Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hope You Watched...

Scattered, random thoughts (as I'm watching) on Flipping Out:

-Jeff is mean to poor Frank.
-Overuse of the word 'like' by Erin and Jeff right off the bat.
-I like little Erin.
-I LOVE how Chris K thinks that riding a bus is demeaning but picking up dog poo and turning bottled water around in the fridge and taking lunch orders and all the other crazy tasks he does for Jeff are not. His job is demeaning.
-Jenni amazes me with her facial expressions or lack thereof. Jeff does the same thing.
-I love Ryan. He is so cute. LOVE his hair and clothes. I want him to be my friend. I like when he fights with Jeff. I like when we see them fight, we see Jeff's POV and then Ryan's. Funny
-Jeff & Jenni in the car= my favorite! ("a sugary soda, I think that sounds good.")
-I FREAKING love that Jenni won't tell him where she lives. I love it. (..."she won't give me any personal information, thinking I'm somehow gonna track her down. Which I would. My first inclination is that maybe she's gonna break up with me but also she could be, ummm, establishing some sort of boundaries.")
-I could never see Jeff and Ryan together!
-GOD, Jeff! He's being mean to someone who is helping them with the open house.
-I love the house on Valley Oak. I love the bathroom and the floors and the windows.
-Awwww, Jenni, I like your hair curly SO MUCH BETTER!!
-Erin's message and Jeff's response is priceless.
-Oh, the crazy cat food conversation!
-Who would be crazy enough to give Jeff Louis a key to their apartment? He's throwing things away and straightening her stuff!
-Oh yay! An Exorcism. Ryan's face... this woman is gonna cough up a lung! Gross. She sounds like a 2 pack-a-day smoker.
-Aaaaand it's Courtney with a hat. Why does she want to look like that?
-Love the kitchen hood that Ryan was showing her in the picture... all that wood, gorgeous
-Oh, good gracious, Chris asked for time off. *GASP*
-I want to go to Steven-Thomas. I saw a dream bed.
- Jeff: "Zoila, what do you like about Chris?" Zoila: rolls eyes and shrugs

I cannot wait for next week. Drama!

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