense. We dove headfirst into a relationship, and moved in together after dating for two months I think. So, we have really worked at our relationship, especially because Katrina had just happened a few months before we met and left Jeremy homeless and jobless. We also have really overcome some of our personal faults. Example, I am typically very defensive, especially with men. I was always waiting for someone to hurt me, so Jeremy really helped me see that about myself, and move on from it. I think trust was an issue for both of us, because we had both been cheated on in previous relationships, and so that is something we worked really hard on. It ended up working out for us, despite the odds against us. We complement each other very well, and are not only madly in love but best friends, as well.

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