Thursday, January 24, 2008

Racing Heart

Last night was not as good as the night before. My heart was racing and the jitters were back. I was a bit restless. It still wasn't as bad as the very first night so, progress! I never went to sleep last night. I didn't sleep until 10:30-11:00 this morning.

I just came back from the pharmacy and grocery store. Have not been out in awhile. It's cold but, felt good. I sang and danced to the songs on the radio (apple bottom jeans/boots with the fur...). I hate, hate, hate when Luke drives my car and I get in and have to reset my seat and mirrors! UGH!! Drives me crazy.

Last night, I watched regular prime time TV (not Project Runway, yet- I always DVR it). Then, later, I began watching Lost again. I'm down to Season 3. I watched the hands-down HOTTEST episode ever. Maybe ever on TV! The episode called "I Do"- fans of the show will recognize this as the one where Kate and Sawyer have hot and dirty cage sex. *Sigh*

So, it's official. Yep. I have a new boyfriend. Josh Holloway who plays James "Sawyer" Ford on Lost. He is so smokin SEXY. Oh! the dimples. My first kiss was with a guy with great dimples.
Maybe that contributed to the racing heart? I don't know. Who else watches? I know that Kelli and Lindsey watch. I am also down with aggressive, crazy, do-what-I-say Jack. I guess I have a thing for bad asses. The next episode for me is "Tricia Tanaka is Dead"- the where Hurley finds the VW van with the skeletons in it. I watched the very beginning of it, where Kate and Sawyer come back to the camp. What is the deal? Why are they taking it all back? Is he thinking she loves Jack because she wants to go get him? I am liking Kate with Sawyer. I like Jack and Juliet. Jack and Kate are never gonna work. He just thought he liked her, in my opinion. I guess I gotta keep watching to see. I might post some of my thoughts and questions on the TV blog.
I'm reading an Adele Parker book, also. It's called Husbands. I really like it. It's long and well written. I've read another Adele Parker book before and really liked it. It was called Larger Than Life. It's more "chick-fluff" than novel. I have Wicked to read too. Along with the other books you saw. Plus, I know there are some others... somewhere. Anyway, I'm very tired and headachey. Pray there is no jitters and that the only palpitations come from Lost.

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