Saturday, August 16, 2008

Faux Twitter

I set up a Twitter account but never finished. I guess I should say that I started setting up one... Same with Facebook. I'm truly lame, I know. Whatever. So, I'm just gonna tell you how boring I really am right here.

-woke up at 12:30AM because the PUNK who lives near us was having himself a par-tay! My freaking windows were rattling and so were my nerves. I woke Luke up to be sure that he was equally annoyed. What!?! He didn't have to wake up tooooo early this morning.
-12:55AM L & I huddled in the bathroom in the dark peeking out the window at the punks.
-1:11AM Cops finally come and shoo punks into the shed
-1:14 AM Cops leave and punks start hopping again. Did I mention that a party to them includes YELLING? Everyone takes turns, too.
-9:23 AM Wake up and feed Layla who is annoyed that her beauty sleep was interrupted by idiots last night.
-11:52 AM Leave to go eat lunch and then go ride through our new neighborhood (!). We wanna see what is going on in the middle of the day on Saturdays. It turns out that it's quite and no one is hanging around acting like a bunch of punks.
-1:56 PM L goes to take a nap.
-2:00 PM I begin playing tons of different computer games because I'm addicted to them.
-2:58 PM NOW... I'm writing about my boring-ness
-5:04 PM Ummm, now I'm all set up to Twitter folks! I'm following some of you but only two people are following me.
-5:05 PM watching Everybody Loves Raymond and getting ready to go to Lindsey's house.

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