Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Giving Thanks

I am fine. Monday was not a great day. I was just remembering a bad time in my life and so I was feeling sad. The depression, it comes and it goes. It's like a big thick fog that settles over me, weighing me down with memories. Then, it passes. I appreciate all the love.

Monday night, I took Maria to see Twilight. I loved it. I LOVED it. I did not LOVE the books. This is a peculiar change for me. I usually do not LOVE the movie. I guess that is if I LOVED the book though. I think the reason I LOVED the movie though is because of the problems I had with the book(s). I liked the idea the writer had but the writing was sometimes very slow. The movie was pretty fast paced (no two hours of Bella moping around doing the same ol' thing like she does for the entire middle of the books) and dramatic. It was also pretty cheesy but I expected a little cheese.

I like the guy who played Edward. I really, really liked him in the movie. I did not like the girl who played Bella. I don't think she is "beautiful" only cute. I think her mouth/chin is weird, distractingly so and I think that THIS girl would've been better. That's just me.

My godchild, MAV, is here with me. I went and picked her up yesterday. She will come with Blue and me to the camp tomorrow for Thanksgiving. My parents, Little Bro, Gus and Gus' family will be there, too. On the menu:

I don't know what the dessert will be because Gus' mom is bringing it. I think. OH, and I think maybe Gus is making 24-hour-salad. Maybe(?). I guess if she or mom read this, they will let us know. If you are interested in the recipe for any of these dishes, let me know.

I'm going to bring a bag of Steam Fresh mixed veggies, too. I'll still eat everything above but just a little bit of it. I'll try to fill up on turkey and regular veggies. TRY TO. But, as of now, I'm very thankful that I've lost the 14lbs that I have already.

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