Saturday, August 30, 2008

Gustav Updates

Pictures from 2theadvocate and National Hurricane Center
We are preparing for strong winds and heavy rains. We are not near enough to the Gulf to have to worry about storm surges or whatever. I just read that he has been updated to a Category 5 in the Gulf. He probably won't hit as a Cat 5 but even a 3 is major. If he hits Houma or Morgan City, we (my town) are going to get hit hard. We won't know for sure until Monday. Right now that landing is just soooo wide- from Biloxi to Beaumont.

I'm doing loads and loads of laundry, gathering up important papers and cooking some big meals. We will probably go to my parents house if it gets too bad. I don't want to go to MaMaw's with Layla. She had a bath and didn't love it so much. My head is killing me and has been since Wednesday but I keep trying to get it to just go away. It's kinda ebbed and flowed.

Thanks so much to everyone who said they would pray for us. Please do that! Pray for my family and friends and for my state. I love it here and I hate the thought of more damage and tragedy. Thank you for checking on me. I will try to update you as much as possible.

Also, GEAUX TIGERS! 41-13

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