Friday, December 5, 2008

The Gift of The Bath

When we were looking for houses, one thing that I HAD to have was a nice bathroom. I wanted a big tub with the jets and a nice separate shower. I got that and I am not disappointed. Here are some of my very favorite things that have to do with a good bath. Maybe you can find a good gift for someone.

Full disclosure- I don't own one of these awesome Canyon Group robes but I want one badly. They are made of chenille and are so adorable. They are kinda expensive ($132) but they are so comfy and gorgeous! The robes have appeared on TV and in the movies. They come in sizes Small (6-8), Medium (10-12), Large (14) and X-Large (16). They also have Plus sized robes in some of the same designs. There are really cute ones, here are just a few:
Glamour Girl
comes in lilac or pink
(this is the one I MIGHT want)


Blue Butterfly

I really am the QUEEN of the bath products. Really, really, really. If I sold all the stuff I have right now, I could pay my mortgage. I'm not even kidding. Philosophy has the greatest stuff ever in the bath. I also want this, you know, in case you decide to buy me a gift! If you are looking for something for yourself, your mom, sister, etc...

Pure Grace
Foaming Bath and Shower Cream
This stuff is fabulous. It's really creamy (I use it to shave sometimes and I have the worst sensitive skin) and rich. The smell is so fabulous, too. I love it. It's mild and light and clean. I love it in the winter.

Cinnamon Buns
16oz- $16.00
3-in-1 Ultra Rich
Shampoo, Shower Gel & Bubble Bath
This is the most decadent stuff you can use in the bath. I love it to relax and soak- it's not good in the morning! It's the very best on a cold, winter day because of the great spicy smell. It does smell like Cinnamon Buns but the top notes are not sweet, they are more spicy and warm. I bet that you'll love it! I also have the lip balm and it's okay. It's a little Red Hots for me.
Another company I LOVE in the tub is L'Occitane. I love them all the time, actually. We just got a little L'Occitane store in the mall and I am thinking of going to work there. The one drawback- there is only one person at a time working! I will get bored. So, back to the products, they are so fabulous! I think you should own at least one thing from this place. Sephora also sells them. And Philosophy.

The Lavender Spa
Limited Edition!
Lavender is something I cannot live without. I discovered my true love for it while in the middle of suffering from terrible migraines. Lavender is a natural calmer and L'Occitane has simply the best. If you love lavender scent and you have never smelled this one, you MUST! Also great, the candle. The reason L'Occitane's lavender is the best- lavender grows in Aix en Provence in France and that is where L'Occitane originates. My mom has been there.

Butterfly Lavender Joyful Mood Body Cream
Limited Edition

This is another thing that is on my wish list. I have this and I love it.

Almond Shower Oil
Travel Size
I love this stuff. I pour it in the running water and it smells so fabulous. It's an oil so it is very super moisturizing and doesn't dry you out. I don't even use lotion on the days that I use this in the bath.

Other stuff I love from there is this (I want this!) and this. I took my MIL to the little shop when they were here and she loved it. She told me she wanted something from there for Christmas but I don't remember! AGH!!!

Do you need any gift ideas? Maybe I can help! Let me know.

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