Friday, June 20, 2008

Flip Flops Make Me Feel Better

Remember how I told ya'll about the shoes on sale at J. Crew ? Well, I bought two pairs. (What?) The pair at the left is one of the ones I bought and I love them. Lo-ha-ha-ve them! They are comfy and cute. I have not worn the other pair yet.

We found a house that we love a lot. It is so sweet. It's Acadian-style instead of the newer style which is so us. It's not giant or anything because we don't have giant money, of course. It's also not in a subdivision but there are people around still. There are fruit trees and bushes, a yard, a porch. I'll keep you guys posted.

I'm watching stand up comedy right now and this guy is cracking me up. I watched a tiny little bit of my girl, Kathy Griffin tonight (I love her) and saw that she got a chicken as a gift or something and then it pooped on her shoe. I laughed so hard!! Luke thought it was crazy. He wanted to know if I'd think it was funny if he gave me a chicken for Christmas. No, I would not. Well, kinda. Lindsey and I love Kathy Griffin. Lindsey also loves Luke and thinks he's hilarious. Most of the time, he is not.

I've been thinking of my Bug so much lately. I want, want, want, want the Bug. I'm so ready for Bug to come and be with Mommy and Daddy. We are ready, too. I found some extremely expensive nursery furniture. I'm sure if I searched, I could possibly find a more affordable cradle. Here is what I love. It's ridiculous for a cradle when they don't stay in the cradle for very long. I just like looking at that site because they have pretty stuff. This is more like it.

The healthy eating is going well, I guess. I am trying. Luke told me today that he thinks he is going to start working out which is great. You know what, though. He'll run a few miles and cut out a few things and be back to looking great in no time. That will PISS. ME. OFF. He'll look at me like, "Hey, what's the problem?" He is quiting smoking and it's going really well. He's down to three cigarettes a day. I'm proud of him.

Reeeealllly hoping my rings are at the camp!

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