Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Shoeaddict and Friends Book Club Update

I should have done this last night but I didn't . I'm sorry. I was otherwise engaged (say that in a syrupy, sweet, southern drawl). The discussion on our very first book, The Mercy of Thin Air, is one week from today. Most of you will be reading this tomorrow though so, I'll give you the exact date again. It's Wednesday, August 6th. I am not set in stone as to how it will go.

I know that there are discussion questions in the back of the book and we will be discussing those for sure. For those of you who are still reading or who have not started, if you come across a question or a point you want to discuss, jot it down and either send it to me (email it at shoeaddict 17 at gmail dot com with no spaces between) or I guess we can bring those points up.

I want to have a place for readers (yours, mine, ours) points, questions, comments. I have not started reading again because I want it to be FRESH! I did this my whole life in school when we had to read books for school. I did not read my summer books in May or June or July. I had them because my mom bought them but I read the week (OK, night!) before the test. I usually work better under pressure.

I love this idea of a book club. I love thinking that we are all reading the same thing. All of you who are reading or who have read, you are reading about towns that are very close to my heart. Towns that play huge roles in my childhood, my teenage years, my dating life, my life with the lovely Sarah T. I'm a Louisiana girl, through and through. I've always been proud of that.

Back to the club, right? What I'd like for you to do is tell me here (1)whether you plan to participate next week in the big discussion, (2) if you've read the book, (3) where you are in the reading or buying process, (4) your name and (5) do you want a Book Club Souvenir? I need to know who wants one/who is participating so I know how to order. Please play along!!!

Also, if you have ideas about how this discussion should go, please leave them for me. I would love to hear it. I want to meet as many needs as possible. I know that Amy wants us to start later in the day. I'm thinking of doing a separate blog (ANOTHER ONE!) so that everything is right there and the questions can be answered at anytime. I'm thinking of that. I'll get a professional blog designer to do it all up for me. They can help me with things that I am not even thinking of. Let me know of suggestions for those too. I want lots of people to do this book club thing and love it.

Hope your week is going great!

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