Thursday, November 20, 2008


The guy I had my first kiss with asked to be my friend on Facebook. Oh my GOD! It's so crazy. He is (still) so cute. We "dated" in 7th and 8th grade. He was like my best friend. We were very close. It's a blast from the past...

Kate, he lives in Houston now!!

ADDED LATER- Okay, so I'm thinking about Facebook and this old friend. I'm also thinking that I just have not had a lot of boyfriends in my life. Not, A LOT. This guy, Matt (oh, the dimples! and like every other guy, the blue eyes!)(Sarah, you gotta see him now), was my first boyfriend. He came to my house and we hung out and I told him everything. He is very smart.

In 9th grade, we went to different high schools. We still talked on the phone some but he didn't want me to "get over him." He wanted to be with other girls but he didn't want me to be with other guys. I was trying to fit in at my new school where I knew no one. That is when I met the lovely Sarah. I had no boyfriend in ninth grade, surprisingly.

In 10th grade, I was asked to Homecoming by a guy named Brian. He was friends with my cousin, Cody. Cody is two years older than me and we grew up VERY close. Cody and I were like brother and sister. We lived very close to each other but went to different high schools. He went to the public school and I went to a private one. He was friends with some (older) people from my school. Anyway, so Brian asked me to Homecoming and I said yes. We started hanging out and then dating before the dance.

Brian was fun. He was not very cute but he was fun. He was a good kisser, too. He also had the greatest group of friends. It was a group of guys that I started hanging out with and loved so much. We had a lot of fun. Brian broke up with me shortly after the Homecoming dance because he met another girl. I was so upset. His friends were still friends with me. There was one friend, Rudy, whose house we would go to all the time on the weekends. This is where my life changed.

After B broke up with me, my group of friends and I went to Rudy's house like always. I thought that B was going to be there with his new girlfriend so I got all dressed up. It was all a "big deal" you know. The girls were all talking about it and the boys were all talking about it. I was getting all pumped up and ready to ignore him. When we all got to Rudy's, something else happened. I met the guy that I have referred to here as Satan.

He had seen me at Rudy's before and I honestly had not seen him. He had a crush on me, wanted to talk, wanted my number. My guy friends who knew him warned me about him- they told me that he was on drugs, that he was bad news. I thought that was kinda cool. I was young! I never intended to start anything. I remember B being jealous and I liked that. I gave Satan my number and he called. And called and he was obsessed...

Satan and I were together for three years. We broke up when I was 18. I turned 18 in January and we broke up in February. I went a little wild then. I was going out a lot. There was a special guy. It was never the right time for us though, just not meant to be. There was also Chad... I have written about his tragic story. He had green eyes, though.

Then, unexpectedly in July of 1999, I met my Blue, THE Blue. And that was it. After one week, I fell in love with him. We met, spent the week together (as friends), then met back up in mid-September and have been together ever since. We were married on May 24, 2003. The next blue-eyed boy in my life will call me mommy (or Aunt).

See, not a lot. I am just a "relationship" kind of girl. I guess...

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