Thursday, June 12, 2008

My 670th Post!

I've been sick these past few days. I think I had a stomach bug or ate some undercooked chicken or too many nuts. In any event, I'm sure you get the picture. It's been tres unpleasant. Right now it's 3:42 am and I'm watching reruns on Nick at Nite. Roseanne is on right now.

To the left is an adorable picture of my little LSU Muffin Man at the New Orleans Aquarium a few weekends ago. I have not posted a picture of him in forever so, I thought it'd be a great idea to do so now. He's sick right now. Poor baby. You'd not believe how much his vocabulary has grown! He is so smart and funny and full of energy. He is so so so cute. It's crazy because he is really not a baby anymore but a little boy. If you call him a "monkey" or something like that he will say,"No I not! I a little bo-yeeee" It's really cute and funny.

I need advice. I have a really good friend who I will call, M. M has always been fabulous to me. When I was very down and depressed, she came and brought me food, picked me up, drove me places, cleaned my house, took my grocery list and went to the store, etc. She is still so good to me. She is the type of person that I know I can call anytime and she will do what she can to help. I know this because I've seen it happen. The point is, I'd never, ever want to hurt her. Ever.

We have a lot of food. I don't have enough cabinet space and I always buy way too much anyway. Plus, with me trying to be healthier and lose weight, I have a ton of things that need to go. M and her family kinda struggle. I hate, hate, hate to throw away food in any case but to throw away food when I know someone personally who could use it, that is just wrong! I just don't want to insult anyone. She asks me all the time about jobs (my family owns a business, I know other people in town, etc) or ways for her to make money. That is how I know she could use the stuff. Plus, she is my friend.

I just don't want to be seen as the person who is overflowing with food and giving it away. She is my friend. I love her very much. She has a daughter and a husband. I know that she would probably take it but how do I present that? Can I say that I am on a diet and am getting rid of food but didn't want to throw away things? I give her things all the time. She has helped me clean a few times and I give her make up and clothes that I've never worn or used. It's different though when someone is right there going through things with you. Is it OK for me to call her up and tell her that I have food for her? Just casually, no big deal? Tell me the truth.

It's my 670th post!! Coming soon- what I'm reading now (a few books), what you are reading and some book reviews. Let me know if I promised to mail you a book. I'm bad at remembering to do that. I have no problem doing it, I just forget.

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