Saturday, January 24, 2009

Big. Fat. Gross.

This past week with the kids has also been super bad on my diet. To be 100% truthful though, I have not been doing all that great for a month or so. I have not been eating badly all this time (like junk food or whatever) but I have not eaten the right stuff and enough of it. I have not stuck to my food journal and I've been skipping meals (mostly breakfast).

Being here with the kids has mad things so much worse though. I've mainly eaten Special K cereal in the morning but there was that one morning that D wanted blueberry muffins and I had one of those. I've skipped a few lunches and then eaten a lot at suppertime. I cooked most nights- spaghetti and meatballs, chili, hamburgers, roast and gravy, tacos, stuff like that. BUT, we did have pizza last night and there has been King Cake. I didn't eat but a small sliver of that. Oh, and I've had ice cream, too. Oh, it's so gross to write out.

We are going to be going out for my birthday, too. Mom and dad get home tonight and so I guess we'll be going tomorrow or one night this week. I think I'm going to pick Bonefish Grill . I'll probably get this fish and the house salad. That salad is so fantastic.

I was actually thinking of doing the Master Cleanse . I know that you will probably say, "Don't do it! You'll get so hungry," or something like that. Thing is, I'm sure that I'm fatter than you. And you. One of the main things I'm worrying about is not having the energy to work out. I NEED to get back to sweating it out and exercise. If you have some kind of cleanse or special diet that I can do to jump start myself- let me know!

If I decide to do the MC, I'll let you know. I'll probably blog about it. Also, I'm going to start posting again on my diet blog. I'll also be posting A LOT on my tv blog soon. I have so many shows on my DVR.

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