Monday, July 21, 2008

Window Shopping

I've been looking around at some handbags and shoes and thought I'd show you some of my favorites at three different sites(, & Here are just a few picks from each.
I did Zappos last and wanted to just show some of my favorite Lucky Brand handbags. The trend for the Fall is jewel toned colors & especially deep blue (like the KOOBA)(Piperlime) and purple. Lucky Brand has really pretty tan/brown ones though. I like LB because they look kinda hippy-ish. Do you wear the same purse for every season? Are you shopping for a new one (like me)?
Lucky Brand Stripes-Round Hobo (dune)$192.00
Lucky Brand New Francoise (mulberry)$182.00 is having a huge sale. Handbags and shoes are both on sale. All *s denote my VERY favorite of the favorites. I didn't do * for the handbags.
Latico zip top satchel (purple)$175.00 NEW
KOOBA nelli (blue)$479.99 SALE
Lucky Brand fringe fest (rasta purple)$158.00 NEW
Nine West with a twist tote (black)$85.00 NEW
Big Buddah Denise (brown)$90.00 NEW
Big Buddah Kirsten (tan)$90.00 NEW

Ilena by Bandolino (fuchsia) $29.99 SALE
* Tajo by Na Na (gold)$80.00
* Courtney by Naturalizer in (dirty nickle metallic)$89.00
Party Lounge by Kenneth Cole Unlisted (platinum)$29.99 SALE
Venice by YOU by CROCS (black)$99.99 SALE
* BJULIET Black Fabric $38.00 SALE

LEILANA black Fabric $49.99
* CHAROOS Cognac Leather $59.00 SALE
MAXII pewter leather $99.95
MIRIAM brown leather $39.95 SALE

What do you like? What do you not?

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